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How You Can Streamline Your Construction Process with a Single, Cloud-Based System

Procore Technologies, Inc.

Posted: January 9, 2018 | Project Management

A diminishing supply of qualified labor is driving a transformational change in the construction industry. Companies are looking to technology to enhance the way project teams communicate and drive greater value, on and off the jobsite. Procore’s Construction OS Software is one of the tools helping to manage this change.

Instead of construction professionals feeling frustrated when switching from one type of software to another while in the middle of a project, with Procore, they have one application addressing all phases of the project – from pre-construction to the final accounting phase. Procore Construction OS, a brand new cloud-based product, will streamline the process for all construction projects (and create less headaches). More work will be done by less people, but in a more direct and competent manner.

Procore Construction OS integrates project management, quality and safety, and construction financials all in one place. It connects people, applications, and devices together during the ever-changing construction process.

This new software is designed to improve the building process through a variety of important enhancements. These enhancements include new reporting and visualization tools to keep everyone up-to-date with any changes in a construction project, and aware of how those changes will affect all aspects of the job. The program also has the ability to securely integrate, store, and manage construction projects within one platform.

To keep the program software dynamic, there is also access to approximately 100 apps in Procore’s App Marketplace – a newly-launched developer portal.

There are many critical steps throughout the construction process that fall outside the project management realm. For instance: providing customers with complete and continuous visibility into all aspects of their construction business processes. “Procore’s new Construction OS software accomplishes this,” says Marketing Manager Doug Madey, “by connecting every person and every application device – whether Procore developed it or not – (e.g., iPhone, PC, etc.), to an integrated and expandable platform.”

From the original building idea to owner delivery, and everything in between, Construction OS is designed to connect people, applications, and devices in one central hub, helping manage the entire lifecycle of construction.

Procore’s construction operating system connects crucial business applications through Procore’s Connect API (application programming interface), allowing applications to talk back and forth, view important data, and standardize operations.

“We are a software company that believes openness means freedom, partnering, choice, and truth,” said Tooey Courtemanche, CEO, Procore Technologies. “Construction OS is the culmination of all the technology that we’ve built, the API, and the App Marketplace. It will help further align all parties around the common goal of a frictionless jobsite with free-flowing communication that gets everybody closer to the main hub of information.”

Procore is also expanding the value of its cloud-based COS platform with the launch of two new, powerful, mobile-optimized solutions – Procore Construction Financials and Procore Quality & Safety.

Procore Construction Financials is a robust job costing solution that connects the field and the head office, providing businesses with a central location to monitor the financial health of their projects in real time. Field teams can track contracts and change orders, payment applications, forecasts, and potential cost impacts – this combined data rolls up to the head office, and can provide company executives access to insights that can be leveraged to accurately forecast and make data-driven business decisions. It serves as a single source of truth for project financials – eliminating double entry, mitigating risk, and streamlining monthly reporting with key stakeholders.

Procore Quality & Safety offers easy-to-use tools that help to identify trends and improve on their quality and safety process. With input from industry leaders and customer feedback, this solution was manufactured to gather valuable data, by people just doing their jobs. As a result, this data helps customers identify trends that pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses across a single project or whole portfolio. A set of dashboards enable teams to act upon insights that can lead to the introduction of better processes and improved overall quality and safety culture.

According to Field Marketing Manager Mikel Reckley, “Construction OS is a lot like a Swiss Army knife, as it offers many tools in one compact package, allowing everyone to work together on all phases of the project: the general contractor, owner, architect, subcontractor ... anyone who is part of the project.

“Construction is 99% a repeat business. When a customer has a good journey, they will come back and do another project with you. Procore Construction OS helps contractors deliver a successful journey,” explained Reckley.

About Procore Technologies, Inc.
Procore Technologies, Inc., is a leading provider of cloud-based applications for the construction industry. Through Procore Construction OS, the company connects people, applications, and devices through a unified platform to help construction firms manage risk and build quality projects – safely, on time, and within budget. The company has a diversified business model, with products for Construction Project Management, Construction Financials, and Quality & Safety. Procore has more than 2 million users managing billions of dollars in annual construction volume. Headquartered in Carpinteria, California, Procore has over 700 employees in offices across the globe. For more information about Procore, or a free demonstration, visit