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DCD Design Cost Data


Daniel H. Lopez Chemistry Building

Posted: October 21, 2020 | Projects

This two-story, 40,0000-square-foot chemistry building was designed with an emphasis on collaboration, dynamic learning, laboratory and infrastructure flexibility, technological sophistication, and a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. High performance glazing at all exterior walls and a large clerestory over a central atrium welcomes sunlight into the interior. LED lighting with occupancy sensor technology and low-flow fixtures reduces energy costs and minimizes water usage. The building envelope uses an Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS) as a continuous insulation method, along with batt fiberglass insulation, double-thick walls, and set-back windows – all of which contribute to the high energy-savings performance. The building is expected to achieve LEED® Silver certification.  

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Southeastern Dermatology Consultants

Posted: October 14, 2020 | Projects

This 6,100-square-foot medical office building includes designated areas for consultations, examinations, procedures, and product display. Located within an existing office park, it features a warm and inviting exterior, with proportions that are more residential-looking than commercial. The lower eave heights, pitched shingle roof, and multiple windows make the building approachable, and the warm grey and brown color palette of brick and natural stone veneer fits into the regional character of East Tennessee. Accent lighting and luxury finishes add a touch of glamour that delivers a subtle elegance. Casework in the exam and procedure rooms are medical grade pre-manufactured steel cabinet units with a wood grain veneer; they will withstand constant use as well as integrate with the decor and provide flexibility of reconfiguring as the practice grows. Custom product displays for the retail space were designed to be reminiscent of apothecary cabinets – with glass doors, heavy handles with back-plates, and metal storefront display shelves. 

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Keystone Health Professional Center

Posted: October 7, 2020 | Projects

This new 68,000-square-foot facility expands Keystone Healthcare's existing campus to house Keystone Urgent Care, Keystone Pediatric Developmental Center, Keystone Infectious Diseases, Keystone Community Health Services (HIV/STD services and family planning), Keystone Pediatric Dental, and the Keystone Administration offices.  With so many different practices located in one healthcare building, it was important to choose materials suitable for many different uses. A primary concern was finding quality, durable finishes and techniques that would withstand high traffic areas and frequent cleaning. Throughout the design process the selection of materials and plan methods focused on ensuring a sanitary space. Though numerous issues emerged throughout the construction process of the center, each challenge produced an innovative solution that became a steppingstone to a beautifully finished building in the end. 

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Contagion Athletics

Posted: September 30, 2020 | Projects

Contagion Athletics is a 24-hour, 38,000-square-foot athletic facility housed in a massive pre-engineered metal building. It includes a 12,000-square-foot mezzanine, running track, and cardio training area. Exterior curtain walls focus light to illuminate the interior. The gym includes a three-lane track made from poured rubber "Pulastic" surface, where spikes can be worn, and is 1/13th of a mile in total length. Athletic flooring is new generation virgin rubber 2' × 2' tiles. Railing cable systems and stairways are one-of-a-kind, all designed and fabricated in Amarillo. The front lobby includes, as a focal art piece, a fully original retired Navy A-4 jet engine suspended from the building structure.

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Oak Ridge Pre-K

Posted: September 23, 2020 | Projects

This 33,397-square-foot Pre-K school was built on a 10.6 acre site for a cost of $206.15 per square foot.  It has 15 classrooms, with a seating capacity of 18 per classroom.   The project included the construction of a new Pre-K building and renovation of surrounding park amenities. The school is programmatically divided into three types of zones: administrative, developmental, and classroom learning. The administrative zone is complete with an arrangement of offices, a full-size conference room, and a receiving lobby separate from the school lobby. The developmental zone includes a gymnasium, library, and an inclusion classroom that goes hand in hand with the Oak Ridge Pre-K speech and physical therapy programs. The classroom “pods” are arranged along two wings stemming from the administration area and developmental zones. Each pod is made up of two classrooms that share a restroom and include efficiently banked appliances. The classroom pods are then staggered to allow natural lighting and views to the interior courtyard.

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