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Elmwood Park High School Addition & Remodel - Elmwood Park, Illinois

Posted: October 26, 2023 | Projects

This 31,000-square-foot addition/remodel provides Elmwoood Park High School with a space designed for next generation science standards.  The first floor labs feature translucent “garage doors” that open directly to the Flex Learning Corridor – the main arterial corridor. This corridor breakout space is a large lab designed to increase student interaction and collaboration. It was designed with open, two-story “drop-zone” volumes for experiments related to gravity or projectile motion. The second floor labs are equipped with fume hoods to accommodate volatile experiments in each of the labs. Three science prep rooms allow for chemical storage and two ancillary experimental spaces are provided for staff collaboration and experiments. Independent/itinerant study spaces, complete with white board and pin-up area, provide an additional venue for group learning, research, presentations, and project display.

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The Pavilion at Ole Miss

Posted: October 18, 2023 | Projects

This 9,500-seat, multi-purpose arena will host men’s and women’s basketball games, as well as concerts, special events, and day-to-day academic student activities. A set of innovative design elements make the arena a captivating setting for sporting, campus, and recreational events. The main entry is marked by a series of Doric columns. In addition, a sweeping barrel roof affords a grand clerestory window wall. This brings natural lighting directly into the seating bowl, and defines the courtyard between the arena and football stadium.

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Bahosky Softball Complex at Murphy Field, Fordham University Rose Hill Campus - Bronx, New York

Posted: October 9, 2023 | Projects

This 3,800-square-foot college softball complex was designed to accommodate 300 spectators and was developed on the site of an existing ball field. A perimeter iron fence, gates, and supporting brick piers enclosing a street-side entry court were retained, framing a centrally-positioned commemorative bronze sculpture. The new structures include metal bleachers, low masonry dugouts, and a taller masonry structure at the center that houses ground level restrooms and supports an upper level modular press box. 

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Heber Springs Cafeteria Remodel - Heber Springs, Arkansas

Posted: October 5, 2023 | Projects

The primary goal of this high school cafeteria renovation was to increase seating capacity to 300 or more, and to add code-compliant restrooms, air-conditioning, and a walk-in freezer to the kitchen. In addition, the renovation created a more open and enjoyable dining area. Altogether, over 1,000 square feet were added, and approximately 4,600 square feet were renovated. Along with the new square footage, the existing stage was removed in order to help meet the new seating requirement. Natural light was enhanced with the use of a light shelf running the length of the south wall. A new low-maintenance rubber floor was installed, with a floor pattern that mimics the painted building structure.

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S.E.R.T. Building, Iowa Lakes Community College - Estherville, Iowa

Posted: September 27, 2023 | Projects

The 42,940-square-foot Sustainable Energy, Resources and Technologies (S.E.R.T) Building at Iowa Lakes Community College was created teach sustainable energy technology to students in a year-round protected environment. The entire floor of the atrium is served by a radiant floor heating system, supplemented by geothermal wells under the parking lot. Additionally, the exterior south face of the building has a structural steel screen supporting a solar PV array that provides electricity to power the mechanical units installed on the exterior north side of the building. Solar shading of the aluminum curtainwall glazing was accomplished by an all-aluminum sunshade device installed in the steel framework by the entrance to the facility. Off the east side of the atrium, a turbine blade was installed upright so the students can practice rappelling down the side, but in a controlled environment. At the student lounge area, the geothermal heat pump room is showcased behind glass with blue LED lighting to highlight the space.

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