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Korean Church of Knoxville Education & Life Center

Posted: February 20, 2019 | Projects

At a cost of $485,000, this 3,432 square-foot church and community center provides a flexible space that can accommodate large group Bible classes, fellowship meals, and even half-court basketball. It was built on a foundation of shallow spread footings with an 8” reinforced concrete block stem wall, and a concrete slab-on-grade.  The exterior load bearing walls are constructed of 8” reinforced concrete block, and the roof is pre-manufactured wood trusses. 

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Valleygate Dental Surgery Center

Posted: February 13, 2019 | Projects

Valleygate Dental Surgery Center is a single story, 13,498 square foot facility located in of Fayetteville, North Carolina . Focusing on pediatric services, it is the first dental only, surgery center constructed in North Carolina. It features four treatment rooms, two operating rooms, two procedure rooms, and space for future growth.

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Diversity Health Center: Hinesville, Georgia

Posted: February 6, 2019 | Projects

The Diversity Health Center is a 11,972 square-foot building with one-story with a mechanical mezzanine and covered entry canopy.  Advanced programming with the users resulted in a design which allows for future clinical growth by sizing administration uses to serve as examination spaces and provider/nurse stations when needs increase. The total cost of this project was $146.80 per square foot (ajusted to February 2019).

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Computer Science and Technology Building, Southeastern Louisiana University

Posted: January 30, 2019 | Projects

This $19.7 million Science & Technology building houses the new Engineering Technology program at Southeastern Louisiana University.  Many sustainable strategies have been integrated into the site design such as water efficient native vegetation, transportation orientation tactics, and high albedo concrete material for the site paving and roof surfaces to reduce the heat island effect.  Polished concrete floors, low VOC emitting building products, and the use of regional materials further contribute to the building’s sensitivity to the environment. 

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California Highway Patrol Chico Area Office

Posted: January 18, 2019 | Projects

The new California Highway Patrol (CHP) Chico Area Office replaces the undersized and outdated local CHP office with a new state‐of‐the art Essential Services building that will serve the growing and adapting needs of the CHP for 50‐plus years into the future.  While all new CHP replacement facilities are mandated to achieve LEED Silver certification, this project is the first CHP replacement facility to be certified at the LEED GOLD level.  The total building size is 39,414 square feet, and the total project cost was $19.3 million.

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