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Spoto High School Building 16 Addition - Riverview, Florida

Long & Associates Architects/Engineers, Inc.

Posted: July 3, 2023 | Projects

The architects at Long & Associates had the incredible opportunity to design a remarkable 500-student station building addition for Spoto High School. Situated on their expansive 53- acre school site, Long & Associates’ goal was to seamlessly integrate this addition into the existing campus fabric while enhancing its functionality and aesthetics. 

Photograph courtesy of Matt Good

Long’s design encompassed several key aspects. Firstly, they upgraded the Chiller Plant to accommodate the additional loads, ensuring optimal performance and comfort. Additionally, they strategically rerouted major site utilities around the new building footprint, carefully considering ef ficiency and accessibility. 

To maintain a cohesive architectural harmony, Long paid meticulous attention to detail in the tilt wall panel design. Each fenestration was thoughtfully placed to seamlessly match the existing school’s aesthetic, creating a harmonious blend that adds to the overall campus fabric. 

Inside the new addition, Long created a diverse range of educational facilities. These included 20 classrooms catering to specific disciplines such as Culinary Arts, Chemistry Labs, Biology Labs, Multipurpose Classrooms, Teacher Planning, Vertical Circulation, and dedicated support spaces. Their priority was to provide a safe environment for students, so each classroom features operable emergency escape windows and a discreet Shadow Zone design. In the unlikely event of an active security event, students can find a secure, concealed area within the classroom that remains out of sight from the door lite. This unique feature is visually indicated by a distinct flooring pattern, ensuring both students and faculty can easily identify and utilize the safe haven. 

Furthermore, Long integrated the latest technology and teaching systems into each classroom, aligning them with the campus curriculum. Touch screen televisions, digital tools, alerting systems, and integrated cameras were seamlessly integrated to support modern teaching methods and enhance the learning experience. 

Long & Associates takes great pride in their architectural design and commitment to excellence. The Spoto High School project allowed them to showcase their expertise in creating functional spaces that seamlessly blend with the existing campus while prioritizing safety and incorporating advanced technology. Long feels it was a privilege to contribute to the transformation of Spoto High School into an inspiring and innovative educational environment.  

Long & Associates Architects/Engineers, Inc.
4525 S. Manhattan Avenue, Tampa, FL 33611

Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil Engineer
Long & Associates Architects|Engineers, Inc.
4525 S. Manhattan Avenue, Tampa, FL 33611

Fire Protection Engineer
Hatcher Engineering
2108 W. Risk Street, Plant City, FL 33563

Geotechnical Engineering
Arehna Engineering, Inc.
5012 W. Lemon Street, Tampa, FL 33609

General Contractor & Cost Estimator
Ajax Construction
109 Commerce Boulevard, Oldsmar, FL 34677

Landscape Architect
Anderson Lesniak
4921 W. Westshore Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33611

Location: Riverview, Florida
Date Bid: Jun 2020
Construction Period: Jul 2020 to Jul 2021
Site: 1 acre.
Total Square Feet: 31,013
Building Sizes: First floor, 15,875; second floor, 15,138; total, 31,013 square feet.
Building Height: First floor, 14'; second floor, 15'4"; total, 29'4".
Number of Buildings: One.
Basic Construction Type: Addition/Classrooms, 20; seating capacity, 25 per classroom, total capacity, 500.
Foundation: Cast-in-place, reinforced concrete, slab-on-grade.
Exterior Walls: Tilt wall, curtainwall.
Roof: Built-up, modified bitumen.
Floors: Concrete.
Interior Walls: Metal stud drywall.

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