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In Christ Church & Ministries

Posted: May 12, 2021 | Projects

On October 15, 2015, a fire destroyed ICCM’s In Christ Church facility, located on a major corridor in Louisville, Kentucky. The original 3,240-square-foot church was designed and constructed in 1962. Additional expansions in 1965 and 1972 had increased its size to 9,100 square feet. Rather than rebuild, it was decided to sell the property and use the proceeds — along with the insurance settlement — for another facility.  

Photo Courtesy David E. Heyne

After meeting for more than two years in rented spaces, ICCM purchased the St. Albans Episcopal Church property on Beulah Church Road, which included a church and a daycare facility in a separate building, now referred to as the “annex”. As soon as improvements were made on a portion of the annex, the congregation held services there while the major renovation of the church building was taking place. 

In Christ Church wanted to establish a strong identity by creating a welcoming church. To help bring their vision to life, they consulted with Full Circle Architecture, who developed a program to identify the needs of the congregation. A questionnaire was prepared and completed by the entire congregation, requesting feedback on specific elements of the property. This provided a process for everyone to have input into the design. Major elements like location, capacity of sanctuary, a place for community gatherings, number of classrooms, and space for administrative staff and ministries were included and prioritized.

The results of the questionnaire — in balance with the budget — were used to prepare conceptual designs for the renovation of the facility. Since one of the major elements considered for renovation included increasing the volume of the existing sanctuary, a structural engineer and general contractor were included in the assessment of options. 
One option was to raise the entire roof and roof structure; the other option was to completely remove the existing roof, extend and reinforce the sidewalls, and install new roof trusses. The consensus of the design team was the latter approach. This approach also allowed the roof pitch to be modified, and the scissor trusses provided space to insulate the attic.

Along with basic improvements to the interior of the remodeled church, the design team decided to change the look of the exterior by steepening the roof pitch. Circular windows were added in the gable, which made a significant impact to the church’s visibility and purpose. The main entrance was reoriented to add transparency and daylighting to the lobby area so it would welcome people entering.

A glass-blown chandelier was created by one of the members, and placed as a light-providing centerpiece in the lobby over the new grand wood stairway, which was constructed from white oak salvaged from the pews during renovation. The original pews were disassembled, sent to a millwork shop to be made into lumber to be repurposed as mirror frames, the fireplace mantel, baseboards, and wood trim throughout the renovation, respecting the past history of the church and being a good steward of resources.

The renovation affected every aspect of the church: 

  • The sanctuary was completely reconfigured, which involved adding a platform and raising the ceiling height.
  • The lobby was enlarged, and new restrooms added conveniently close to the entrance.
  • All existing restrooms were renovated and brought to Code and ADA requirements.
  • A new administration suite was added on the lower level, containing three offices, a reception, and a conference room.
  • New floor, wall, and ceiling finishes were added. The existing wood ceilings were maintained in the lobby and classrooms.
  • The old windows were replaced with insulated windows. 
  • The existing T1-11 siding was replaced with fiber cement siding. Continuous insulation and an air barrier on the exterior of the building envelope framing help keep parishioners comfortable and heating bills down.
  • Aluminum entrances were added.
  • Handicap accessible ramps were added.
  • Cabinets, countertops, and appliances were added.
  • New plumbing fixtures, vanities, and toilet partitions were added.
  • New HVAC supply and return ductwork was added, along with maintenance and/or replacement of existing HVAC units. 
  • LED lighting was added throughout.
  • The fire alarm system was upgraded.

The renovation had to work around the weather, and was scheduled during the winter months, when precipitation is typically lower. However, unusual winter rains interrupted the schedule and created a challenge, especially in the removal of the existing roof and construction of the new roof over the sanctuary. This challenge was met by extending the exterior walls, setting the scissor trusses, and installing the sheathing and underlayment prior to removal of the existing roof (except at the perimeter where the walls were extended). This approach minimized the exposure to the elements.

The new renovation far exceeded people’s expectations as far as quality, function, and pride in the church building. In Christ Church now has a permanent home for the congregation and its ministries. It is now a welcoming place where there will be room to grow and serve the needs of the growing community.

Plumbing: Zurn, Kohler, Delta, American Standard, State Water Heater. 
Lighting: Metalux, Halo, Sure-Lites, elan Lighting, Crestron Wall Stopper, Inc.

Full Circle Architecture, LLC
6228 Perrin Drive 
Crestwood, KY 40014

Structural Engineer
Roger J. Wade, PE
2172 Havenview Drive 
Corydon, IN 47112

Mechanical Engineer
estu Engineering Services
P.O. Box 877
Taylorsville, KY 40072

Electrical Engineer
Henderson Services
4502 Poplar Level Road
Louisville, KY 40213

General Contractor & Cost Estimator
A.L. Post, Inc.
11301 Decimal Drive
Louisville, KY 40299

Hardware Consultant
Calvert IHS, LLC
307 Oakwood Circle
Vine Grove, KY 40175 

Date Bid: Aug 2018
Construction Period: Dec 2018 to Dec 2019         
Site: 6.219 acres.
Total Square Feet: 9,100
Floors: Basement, 4,200; first floor, 4,900; total, 9,100.
Building Height: Lower level floor to floor, 10′3″; main level floor to ceiling, 9′6″; Sanctuary side walls, 13′8″; Sanctuary inside peak, 20′; total, 25′.
Number of Buildings: One; seating capacity 160.
Basic Construction Type: Wood Renovation/V-B
Foundation: Existing.  
Exterior Walls: Fiber cement siding.
Roof: Asphalt shingles.
Floors: Concrete, wood. 
Interior Walls: Wood stud drywall.