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Cost Trends

Construction Cost Trends—March 2016

Posted: March 7, 2016 | Cost Trends

Housing is still growing at a pretty good rate. “Millennials” entering the first-time buyers market are helping the industry grow. Housing starts for the past year are over a million, but off considerably from ten years ago. Apartment rates are still rising and the Federal Government is making good on easing lending standards (although not quite aggressively enough). Commercial is still doing well and shows positive signs, and the public sector seems to be maintaining its increases (5%). Overall, housing will be up approximately 10% this year and commercial up about 10%.

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Construction Cost Trends—January 2016

Posted: January 15, 2016 | Cost Trends

Housing is still growing at a pretty good rate. It is up 10%, and along with consumer spending it’s helping to keep our economy growing at a positive but tepid rate of 2%. We hear stories of the “New Normal” and a slower growth path, but maybe we are seeing the reality of a “services” type economy versus the manufacturing type which we were accustomed to. This still bodes well for the construction industry and we should see continued growth in the 8 to 10% range.

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Construction Cost Trends for 2013

Posted: January 2, 2013 | Cost Trends

The year 2013 saw a slow and consistent upward movement in the construction industry.

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