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California Highway Patrol Chico Area Office

Posted: January 18, 2019 | Projects

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) has embarked on an ambitious program to replace all aging Area Offices across the state. The new CHP Chico Area Office replaces the undersized and outdated local CHP office with a new state‐of‐the art Essential Services building that will serve the growing and adapting needs of the CHP for 50‐plus years into the future.

Photo Courtesy of Tyler Chartier Photography

The project consists of 37 three main structures: Building A, an administrative area office (29,739 sf); Building B, an automobile service center (7,328 sf); and Building C, a recycle, waste, and storage building (786 sf). The 5.9‐acre site includes visitor parking, secure staff parking, vehicle fueling station, and a truss‐like 120 ft. communication tower with an array of antennas.   The total building size is 39,414 square feet, and the total project cost was $19.3 million.

Designed by GLASS ARCHITECTS, the new Area Office focuses on meeting CHP’s identified Critical Success Factors and the rigorous Facility Design Program requirements. The project seeks to create a new facility that is functional, secure for both staff and public, reliable, easy to access, and responsive to CHP’s requirements.

This project delivers a modern police station with reasonable security that is also welcoming to the public. The project is forward thinking, flexible, and anticipates the needs for future technologies. Attention to durable and easily maintained interior and exterior materials ensures the facility will maintain its civic presence, sense of security, strength, and quality image for years to come.

While all new CHP replacement facilities are mandated to achieve LEED Silver certification; this project is the first CHP replacement facility to be certified at the LEED GOLD level. Building materials are primarily sourced locally and specified with durability and ease of serviceability in mind.

Many building products contain pre‐consumer and post‐consumer recycled content materials. Dimmable LED lighting coupled with daylighting zones and sky-lit circulation areas reduce the building’s electrical demand. Low-emitting materials are used throughout the facility to provide enhanced indoor environmental quality and user comfort. Major Energy Savings were realized through the building’s high efficiency HVAC system.

This LEED GOLD certified building exceeds the energy efficiency of a typical similar building by 46%. On‐site power generation through the shade structure‐mounted photovoltaic roof panels produces over 42% of the buildings total annual energy usage while providing shade for the vehicles parked below. One‐hundred percent of the parking areas are concrete paved, eliminating the ‘heat island effect’ of typical asphalt paved parking lots and maintaining a cooler over all micro‐environment. Over 80% of the wood used on the project is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified as coming from sustainable and responsibly managed forests. More than 75% of the construction waste was recycled and diverted from local landfills. The building reduces domestic water usage by 31% through use of high-efficiency plumbing fixtures, valves and occupancy sensors. The site landscaping includes drought‐tolerant adaptive plant materials and climate‐based controllers; the irrigation system uses 50% less water than a typical system.

These strategies, and other similar concepts, help to dramatically reduce the building’s carbon footprint and impact on the natural surroundings while providing a modern police station with reasonable security that is also welcoming to the public.

Project Team


Glass Architects
200 E Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Structural Engineer

ZFA Structural Engineers
1212 4th Street, #Z
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Mechanical Engineer

Nexus Engineering
1400 Lone Palm Avenue, #A
Modesto, CA 95351

Electrical Engineer

Rex Moore Group, Inc.
6001 Outfall Circle
Sacramento, CA 95828

General Contractor & Cost Estimator

Lusardi Construction Company
1570 Linda Vista Drive
San Marcos, CA 92078

Date Bid: Feb 2016

Construction Period: Apr 2016 to Aug 2017         

Total Square Feet: 39,414

Site: 5.9 acres.

Number of Buildings: Three.

Building Sizes: First floor, 39,414; total, 39,414 square feet. 

Building Height: First floor, 29’11”; total, 29’11”. 

Basic Construction Type: New/II B.

Foundation: Cast-in-place, reinforced concrete, slab-on-grade, matt slab & grade beam.

Exterior Walls: CMU.

Roof: Metal.

Floors: Concrete.

Interior Walls: CMU, metal stud drywall.

KBU/SF/yr: 65.67

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