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The Lofts at 300 Bowman

DeScipio & Associates, Inc.

Posted: September 8, 2021 | Projects

DeScipio & Associates, Inc. was pleased to collaborate with JBAS Realty, LLC in the creation of twenty stylish and well-appointed one- and two-bedroom apartments in the former Bliss Silk Throwing Co. (structure, circa 1910).  

Photo Courtesy of DeScipio & Associates, Inc.

The Lackawanna Valley of Pennsylvania was not only the birth place of Anthracite Coal, but, in the early 1900s, provided the nation with silk and other textiles. This building was owned and operated by the Bliss brothers, who had a few factories in the region. Prior to this transformation, the building had many uses, including an autobody repair shop, a parts warehouse, and a paint store. The building, when acquired, was vacant and unoccupied.  

The building’s unique long and narrow footprint inspired the architect to create individual entries on the first level, in order to reduce the amount of wasted space occupied by an extremely long and unnecessary corridor. The resulting individual entry doors on the first floor afford the structure a “townhouse” feel and appearance. All first floor apartments have front and rear windows, walk in closets, laundry facilities, and handicapped access.  

Particular attention was given to maximize thermal performance and sound control between units. Perimeter exterior masonry walls received 2 inches of closed cell spray foam insulation, and low rise foam around window and door rough openings. Sound transmission between units was addressed with studs filled with wet applied cellulous insulation and horizontal resilient channels fastened to one side of the stud demising walls. All drywall joints at floor and ceiling intersections received a bead of sealant. First floor suspended drywall ceilings were filled with 12” fiberglass batt insulation to control noises from the apartments above.

The no-combustion building utilizes electricity for power, lighting, and HVAC. Each apartment received an air handler with associated SEER 14 heat pump located on the roof. The Halo 6” surface LED downlights (color temp = 3000K) give the illusion of traditional incandescent downlights, without wasted heat energy and problematic “recessed cans.” Bedrooms and kitchens have USB power chargers built into the duplex outlets.  

This building, one of the largest in the small-scale residential neighborhood, is well received by its neighbors and the Dickson City community officials. The townhouse curb appeal is evident by the fact that the building was fully rented before it was even completed.
Roofing: Carlisle EPDM
Lighting: Multi-Halo, SeaGull, Cooper

Architect, Structural Engineer & Cost Estimator
DeScipio & Associates, Inc.
921 Drinker Turnpike
Moscow, PA 18444

Mechanical & Electrical Engineer
Strunk Albert Engineering
804 Seven Bridges Road
East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

General Contractor
Eco Trade Construction Services, Inc.
1 Keystone Place
Jessup, PA 18434

Date Bid: Sep 2014
Construction Period:  Nov 2014 to Jul 2015         
Total Square Feet:  23,900
Site:  0.79 acres.
Number of Buildings: One.  
Building Sizes: First floor, 11,950; second floor, 11,950; total 23,900 square feet.  
Building Height: First floor, 13’9”; second floor, 11’3”; total, 30’.  
Basic Construction Type: Adaptive Reuse
Foundation: Reinforced concrete, slab-on-grade. 
Exterior Walls: Brick.
Roof: Membrane.
Floors:  Wood.
Interior Walls: Metal Stud Drywall

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