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Ruben Salazar Hall Renovation

California State University

Posted: July 28, 2021 | Projects

Near the center of Sonoma State University campus center is Salazar Hall. Many accounting and administrative functions take place in this 30-year-old building, which also houses the Ruben Salazar Library. 

Photo Courtesy California State University

Salazar Hall is named after Ruben Salazar, a talented and experienced reporter who spent his professional life working in journalism across California and Mexico, and brought innovation to journalism by giving it a Latino perspective. The renovation of Salazar Hall has achieved a national award for energy design and efficiency because of distinctive and original innovations, including a unique system of low-energy cooling, lighting control, high-efficiency glazing, and photovoltaics.

This latest renovation of the first floor includes the build out and renovation of more offices, classrooms, and high-tech laboratories than included in the original building.

Salazar Hall is known for historic renovations, Energy User News honored the former campus library remodeling project at its 2003 Energy Efficient Building Awards ceremony held during the World Energy Engineering Congress of the Association of Energy Engineers.

The awards recognize innovations in building management and energy efficiency in either retrofits or new construction throughout North America that provide unique building solutions and also achieve significant energy and cost savings. The Salazar project was judged in the educational facilities category. That remodel of Salazar Hall made the former university library one of the most energy efficient public buildings in northern California. It has one of the largest solar panel grids in the region, covering 9,500 square feet with 1,200 panels.

The building uses 42% less energy than required by the State’s Title 24 Building Standards. Such energy savings are enough to power 80 residences.

Much of the credit for the innovative mix of design features in the building belong to Campus project engineer, Keith Marchando, for working with the architects and engineers to develop a state-of-the-art energy saving application. This application utilizes the proven technology of direct and indirect evaporative cooling to power the fans and pumps with solar energy.

In the past years, this system has provided conditioned air to 120,000 square feet of classroom and office building space — with almost no mechanical cooling required. This reduced the cost of operations by 70%, as compared to a traditional efficient mechanical cooling system. Indoor air quality in the building was improved so that 100% fresh air is constantly circulating throughout the building. Industry experts believe that improved air quality in buildings can save up to $400 per year per employee in untapped sick leave.

This latest renovation of the first floor completes the renovation of the original building.

California State University
401 Golden Shore
Long Beach, CA 90802

General Contractor
2300 Clayton Road
Concord, CA 94520

Building Type: Renovation
Date Bid: Apr 2019
Construction Period: Jul 2019 to Jun 2020        
Total Square Feet: 22,000
Floors: First floor, 22,000; total, 22,000.
Building Height: First floor, 35′; total, 35′.
Number of Buildings: One.
Basic Construction Type: Renovation.
Foundation: Slab on grade.  
Exterior Walls: CMU.
Roof: Membrane.
Floors: Concrete. 
Interior Walls: Metal stud drywall.

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