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Gathering the Data to Create the Post-COVID Workplace

Gathering the Data to Create the Post-COVID Workplace

Posted: July 2, 2020 | Tradewinds, Projects, Project Management

Now that COVID-19 has jump-started a global work from-home experiment, many are speculating on the future of fice — what will it look like? Will we need an of fice at all? The option of working from home has long been at the employer’s discretion, but in the midst of a global health threat, the of fice poses safet y risks that will put the employee in the driver’s seat to determine if the health threat is greater than economic security.

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North Spring Dental

Posted: July 1, 2020 | Projects

This state-of-the-art dental practice is located in a new one-story 5,457 square-foot structure housing 12 operatories, including one surgical operatory, and related support spaces. It features an open and inviting reception area, check in/out stations, location of supply storage, private doctor/staff entrances and  noise cancelling features. Patients enter into a welcoming 18’ tall reception and waiting area, flooded with natural daylight. Once past the threshold, patients are greeted by the personality of the practice as projected by the interior environment which features warm custom woodwork, glass sliding doors, dormer skylights, and unique lighting.

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Centennial Bank Athletics Operations Center

Posted: June 24, 2020 | Projects

With one of the most efficient layouts in Division I sports, the Athletic Operations Center at Arkansas State University provides a true competitive advantage for the Red Wolves. It brings a level of training efficiency unseen in FBS football. This project consists of two new dramatic components: a North End Zone seating area offering unique game-day amenities with premium seating options, and a 65,000-square-foot Athletic Operations Center. The new Operations Center also houses one of the largest full-team meeting rooms in college football, with 200 first-class fully customized theatre chairs, as well as training, treatment, and hydrotherapy rooms providing cutting-edge recovery for all student-athletes.

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Grand Haven State Park Channel Campground

Posted: June 17, 2020 | Projects

This 1,380-square-foot campground restroom facility was designed to match existing buildings on the site, including a 1938 beach house, while at the same time be economical and require little maintenance. The design also considered the high humidity and special weather of a beach environment.  The building materials include concrete masonry bearing walls, glued laminated beams, and wood decks to form the structure. The exterior materials are comprised of wood, stone, champagne anodized aluminum, and galvanized metal roofing.

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KHDC Lewistown Community Health Center

Posted: June 10, 2020 | Projects

While this 46,000-square-foot multi-service medical facility is a simple rectangular box in its overall form, the architectural aesthetic relies on the metal skin to create scale, texture, and visual interest. The various metal panel profiles and depths visually shape the exterior skin as a textured graphic expression. It responds to the direction of sunlight, creating movement through shade and shadow, resulting in dynamic and ever-changing building façades. The four-color scheme creates visual interest, and further defines the composition of the elements that create the architectural order of the building façades. The exposed fastener metal panels were selected for their aesthetic design appeal, durability, low maintenance, and economical value.

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