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BNI Announces New Strategic Partnership with Sigma Estimates

BNI Announces New Strategic Partnership with Sigma Estimates

Posted: February 11, 2020 | Tradewinds, Estimating

The construction industry’s leading provider of cost data, BNi Building News, has partnered with Sigma to deliver today’s most powerful estimating package.

BNi and Sigma Estimates are teaming up to offer customers an exceptional suite of estimating tools. Numerous businesses who already trust Sigma for all of their estimating needs could not be more pleased with the integration of these two industry leaders to provide a quick, accurate, flexible, and connected solution for estimating and project management.


The joint solution is a combination of BNi’s 70 years of providing accurate and comprehensive cost data, joined together with Sigma’s estimating solution, the most current and fastest growing estimating solution in North America.

The integration of Sigma Estimating Software adds a new dimension of functionality  to BNi’s extensive construction cost libraries. BNi cost data can be accessed directly while working inside of the Sigma application. While working on an estimate within Sigma, users can access cost data broken down into material and labor costs and based on current national averages, as well as easily account for labor costs based on prevailing rates for all trades and the most current equipment rental and operating costs.

Any type of estimate can accurately be created in record time, automatically checked for mistakes, easily understood by colleagues, and communicated to the field. Sigma brings BNi’s data to life with interactive material lists, job costing macros, activity planning infrastructure, and scheduling functions.


Sigma and BNi’s already existing customers could not be more excited about the partnership between these two key elements of their business. Emil Forys , the technical director of PA Solutions South East, in an interview about PA Solutions’ integration of Sigma Estimating, stated “Since we started using Sigma over the last year, our revenue for the 2019 fiscal year was over $100 million dollars (2X increase). This is all because of the way we were able to respond to projects, we were able to venture into new areas of automation with a better understanding of what it takes to be successful in them.”

Other businesses have felt the expansion in capability that Sigma has enabled for their firms. Derrick Oltmann, Managing Director at Mclenco Construction Services, In. said about Sigma that, “The flexibility, feature set, and affordability makes it a no-brainer for someone looking to move away from Excel into a more structured, secure, and robust environment.”


More is on the horizon in the estimating world with this exciting partnership between BNi and Sigma. Coming later this year, BNi cost data will release complete assemblies that will make estimating even faster and prevent costly oversights. This upgrade is in response to the requests of numerous contractors and businesses in the estimating world. With the advent of this upgrade, estimators will be able to connect 3D models created in programs like Autodesk Revit or BIM 360 to editable construction estimate worksheets.