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PCWA Administration Center, Exterior Remodel

Posted: August 7, 2019 | Projects

The Placer County Water Agency (PCWA) was created through an Act of the California State Legislature in 1957, with the objective of preserving Placer County’s rich water resources and protecting these resources from development and exportation by other interests.

Photo Courtesy of Rudy Calpo Photography

By 1988, PCWA’s business offices, customer service, data processing, administration, accounting, engineering, and board meeting functions were seriously overcrowded or relegated to trailers or other remote locations.  To consolidate all of its operations and functions, PCWA purchased a 2.4-acre site with the intention of constructing a new business and administration center.  The building was approved, but with an extremely tight construction budget of approximately $2,500,000 (+/–$100/square-foot construction costs for the building and site work).  

PCWA had very intense space planning requirements for their new space, which resulted in a two-story building, +/–18,285 square feet of fully developed space on the first floor, and +/–6,666 square feet of undeveloped future expansion space on the second floor. With commercial properties to the front and residential properties to the side and rear, the building took on a crossover look between residential scale and commercial presence.

The tight budget led to wood framing on a concrete slab, with gang-nail roof trusses and T1-11 Plywood Siding as the structural sheathing and finished architectural siding. 

Windows were residential, and roofing was composition shingle and 3-ply BUR. The result met the budget, but proved to require ongoing maintenance. The plywood siding  and wood trim required painting every few years, the windows were not energy efficient, and the roofing was not agreeable to the addition of photovoltaic panels and additional mechanical units.  

Today, PCWA is the largest water purveyor in Placer County.  The PCWA Business and Administration Center still serves the Agency’s needs; the second floor is now occupied with the engineering department, and various interior improvements have been made to accommodate growth and direction.  

The 1993 building was overdue for exterior improvements.  In 2015, the roofing issues were taken care of; sloped roofs with composition shingles were replaced with standing seam metal roofing, and the 3-ply BUR was replaced with SBS-modified bitumen roofing. All exposed fascias and trims were wrapped with matching metal.

In 2018, Phase 2 of the exterior remodel occurred.  The existing T1-11 plywood siding would remain for its structural value.  The existing aluminum  5/8″ IG glazing assemblies were removed by saw-cutting the nail-fin, and not disturbing the siding.  Replacement windows are thermal-broke storefront with 1″ IG glazing.  The building remained occupied during construction, so only one or two windows could be done per day, and in strict coordination with the owner.  A concrete curb was cut into the existing walkways to allow for a base for the manufactured stone wainscoting.  Finally, a weatherproof barrier was placed over the plywood siding, and then covered with metal siding.

The PCWA Business and Administration Center is now weather-tight, with low maintenance exterior finishes, and quieter with the improved window assemblies. The new improvements blend in so well that most customers and visitors to the building are surprised to hear the exterior finishes are new!

Building Envelope: Metal Sales, Eldorado Stone
Roofing: Metal Sales, Soprema

Calpo Hom & Dong Architects
2120 20th Street, #1
Sacramento, CA 95818

General Contractor
Kaler Dobler Construction
11320 C Trade Center Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

Date Bid: Jun 2018
Construction Period: Jun 2018 to Dec 2018          
Total Square Feet: 24,951
Site: 2.4 acres.
Number of Buildings: One.

Building Sizes: First floor, 18,285; second floor, 6,666; total, 24,951 square feet.  
Building Height: First floor, 9′; second floor, 9′; total, 31′.  
Basic Construction Type: Exterior Remodel
Foundation: Cast-in-place, slab-on-grade. 
Exterior Walls: Metal siding, manufactured stone.
Roof: Metal. 
Floors: Concrete. 
Interior Walls: Wood stud drywall.