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Quad Cinema Renovation

Posted: March 28, 2019 | Projects

The Quad Cinema (QC) is New York City’s first “multiplex” movie theatre. Built in 1972, it became a center for art house films for decades.  With a commitment to keep the QC in Greenwich Village and in an effort to preserve its legacy of fulfilling the public’s demand for independent art films, Charles S. Cohen of Cohen Media Group (CMG) purchased  the cinema in 2015, undertaking a multimillion-dollar facelift project to renovate and modernize the existing cinema. When it re-opened in 2017 with a new identity, the QC took its rightful place as a destination for film in NYC once again.

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Bernalillo County Animal Care Facility

Posted: March 20, 2019 | Projects

This 17,186 square foot facility facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico cost $6.9 million to build.  It features dedicated adoption rooms, as well as space for approximately 115 dogs and 25 cats, in addition to space for livestock, small mammals, birds and reptiles.  Moreover, there is extensive operational space for the Animal Care Services Department, veterinary care, and support services

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Clark County Public Library Renovation

Posted: March 13, 2019 | Projects

This $2.9 million renovation was designed to create attractive, clearly recognizable building entrances, improved circulation, a casual meeting space, a maker space, and a new purpose for the rotunda, which had stood empty for nearly 30 years. Overall, 4,950 square feet of entrance, circulation, and rotunda were added to the existing structure, while an additional 6,550 square feet of existing space was also renovated.

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Residential Colleges at the University of Oklahoma

Posted: March 4, 2019 | Projects

This $82 million project encompasses three buildings on a seven-acre site with a total of 261,562 square feet.  It is the first residential college in Oklahoma utilizing the “residential college” community model.  The new residential colleges are designed as living/learning spaces that provide students with a sense of community and identity within the larger university environment.

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Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona

Posted: February 27, 2019 | Projects

This 19,118 square-foot  facility was built at a cost of $180.66 per square foot (adjusted).  The square ceiling “tent” structure over the entrance lobby is symbolic of the biblical welcoming tent. Faced with unfinished wood, the ceiling is reminiscent of historic Eastern European wood synagogue structures, and the subtle porcelain floor tile evokes the earthen tent floor. Jerusalem stone veneer travels from the building exterior into the lobby, appearing to be ruins of an ancient building. The wood ceiling became a fitting background for a local sculptor’s dramatic work of handcrafted glass and metal. The facility has LED lighting throughout, with specialty lighting to highlight meaningful art pieces displayed in the building.

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