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DCD Design Cost Data


Grand Haven State Park Channel Campground

Posted: June 17, 2020 | Projects

This 1,380-square-foot campground restroom facility was designed to match existing buildings on the site, including a 1938 beach house, while at the same time be economical and require little maintenance. The design also considered the high humidity and special weather of a beach environment.  The building materials include concrete masonry bearing walls, glued laminated beams, and wood decks to form the structure. The exterior materials are comprised of wood, stone, champagne anodized aluminum, and galvanized metal roofing.

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KHDC Lewistown Community Health Center

Posted: June 10, 2020 | Projects

While this 46,000-square-foot multi-service medical facility is a simple rectangular box in its overall form, the architectural aesthetic relies on the metal skin to create scale, texture, and visual interest. The various metal panel profiles and depths visually shape the exterior skin as a textured graphic expression. It responds to the direction of sunlight, creating movement through shade and shadow, resulting in dynamic and ever-changing building façades. The four-color scheme creates visual interest, and further defines the composition of the elements that create the architectural order of the building façades. The exposed fastener metal panels were selected for their aesthetic design appeal, durability, low maintenance, and economical value.

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Tri County Technology Center Student Services/Networking Remodel

Posted: June 3, 2020 | Projects

Tri County Tech serves residents in the northeast Oklahoma counties of Washington, Nowata and Osage, Oklahoma with over 600 full time students. The total cost of the new Student Center/Networking Addition & Remodel was $1,047,000. The project included the demolition of the old student center. This entailed removing and replacing exterior brick veneer entry columns, landscape, and interior walls, finishes, interior brick veneer/columns, ceilings, lighting, handicap ramp, and stairs that were built back in the early 1980s. The exterior has aluminum storefront doors and windows, and aluminum windows that were cut in on the north side of the facility, brick veneer and a single ply membrane roof. The interior has faculty offices, faculty break room, restroom partitions, metal studs and drywall with wood planks and aluminum storefront doors/window partitions at the offices.

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USC Iovine Young Hall

Posted: May 27, 2020 | Projects

The Iovine Young Hall is the new home of the USC Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy, started by founders Andre Young (Dr. Dre) and Jimmy Iovine in 2013. In this new location students can print prototypes on 3-D printers, weld metal or jump into a studio to edit video. The 39,236-square-foot building was designed to be equally as cutting-edge as the academy itself. The first floor is home to metal and wood shops, 3-D printing, and a CNC machine room and laser cutter. The second floor houses 3,800-square-foot classrooms, as well as meeting rooms and an outdoor terrace. The third floor’s core and shell were completed for future renovation as the academy evolves. 

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Spring Lake Heights Elementary School Addition

Posted: May 21, 2020 | Projects

This 3,800-square-foot elementary school addition was undertaken to house new art and science classrooms, and renovate approximately 58,213 square feet of existing classroom space and the lobby. Additionally, two new playgrounds were constructed: one for the new pre-k students and one for the remaining students. The addition was strategically designed to create a dynamic and active learning environment to fulfill the District’s goal of enhancing their STEAM-focused learning curriculum. With plenty of natural light, the space was shaped to be flexible to meet the current and future needs of the District.

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