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St. Paul Lutheran Church - Pomaria, South Carolina

Posted: December 13, 2023 | Projects

This restoration of a historic church was undertaken after a devastating fire destroyed everything but the blue granite walls of the original Gothic Revival sanctuary. Upon physical analysis of the exterior walls, and based upon current building code requirements, it was decided that they could not be used structurally. A new steel structure was installed inside the existing exterior walls with the granite attached as a veneer. What's more, salvaged granite from the destroyed facility was used as exterior wainscoating for the perimeter of the new facility's exterior walls. In designing the narthex, with its direct connection to the original sanctuary, it was decided to use an aluminum storefront system for the narthex exterior walls.

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Karen Rafinski Student Center at Clark State Community College - Springfield, Ohio

Posted: December 7, 2023 | Projects

A multi-faceted student-focused hub, the 47,308-square-foot Karen E. Rafinski Student Center is now home to all of the student support services at Clark State Community College in Springfield, Ohio. These services include advising, counseling, placement testing, tutoring, group study spaces, and meeting rooms. The center also offers academic support labs for math, reading, writing, and communication. In addition, the new student center facility joins two neighboring buildings, the Learning Resource Center and Rhodes Hall, with 15,223 square feet of new construction. The connector building includes a new bookstore, state-of-the-art food service, dining facilities, and lounge space for students. 

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Lansdale Borough Hall - Lansdale, Pennsylvania

Posted: November 30, 2023 | Projects

Since 1987, Lansdale Borough Hall had been located in a renovated post office building originally built in 1932.  This new, 33,000-square-foot facility was constructed on the same site as the original post office, and retains its historic 1932 façade.   The design not only saved the historic brick walls, it stretched the building along the railroad to the north of the site, created a matching brick end at the secure police block, and placed glass façades in between the two brick elements. The design successfully couples the historical look with a new modern facility that was awarded LEED® Silver certification.

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Victoria Fire Station No. 6 - Victoria, Texas

Posted: November 24, 2023 | Projects

This 9,305-square-foot fire station was built to withstand 130-mph hurricane force winds. A unique double-door system at the apparatus bays allows for a second set of roll-up doors to further protect the fire trucks from damage during a storm. Furthermore, all the glazing used throughout the station is impact resistant, and each structural component has reinforced connections to resist wind uplift and the increased pressure from high-speed winds.  Special filters were placed in the apparatus bay to help clean carcinogens from the air. Exhaust fans are tied into the alerting system and, within seven minutes of being turned on, completely extract and replenish all of the air in the bay, while airlocks help to further separate the living quarters from health hazards associated with the garage. 

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CSUEB The CORE — University Libraries - Hayward, California

Posted: November 16, 2023 | Projects

This LEED-certified, 100,000-square-foot university building provides a wide variety of academic learning spaces including a new library, classroom space, various modular study spaces, community gathering spaces and administrative office space. Because it sits atop a heavily sloped site in close proximity to a major earthquare fault, its construction presented a unique challenge for the project team. The solution included buckling restrained braced frames to resist lateral forces on the steel-framed 3-story building. In addition, ground anchors were used at the braced frame foundations to resist large seismic uplift forces.

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