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New Year, New Revu – What Bluebeam’s Revu 2016 has to Offer

Posted: May 4, 2016 | Project Management

Earlier this year, Bluebeam® Inc. announced the newest upgrades to its flagship Revu® software. If you haven’t heard of the power­ful Revu software for A/E/C professionals, it is a PDF creation, editing, markup, organization, and collaboration tool designed to support architects, engineers, and construction professions in their projects from start to finish.

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Key Steps for Beginning Any Design-Build Job

Posted: April 19, 2016 | Project Management

A successful Design-Build Job relies on the communication and understanding between all team members. A successful design phase manager should know the importance of planning and implementing several key preparatory steps at the project’s outset. These actions will pay many dividends later in the smooth and efficient functioning of the design team and in the quality of the design itself.

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Project Delivery Methods – Which Is Best for Your Projects?

Posted: April 18, 2016 | Project Management

A delivery model is defined by Michael Kenig in AGC Project Delivery as a “comprehensive process of assigning the contractual responsibilities for designing and constructing a project.” AGC Project Delivery identifies four standard delivery models: Design-Bid-Build (DBB), Construction Management at-Risk (CMR), Design-Build(DB), and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). Following is a brief summary of how these different project delivery models factor into the services offered by a contractor.

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Job Order Contracting: A Smart Alternative for Tenant Improvements

Posted: March 15, 2016 | Project Management

Commercial Tenant Improvements (TI) can range from minor updates such as a fresh coat of paint or new carpet installation to a major remodel or build-out. One thing all tenant improvement projects have in common, however, is that the faster the work gets accomplished, the faster the space can begin to earn a return on investment. Job Order Contracting (JOC) is a construction procurement method that has a history of fast-tracking repair and alteration projects with a high level of control and accountability. This method has thrived for decades, expediting the same type of repair, maintenance and replacement-in-kind projects as are typically needed for TI work. The benefits of JOC, which include high-quality workmanship, a competitively-bid system, and significant time savings, have been enjoyed by facility owners worldwide.

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Why BIM, and Appropriate BIM Contracts, are Critical to Project Success

Posted: January 11, 2016 | Project Management

The design and construction industry is often considered to be tradition-bound, despite an ever-changing world. Unfortunately, the traditional way of doing business too often includes an adversarial, zero-sum approach focused on lowest cost, inappropriate risk transfer, and inefficient practices.

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