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Carpenters/Contractors Cooperation Committee (C/CCC) Supports LA Fire Safety Ordinance

Carpenters/Contractors Cooperation Committee (C/CCC) Supports LA Fire Safety Ordinance

Posted: June 7, 2019 | Tradewinds

The Carpenters/Contractors Cooperation Committee (C/CCC) joins community leaders and Los Angeles City Councilmember Bob Blumenfield in supporting a new proposal to make Los Angeles safe and resilient as we face continued threats from wildfires and other disasters.  The Ordinance "Building a Safer Los Angeles" aims at curbing urban and suburban housing fires in the City.   

"Councilmember Blumenfield deserves to be commended for his leadership," says David Kersh, Executive Director of the Carpenters/Contractors Cooperation Committee (C/CCC), "and for authoring an ordinance that would dramatically improve the safety of city residents in the face of a deepening crisis of wildfires."  

The C/CCC, along with other industry stakeholders, is concerned about the future of Los Angeles and the need for sensible regulations that will encourage safe construction standards with reliable, trained labor.  Mr. Kersh has been an active member of Build with Strength Los Angeles, a coalition of construction industry and community organizations, fire safety professionals, engineers, architects, and industry experts committed to strengthening the nation's building codes and ensuring greater access to secure housing.  

Councilmember Blumenfield's proposed ordinance would expand Fire District 1, and would restrict certain combustible types of construction in the most dangerous areas of our community. The motion proposes that "it is time to revisit this tool and expand its reach to ensure that it captures the changing and growing regional centers and neighborhoods within the City of Los Angeles." 

Mr. Kersh, a longtime member of the construction industry, points to the expansion of multi-unit residential construction and the need to address our housing crisis as critical factors in the Committee's endorsement of the Ordinance.  

"The timeliness of this issue could not be more striking," says Kersh. "We are building the future now, and we have to make sure we get it right." 

The Carpenters/Contractors Cooperation Committee (C/CCC) is a non-profit watchdog organization established pursuant to the Federal Labor Management Cooperation Act of 1978. The C/CCC is committed to quality development and quality construction jobs.