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DCD Design Cost Data

The Housing Development at Montecito Road

DHA, Danadjieva Hansen Architects, Inc.

Posted: November 2, 2020 | Projects

A home of light, energy, life, and magic inspired by the land, light, views toward Marin County’s landmark, Mount Tamalpais, air movement, and surrounding trees — the Architect Fani Danadjieva Hansen, AIA, has created a spectacular place for enjoying living, working and playing. 

Photo Courtesy of Dennis Anderson Photography

Responsive to the amazing relationships between daily needs, the space allows us to travel through time from home to work, from the unknowns to hopes, from the familiar to the rare, inspiring our creativity and imagination. 

The light and air movement enter everywhere and constantly into the spaces from multiple angles as the day progresses, offering a variety of experiences, connecting us with the setting, and permitting us to appreciate the incredible value of each moment of our lives. 

Steel framed windows link the indoors with the outdoors. Clerestory windows deliver light throughout the day, illustrating that a well-designed daylighting system can illuminate a space at no cost. Sun shading elements cast strong shadows in constantly changing compositions and patterns, crafting a life of surprise and delight. 

Here light, air, and human life are intertwined. They deliver inspiring experiences in living, working and playing. The rewards are in the head and in the heart, and renew the spirit. The beauty is in placemaking where one can experience the transient movement of light, shadows, and air in every room — and be healthy. 

From the entry court, a deep sense of comfort and pleasure is achieved through the clarity of built form. You are free to choose your own path: the path that can lead you to the outdoor garden without the need to come through the interior of the house, or the path that can direct you through the interior garden vestibule to the home. 

This is a visual journey, enjoying the light and views close to ground or beyond, eco-conscious, innovative, discovering new possibilities without boundaries, making minimal impressions of a carbon footprint. Beyond the green, lush, planted entry vestibule, the space connects you with the spectacular views and beauty of Mount Tamalpais. The cascading stairway leads you stunningly with shafts of lights to the work room, living room, pool terrace, and the intimate bedroom areas. 

Decks and multiple terraces on all sides link the interior with exterior space. Entertaining or work with socially distanced seating can take place outdoors, so that guests can visit and feel safe, with easy access from the cooking area. To create sustainable physical form in harmony with life’s necessities, neighbors’ needs, steep topography, light, shadows, wind patterns, trees, colors, and affordable economic means, Fani embraced these challenges as fundamentals, exploring their interrelationships of how to be connected with the elements of nature while at the same time offering privacy. 

Knowing how to build on steep hillsides without constructing retaining walls, knowing how to respond to heat (without using an air conditioning system), and knowing how to stay on budget speaks to the tangible impact an architect can make while creating a place. 

The client’s program, budget, the community needs, the site, ecology, approvals, sustainability, building materials, schedules, availability of funds, and contractors’ demands were some of the components that required a great deal of creativity, design skills, and teamwork. While performing the roles of designer and construction manager simultaneously, Fani Danadjieva Hansen, AIA, interpreted the diverse demands in sketch formats, nurtured the ideas, and integrated the myriad ideas to create a single totality for mutual benefit. 

The simplification of the design/build process helped produce seamless, delightful spaces, unique to the land and as economical as possible. The land, how the sun, the moon, the stars, and the wind embrace it, the views and the trees, colors, the client’s desires, dreams, and finances, contractor’s needs: all were guiding forces in the design and construction of this place. 
Throughout, there is a strong indoors-outdoors connection with the land, bringing light and fresh air that helps to increase the feeling of freedom. As sustainability was a guiding force, natural ventilation provides the interior space with a breeze, cultivating deep connection with the land. The light brings attention to different elements at different times of the day. 

The elegant color palette originates from the surrounding trees’ foliage and their bark. Standing seam roofing and the exterior plaster finish harmonize with the natural landscape. The wood flooring throughout provides a calming and warm foundation for enjoyment. 

With solid walls framing the views, living room, work room, cooking area, dining room, fireplaces, and bedrooms link with the open outdoor sitting area, available for conversation and play. The master bedroom, bathroom, and sauna access the pool deck and spa, offering spectacular views and a place for caring, retreat, relaxation, and rejuvenation. 

With the ideas collected from the land, the place changes the world by producing its own physical and emotional power, successfully melding needs for live, work, play, exercise, and selfcare.

Building Envelope: Outsulation® Dryvit
Roofing: American Hydrotech, Taylor Metal Products
Flooring: Anderson Tuftex Engineered Hardwood, Epic Deck.
Windows: Entrances & Storefront, Windows: Fleetwood
Elevator: Garaventa Lift

DHA, Danadjieva Hansen Architects, Inc.
P.O. Box 868
Tiburon, CA 94920

Structural Engineer
DAC Associates
7 Mt. Lassen Drive, Ste. 129
San Rafael, CA 94903

Mechanical Engineer
Lefler Engineering
1651 Second Street
San Rafael, CA 94901

Electrical Engineer  & Cost Estimator
DHA, Danadjieva Hansen Architects, Inc.
P.O. Box 868
Tiburon, CA 94920

Oberkamper & Associates
7200 Redwood Boulevard
Novato, CA 94945

Date Bid: Mar 2018
Construction Period: Aug 2018 to Feb 2020         
Total Square Feet: 5,091
Site: 1 acre.
Number of Buildings: One.
Building Sizes: Basement, 1,148; first floor, 1,726; second floor, 1,614; third floor, 603; total, 5,091 square feet.  
Building Height: Basement, varies 6′ to 1′; first floor, 10′; second floor, varies 10′ to 16′; third floor, 8′ to 14′; total, maximum 30′ from ground. 
Basic Construction Type: New. 
Foundation: Cast-in-place, pier & grade beam, reinforced concrete, slab-on-grade. 
Exterior Walls: Concrete, steel, EIFS, storefront.
Roof: Metal, membrane.
Floors: Concrete. 
Interior Walls: Metal stud drywall.

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