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DCD Design Cost Data

Millennium Gym, Agua Fria Union High School District - Goodyear, Arizona

BWS Architects

Posted: November 1, 2023 | Projects

This new Gym, a facility many can be proud of, hosts tournaments that promote school pride and welcomes all. The modern, spacious, and exciting Gym has a contemporary aesthetic reflective of the forward-thinking campus community. 

Photograph courtesy of Kyle Zirkus

The Millennium Gym features a three-court floor with bleachers arranged on three sides to capture an arena feel. The courts are arranged side-byside, with a feature court at the center containing telescoping bleachers that can extend as needed to accommodate large crowds up to 2,500 — the full student population at Millennium High School. Fixed bleachers are centered on the feature court behind the basket, allowing for a loud and boisterous student section that encourages a home-court advantage for the Millennium Tigers. Beneath the bleachers, athletes will emerge from their team rooms through a tunnel to the court, just like college athletes and pros. 

A welcoming entry on the west side of the building invites Tigers’ fans from three directions — parking to the north, west, and south — as well as students coming from the campus to the southeast. Glass allows the excitement and energy from within to be seen from the Welcome Plaza, connecting the two experiences on Game Day. A cantilevered overhang provides needed shade to those sitting outside, gathering before and after events. The building entry creates a Tunnel of Trophies, a unique experience where all visitors will travel through and see the Millennium Tigers’ athletic accomplishments. 

Clerestory glass above the court floor will allow natural light as well as views to the mountains beyond, contributing to a unique, one-of-a-kind experience in the Roar Room of the Millennium High School Arena. The glass will be protected by roof overhangs to prevent glare. Operable blackout shades will allow flexibility to control the interior environment, allowing for dramatic entries of student-athletes at the beginning of the game — much like the Phoenix Suns — or for school pep rallies and events. 

Locker rooms are in the southeast corner of the building, with convenient access to the courts, the main campus, and the U-building to the south. A weight room is located on the south side of the building, with convenient access and views to the sand volleyball area. An outdoor training area is just east of the weight room, with access through overhead doors. Wrestling practice occurs in the northeast corner of the building, with storage for competition mats located just off the gym for ease of movement. The Training Room is located with direct access from the court floor on one side and direct access to the fire route on the exterior. 

Process: BWS implemented an engaged design process, actively involving the broader Millennium community. Meetings encouraged input from district and school leadership, faculty, and staff, as well as community members and students. Following the BWS process, the team first listened to and gathered input on the overall project Goals. These were done through a variety of means: campus tours of similar facilities, online surveys, and open discussions prompted by virtual photo tours and analytic diagrams. The team also diagrammed and analyzed the existing Facts of the project site — understanding existing conditions such as utility locations, solar orientation, natural vegetation, and campus circulation. The team listened to the Needs to document the facility program, both as tabulated square footage as well as room data sheets that document each room’s functional requirements. By sharing options with leadership, staff, and faculty, the team iterated through a variety of approaches to the project site as well as the building configuration. By inviting continual input and feedback from initial goal setting through final design, the team developed a spirited facility of which all Millennium Tigers will be proud!   

BWS Architects
4636 N 32nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85018

Construction Manager
McCarthy Companies
6225 N. 24th Street, #125, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Location: Goodyear, Arizona
Date Bid: Mar 2021 Construction Manager at Risk
Construction Period: Mar 2021 to Apr 2022
Total Square Feet: 50,194
Building Height: 40'.
Number of Buildings: One/Seating 2,400, three regulation basketball courts, tunnels to both locker rooms, a weight room, boys and girls team rooms.
Basic Construction Type: New.
Exterior Walls: Metal panels
Roof: Metal.

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