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TD Residence - Northville, Michigan

Posted: February 28, 2024 | Projects

This new 4,400-square-foot home features a walk-out basement, a four-car garage, a second stairway to the basement from the garage, a large covered rear porch, and a swimming pool.  Highlights of the exterior include brick veneer and natural stone, beam board soffits and porch ceilings, custom exterior doors and windows, insulated garage doors with side-mount wi-fi controls, and dimensional shingles with copper valleys.  The interior features a custom fireplace with natural stone, custom-built cabinets with quartz counters, field finished hardwood flooring, custom interior doors and trim, as well as a heated master bathroom floor.

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3329 Building Shell - Fairfield, California

Posted: February 22, 2024 | Projects

This 4,900-square-foot commercial building was created for three commercial tennants. With its simple geometry and clean metal lines, the local newspaper wrote that it “exemplifies a new standard of design for the northern gateway to Fairfield.” Metal siding was selected for the geometric shapes, with its variety of patterns, colors, and low maintenance. The concealed fastened wall panels allowed a striping of the façade which was unique in the area. Moreover, the high ceiling design creates dramatic spaces, as well as possible additions of mezzanines within their spaces.

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High Plains PK-8 School - Loveland, Colorado

Posted: February 15, 2024 | Projects

This 63,000-square-foot, Pre- Kindergarten to 8th grade complex, designed for 590 students, is situated on a 13.4-acre site in eastern Loveland, Colorado. It has been awarded LEED® Gold certification. East/west wings are separated by a glass-lined hallway. North- and south-facing windows create optimal daylighting conditions for both portions of the building. The north wing houses administrative offices, the Pre-K and Kindergarten suites, a gymnasium, and cafeteria. The south wing houses classrooms for 1st through 8th grades, as well as over 4,500 square feet of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math) space. An 870-square-foot green roof boasts over 200 square feet of inhabitable space, and sits on top of the glass walkway.

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Liberty Middle School - Canton, Michigan

Posted: February 1, 2024 | Projects

A highlight of this 140,000-square-foot middle school is its large, centrally located administrative welcome center.  Not only does it serve to enhance safety and security for 900 students, it provides -- together with the media center located in directly above it -- a dramatic architectural image. The exterior design is crafted with brick units in two distinct colors. The field brick is a warm red tone that relates directly to the village context and visually elevates the school as an important community facility. Interspersed with the field brick are accents in a buff limestone color (horizontally) to articulate the base of the school and (vertically) to highlight the structural grid. 

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Paradise Valley Dental Studio - Fairfield, California

Posted: January 25, 2024 | Projects

This 2,273-square-foot dental studio is located in the premier corner space of the of a modern office building in Fairfield, California.  Entering patients are greeted in the two-story high reception and waiting area, with a north-facing window wall. The north exposure and the 30-foot ceiling height provide a very well-lit, comfortable space.  Sterilization, lab, and scan areas are centrally located for access to all operatories and functions of the studio. The high ceilings provide a very quiet area, allowing the dentists to work calmly with their patients. The access to natural daylighting adds to an enjoyable and calming work area for both dentists and patients.

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