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Medical Towers at Shadowglen

Posted: August 18, 2021 | Projects

This 39,000-square-foot freestanding medical office building was designed and equipped to support multiple tenants across many medical disciplines. of multi-disciplinary practices creates a one-stop shop for patients. Within this “One-Stop Shopping” model, providers join forces to create synergy, capitalizing on cross referrals.

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Sanford Moorhead Clinic

Posted: August 11, 2021 | Projects

This 49,250-square-foot healthcare facility includes 48 exam rooms organized into separate, flexible "neighborhoods," each containing a procedure room and all staff work spaces. In addition, there is space shelled for a future exam room neighborhood, giving the owner flexibility to expand as the market dictates. Furthermore, there is a large diagnostic wing dedicated to laboratory spaces, a radiology suite, occupational medicine, and a large pharmacy. 

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Katy City Hall Building

Posted: August 4, 2021 | Projects

This three-story, 36,000-square-foot municipal center is situated in the heart of historic downtown Katy, Texas. Its Federalist neo-classical design is a statement of the history and traditions of the city. The multi-story atrium provides an interior space that encourages public discourse. 

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Ruben Salazar Hall Renovation

Posted: July 28, 2021 | Projects

This 22,000-square-foot building renovation achieved a national award for energy design and efficiency because of distinctive and original innovations, including a unique system of low-energy cooling, lighting control, high-efficiency glazing, and photovoltaics.  As a result of this renovation, the former university library is now one of the most energy efficient public buildings in northern California. It also features one of the largest solar panel grids in the region, covering 9,500 square feet with 1,200 panels.

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Greenbrier High School Sports Facility

Posted: July 21, 2021 | Projects

This 59,846-square-foot multipurpose sports facility is an addition to the High School campus of the Greenbrier School District in Arkansas. It was designed to provide an indoor training space for high school sports such as football, soccer, baseball, softball, and cheerleading. The design team used the inspiration of the school district's panther mascot using its claws to rip back the corner of the building’s metal panel façade revealing the weight training room and practice field beyond.  The "clawed reveals" continue around the perimeter of the building in the form of translucent wall panels, both providing daylighting during regular use and making the building a beacon at dusk.

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