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Springhill Elementary School - Greenbrier, Arkansas

Posted: January 19, 2022 | Projects

Springhill Elementary is a 62,793-square-foot K-5 facility in the Greenbrier School District of Greenbrier, Arkansas. It is designed for up to 600 students and has a built-in FEMA shelter large enough for 1,100. The building plan is broken up into four separate wings, all based on function and security. Special care was taken to segregate each learning space acoustically from outside noises. The areas that will be used by students from multiple classrooms have been given a centralized, easily accessible location. Each wing can be locked down in case of emergency. Each learning space has an escape hatch that is recognizable to the students and faculty by the use of yellow glass.

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Clark County 911 Communication Center

Posted: January 12, 2022 | Projects

This renovation/addition project combined several different 911 dispatch centers in Clark County, Ohio into a single cohesive operation. The renovation transformed the 3,600-square-foot kitchen and dining hall of a 1979 building into a 20-person training and conference room, break room, offices, decompression room, and restrooms. The only remnants of the original building are the concrete block walls, roof bar joists, and metal deck. The 3,000-square-foot addition houses the dispatch center, which is built to ICC 500 requirements for a tornado shelter as well as FEMA, NFPA, and NEMA codes and standards. The addition consists of a 14-console dispatch floor with a computer and server room, all on 18-inch-tall, raised computer flooring. Concrete filled raised flooring is by Tate Access Floors, and is rated at 1,000 PSF and 1,250 PSF. 

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2434 Property

Posted: January 5, 2022 | Projects

This renovation transformed a structure originally built as a car dealership back in the 1940's into a modern, 6,500-square-foot office and retail space that retains a certain historic and automotive charm. ABC’s 29-gauge Perma-Clad® metal roofing panels in Coal Black were installed first on the backside of the bowed roof. The roofing panels installed on the front overlapped the backside panels by about six feet, to hide  the lap from street view. The large gutters were over-framed to accommodate the 36-inch-wide exposed fastener panels, with  a rib height of 5/8 of an inch.  

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PrairieCare Medical Group/Behavioral Health

Posted: December 28, 2021 | Projects

This 37,029-square-foot medical care facility in Rochester, Minnesota was designed with a primary emphasis is on providing plentiful natural daylight. This is made evident from the front façade’s extensive glazing. To frame the glazing and add some calming counterpoint to that elevation’s pattern and color, designers opted for neutraltoned metal flush and relief wall panels installed in a vertical arrangement that echoes the curtain wall’s mullions. The vertical metal panels are paired with horizontal courses of woodgrain-patterned aluminum panels in a bright terra cotta finish to highlight the two front entrances, with fiber cement panels, also installed horizontally, in a mixed pattern of neutral grays and creams between the two doorways.

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Heritage High School Science Wing Renovation

Posted: December 23, 2021 | Projects

This project involved the complete renovation of a Tennessee high school's science wing. The design team, along with teachers and administrators, worked together over a period of a year and a half, programming and designing five new rooms, two collaboration spaces, a gather space, and support areas where students taking biology, chemistry and environmental science classes could experiment and collaborate. Configurable workstations help facilitate a simple, smooth transition between lecture and lab experiment, and new laboratory equipment and innovative technologies were provided to benefit the students and teachers.

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