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Richmond Central Fire Station No. 1 - Richmond, Texas

Posted: January 18, 2023 | Projects

This 16,965-square-foot fire station is located on the edge of the historic district of Richmond, Texas. Special attention was given in the design to include unique architectural details, accomplished by using flat arches, blended brick colors, and a combination of smooth and rough-cut limestone to articulate areas of significance. The historic exterior style melds into the lobby of the administrative wing by means of brick clad walls, richly colored vinyl plank floors, and a custom alcove to house the department’s historic Model-T fire truck. 

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1920s-Era Home Renovation - Detroit, Michigan

Posted: January 11, 2023 | Projects

In February 2021 Asia Denson, owner of Denson Construction  Services,  was asked to renovate a 2-story, brick home built in 1928. Denson surveyed the home and determined a full renovation was needed — including  completely gutting the interior and updating the home’s  electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems.  “I love bringing a forgotten dwelling back to being a  home,” relates Denson. “Most of these older homes are well built but need a lot of TLC. That’s what I like to do.”  During the project, the laundry area was moved from the  basement to the main floor in the old kitchen nook area.  Denson used grey and white in the kitchen and living areas. “I  love using grey and white, they’re neutral and easy to match”  she informed. A new full bathroom was added upstairs in a  bedroom: Doing this made the home a legal 2-bath home.  Lighting was updated, including adding 52 recessed lights,  making the home bright and airy.  

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Career Achievement Center, University of Denver

Posted: December 30, 2022 | Projects

The new Burwell Center for Career Achievement is the first LEED® Platinum  level certified project on the University of Denver campus. Designed to facilitate connections within the University of Denver community, the 20,035-square-foot building is focused on student career development, employer engagement and alumni activities.  It hosts diverse meeting  rooms, a classroom, and open plan administrative offices. It features a main level indoor-outdoor gathering area and  an upper level suite for visiting executives,  lecturers, and donors. The Burwell Center includes extensive daylighting and a central lounge on each floor creates a welcoming environment with views to the campus and neighboring city. 

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Hall Student Union at Central Community College - Hastings, Nebraska

Posted: December 27, 2022 | Projects

This 42,000-square-foot remodel/new addition involved remodeling and connecting two separate buildings, with one building being the original mess hall from 1942 and the other being a 1980’s postmodern building. The two buildings are separated by approximately 40 feet. A new "link" was designed to connect the two buildings.  The link is composed mostly of limestone veneer, a common material found on campus, and a custom steel curtain wall that allows daylight and views throughout. On the 1940’s side, existing ceilings and framing were removed to expose original wood trusses, and new aluminum clad wood windows replaced infills, opening the windows back to their original size and style. On the 1980’s side, an aluminum storefront was used to provide natural daylight deeper into spaces. Dynamic ceiling designs and bright colors were used to attract and stimulate student activity. A very popular feature is a snack bar that provides coffee, snacks, and meal options outside the designated cafeteria times. 

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CSULB Housing Expansion Phase 1, Parkside North - Long Beach, California

Posted: November 30, 2022 | Projects

Parkside North is the first new housing building at California State University, Long Beach, in 34 years. The four-story glass and wood “smart” building is certified LEED® Platinum Net Zero. It features a blue and yellow wave-like metal façade on two outside walls, adds 472 beds to The University’s housing complex, which has three other multi-building villages. The 121,852-square-foot building is an air-conditioned general housing building and has three elevators. There are three shared kitchens (located on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors) for residents, as well as multiple study lounges, a gaming room, and a living room on each floor. Parkside North also has two courtyards and a rooftop terrace. The laundry facility and multipurpose room is located on the first floor. The building will create as much renewable energy as it uses, and features reclaimed water and a solar rooftop terrace that aims toward reaching the CSU’s carbon neutrality 2030 goals. With its warm, homey touches, sustainable features and study-oriented spaces, Cal State Long Beach’s Parkside North Residence Hall provides students with a modern new place to call home.

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