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Ogle County Sheriff & Coroner Administration Center

Posted: September 22, 2021 | Projects

Designed as a replacement facility for an existing Sheriff’s Office and Coroner’s Building, this 15,377-square-foot structure provides a more efficient layout of the combined offices. It is a single-story steel frame building equipped with the latest state-of-the-art security systems and controls. It meets NFPA 1221 Standard for Critical Facilities, including seismic requirements. The sensitive areas are fire protected with a Clean Agent Fire Suppression System. The rest of the facility is set with sprinklers. Modest exterior materials were used, including brick and stone, to match the existing character and aesthetics of other county buildings. There is a building-wide security and surveillance system, and bullet-proof vestibules and offices were included in the design of the building to protect the occupants.

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Medicine Specialty Pharmacy Renovation, West Virginia University

Posted: September 15, 2021 | Projects

This 12,500-square-foot free-standing specialty pharmacy was designed to improve care continuity, decrease costs and improve revenue streams. The focus was on creating efficient flow patterns that could be organized efficiently and effectively, with ease of access for couriers and mail order functionality.  The design was based on an analysis of how drugs and products flowed into and out of the facility, as well as the flow of staff in formulating, packaging, and quality control of the drugs. What's more, space was designed to support training and advocacy, so that patients and medical professionals could be educated regarding the appropriate utilization and application techniques associated with various new specialty drugs.

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The Lofts at 300 Bowman

Posted: September 8, 2021 | Projects

This 23,900-square-foot project involvd the creation of twenty stylish and well-appointed one- and two-bedroom apartments in a circa 1910 factory buildig that was once home to the Bliss Silk Throwing Company. Prior to this transformation, the building had many uses, including an autobody repair shop, a parts warehouse, and a paint store. The building, when acquired, was vacant and unoccupied. The building’s unique long and narrow footprint inspired the architect to create individual entries on the first level, in order to reduce the amount of wasted space occupied by an extremely long and unnecessary corridor. The resulting individual entry doors on the first floor afford the structure a “townhouse” feel and appearance. All first floor apartments have front and rear windows, walk in closets, laundry facilities, and handicapped access. 

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Stevenson Hall/Schulz Information Center - First, Second, and Third Floor Renovation - Sonoma State University

Posted: September 1, 2021 | Projects

Utilizing a design-build delivery method to increase collaboration, this 214,150-square-foot renovation of a university hall included a full systems replacement and exterior building and site improvements. The renovation to Stevenson Hall/Schulz Information Center accommodated classrooms, offices, conference rooms, common areas, and services and utility spaces/rooms. The renovation was designed to a LEED Gold sustainability standard, taking advantage of natural sunlight throughout, and using green materials and enhancing energy efficiency. Sustainability was a critical component, and reducing resource utilization (energy and water) a primary focus of LEED Gold certification.

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El Dorado Hills Fire Station 84

Posted: August 25, 2021 | Projects

Station 84 serves as a fully-operational fire station that's an integral and aesthetic part of its planned community. This 11,00-square foot structure sits on top of a cast-in-place concrete wall, and features split-faced concrete masonry contrasted with clay-brick masonry throughout the exterior. The striping from the clay-brick masonry establishes a common scale and aesthetic for the area, and provides a durable material with ease of maintenance. Broad overhangs and metal soffits highlight the form of the roof. The apparatus door openings are highlighted by corbelled masonry and plaster arches, celebrating the fire station and its engines. Combined with the strong presence of the hose tower, the fire station signifies the civic nature of the facility.

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