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Oil States Warehouse Plant Expansion

Posted: October 15, 2019 | Projects

Oil States Industries, Inc. produces hundreds of custom metal and molded rubber products for use in the oil industry, both domestically and internationally. This 42,000-square-foot warehouse project primarily houses a large open area for storage of manufactured products. Within the space, 16-foot-high storage racks are arranged for maximum efficiency. Also included in the project is a chemical storage room, administration offices, break/training room, shipping docks and support areas. 

Photo Courtesy of Jackie Lebow/Secord & Lebow Architects

Due to the nature of the site, with elevation changes of 12 feet, a special ramp system was designed to transport products from the existing manufacturing facility to the new warehouse. Site work was extensive in preparing the building pad, site utilities and infrastructure. Vehicle and truck parking, shipping docks, fire lane roads, and water detention were all designed to accommodate the warehouse and the future planned Phase II expansion.

Building foundation included grade beams on piers. Grade beams were deepened to act as retaining walls to accommodate the terrain and elevation changes. A pre-engineered metal building system was utilized for the structure and envelope, including metal wall panels, roof panels and building insulation. Due to the need for wide spans in an open warehouse environment, the Varco Pruden Building Continuous Truss Open Web (Wide Bay) Frame System was selected, with a 25′4″ eave height. This allowed for 50′ × 60′ bays.  

All concrete floors were sealed with a slip-resistant coating for safe employee and forklift traffic. The warehouse was heated but not cooled, and natural ventilation was captured and enhanced via overhead sectional doors strategically placed around the building perimeter to create permanent airflow. Large industrial ceiling fans were also installed at critical areas to create maximum air circulation.  LED lights were used throughout the warehouse, with zoned motion detectors for energy conservation.  A fire sprinkler system and pump were designed to accommodate the project as well as the future expansion.

The chemical storage area had special requirements: 1) a two-hour fire wall constructed of reinforced CMU that separates the storage space from the warehouse; 2) a special ventilation system designed to create negative air pressure in conjunction with an integrated HVAC system; and 3) a special non-static coating on the floor and an electrical grounding system provided around the perimeter of the room to prevent static spark.

The interior spaces were metal stud and gypsum wallboard with tile in the restroom areas.  Metal liner panels were used on the warehouse side of separation partitions.  Bollards and railings were placed to separate employee areas from the warehouse, for safety.

With an eye on safety and fire prevention, the new plant expansion offers a large open area for storage of manufactured products. 

Building Envelope & Roofing: Varco Pruden
Interior: National Gypsum 
Lighting: Orion, Daybrite, EELP, Douglas Controls

Architect & Cost Estimator
Secord & Lebow Architects
2004 Quail Creek, #200
Wichita Falls, TX 76308

Structural Engineer 
JQ Infrastructure
100 Glass Street
Dallas, TX 75207

Mechanical & Electrical Engineer
Baird, Hampton & Brown, Inc.
6300 Ridglea Place, #700
Fort Worth, TX 76116

Civil Engineer
Eckermann Engineering, Inc.
P.O. Box 388
Lampasas, TX 76550

General Contractor
Guyco, Inc.
P.O. Box 1030
Lampasas, TX 76550

Date Bid: Oct 2017
Construction Period: Jan 2018 to Apr 2019         
Total Square Feet: 42,000
Site: 9.56 acres.
Number of Buildings: One.

Building Sizes: First floor, 42,000; total, 42,000 square feet.  
Building Height: First floor, 36′; total, 36′.  
Basic Construction Type: New/Pre-Engineered Metal Building.
Foundation: Pier & grade beam, reinforced concrete, slab-on-grade. 
Exterior Walls: Pre-engineered metal building. 
Roof: Metal. 
Floors: Concrete.
Interior Walls: Metal stud drywall.

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