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Bowling Green State University Student Recreation Center Renovation - Bowling Green, Ohio

Posted: April 26, 2023 | Projects

This 185,000-square-foot renovation completely transformed a student recreation center from the 1970s with the addition of more natural light, upgraded mechanical systems, defined circulation paths, and right-sized program areas. Along with a more efficient layout, the renovation featured a new curved front glazing wall, a relocated main entry and vestibule, a control desk, and a new centralized stairwell. The new design also provided more intuitive homes for the Wellness Center, offices, and pro shop. Phasing the renovation allowed student services to be maintained over the 11 month construction window.

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North Caddo Medical Center - Vivian, Louisiana

Posted: April 18, 2023 | Projects

This 72,000-square-foot critical access hospital incorporates innovative design and efficiency. A major challenge was that the new construction had to be accomplished while the existing hospital remained fully operational. But thanks to the hospital administration’s ability to work in creative collaboration with the construction/design team, the project was completed in three major phases with zero closed days. The two-level concept made it possible for the new facility to be sited on the existing hospital campus, with only minor additional property acquisitions.  The main exterior materials of the facility are brick veneer, aluminum metal panel, and aluminum curtain wall. Design and materials were selected to highlight modern healthcare while embracing its rural location. Major departments with potential for growth – such as the emergency department, surgery, and the imaging room – were located on the perimeter of the building.

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Jack Williamson Liberal Arts Center Renovation - Eastern New Mexico University

Posted: April 12, 2023 | Projects

The renovation of the Jack Williamson Liberal Arts (JWLA) building was guided by a respect for both the noted science fiction writer, Jack Williamson, and the essence of the existing Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU) campus. The once-obsolete building was transformed into a technology-rich, energy efficient, learning environment flooded with natural light. Repurposed art studios became classrooms that respond to current learning methods and reflect ENMU’s commitment to a strategy of collaboration, flexibility, and student engagement. Exterior improvements create a futuristic, heightened presence at the entrance, where metal panels define a curved façade against the brick walls of the existing building.  The addition of enlarged window openings, low-E glazed windows, and window shading devices mitigate the intense New Mexico sun. The new entry and shading devices add a contemporary high-tech design flair to the clean lines of the original building. 

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Palmetto Branch Library - Palmetto, Georgia

Posted: April 5, 2023 | Projects

The construction materials and systems used in this 11,200-square-foot library achieved the LEED® credits that pushed this project to the Silver certification. incorporated cutting-edge building products and systems that, while not native to this area of Georgia, worked in harmony with the surroundings. Some notable features included the utilization of metal, cypress, and composite siding that acted as a rain screen feature that encompassed the majority of the exterior skin. A notable feature was the four pods making up the layout of the building. These pods physically divided the library into sections based on subject and/or age level of materials. Another focus point of the construction was the use of a raised access floor that housed the air distribution for the spaces. This eliminated the above ceiling ductwork, allowing higher ceilings and increasing the overall energy ef ficiency, which led to larger building flexibility. 

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Stormont Vail Health Cotton O’Neil North Clinic - Topeka, Kansas

Posted: March 27, 2023 | Projects

This health clinic in Topeka, Kansas was designed to facilitate relationship-based caregiving. The two-story building has a total of nearly 40,000 square feet of space. The site’s slope allowed for same-level walkout and entry on each of the two floors, with an express care clinic and imaging services on the lower level and four provider “pods” on the second level. As patients enter the treatment areas of the facility, color-coded room “pods” create a fully open and collaborative clinic. Gone are individual offices for physicians and staff, replaced with an open-work area with direct lines of sight into exam rooms, accented with glass partitions and a variety of work surfaces.

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