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PCWA Administration Center, Exterior Remodel

Posted: August 7, 2019 | Projects

This exterior remodel of a 24,951-square-foot building was completed at an (adjusted) cost of $25.24 per square foot. The existing T1-11 plywood siding was retained for its structural value.  The existing aluminum  5/8″ IG glazing assemblies were removed by saw-cutting the nail-fin, and not disturbing the siding.  The replacement windows were thermal-broke storefront with 1″ IG glazing.  The building remained occupied during construction, so only one or two windows could be done per day, and in strict coordination with the owner.  A concrete curb was cut into the existing walkways to allow for a base for the manufactured stone wainscoting.  Finally, a weatherproof barrier was placed over the plywood siding, and then covered with metal siding.

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Maricopa Institute of Technology

Posted: August 1, 2019 | Projects

This 60,000 square foot facility was designed for maximum energy savings in a desert environment.  Built at an adjusted cost of $309.42 per square foot, it features an Energy Management System that provides the owner with computer-aided tools for controlling, monitoring, and optimizing the building performance.

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Royal Palm Place Apartments

Posted: July 19, 2019 | Projects

This 125-unit apartment complex includes four residential buildings with garden-style apartments that surround a central plaza with benches, shaded pathways and lush, tropical landscaping. On-site parking, a palm-tree-lined perimeter, and outdoor hallways that take advantage of Florida’s attractive weather are also incorporated. Construction was completed in 14 months at a cost of $20.1 million.

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Folsom Fire Station 39

Posted: July 16, 2019 | Projects

This $5.2 million fire station was designed in a Craftsman Style: gable roofs with broad overhangs and exposed bracing as part of the building composition. The site is adjacent to a future city park, and is in the middle of a growing residential neighborhood.  Horizontal metal siding, along with manufactured stone veneer, emulates the residential scale of the neighborhood, while providing low maintenance for the City.  Metal roofing supported by exposed framing recalls Craftsman details.

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Community Gardens - Affordable Senior Housing

Posted: June 7, 2019 | Projects

Inspired by a book titled Pocket Neighborhoods:  Creating Small-Scale Community in a Large-Scale World written by Ross Chaplin, AIA, Community Gardens was created - at a cost of  $95.19 per square foot - on an 11.4 acre brownfield site of a former hospital .  Key components of this pocket neighborhood include the following: density, walkability, quality architectural design, traditional neighborhood structure, sustainability, connectivity to the rest of the city, and most important, shared space designed to increase social interaction of the residents.

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