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Atlanta Office Fitout

Faithful & Gould

Posted: April 22, 2020 | Projects

SNC Lavalin’s fitout of this Atlanta, GA office expansion space was a pilot implementation of a new design standard, developed to accommodate the work styles of five different organizations within the company, due to a recent merger. 

Photo Courtesy of Andrea Shook

A standardized kit of parts was developed that would support a variety of work styles that would align not only with the parent company’s workplace strategy, but ally with their global counterparts’ workplace strategies as well. 

As a global engineering, design, and project management company, SNC Lavalin wanted their staff to have the same positive workplace experience in the US as other geographic regions throughout the world. 

This project consolidated suites on three different, non-contiguous floors down to two contiguous floors. The previous design standard consisted of 7½′ × 7½′ low-wall cubicles with an 8″ top glass panel yielding 58-inch-high cubicle walls. 

The new rollout incorporates a benching system offering a range of desk sizes all 6 feet wide, with 50-inch-high front fabric privacy panels. The benching system introduced a modular kit of parts with varying return sizes, and the inclusion of mobile tables that can flex to support the various workstyles of staff — from nomadic touchdown desks to extended workstations to support full-size plan layouts.  

The new standard also introduced more natural light, quieter rooms, a wider variety of technology-enabled collaborative spaces, and raised the dual monitors off the work surfaces on ergonomically-adjustable monitor arms. 

The pantry area was transformed into a work café, with plug-in capabilities to allow for staff to activate the space throughout the day as an alternative work environment. Lastly, the branding and overall color palette was modified to align with SNC Lavalin’s global branding guidelines.

The new 20,000-square-foot floor size provides 99 workstations and 16 offices, allowing SNC Lavalin to:

  • Increase space by 32%, but increase workstation capacity by 41%
  • Greatly improve the quantity and variety in choice of collaboration areas for employees
  • Improve plug-and-play technology offerings to encourage more movement about the space
  • Create a virtual reality zone to demonstrate innovative technology solutions to clients
  • Achieve multifactored increases in overall business functionality and employee well-being through the implementation of new design standards
  • Branding that merges the five subsidiaries into one consistent look and feel aligned with the parent company
  • Fitout the space at $37/square foot — approximately a 50% savings over similar type projects
  • One hundred days after move in, a survey was administered to both floors. The overall results demonstrated a self-reported positive improvement in productivity, workplace functionality, and employee experience, and well-being factors between employees working in the two different generations of design standards. 

This multifaceted positive business resulted from both consolidating real estate and providing improved workplace environment for engineering, design, and project management staff at a project cost below industry averages. 

This continuous improvement model allows SNC Lavalin to capture valuable employee feedback to demonstrate intangible design benefits, and provide insight to make tweaks with each new iteration of their new design standards.  One of the organization’s specialties lies in cost estimating expertise and cost intelligence database of construction projects all over the world. Due to a keen eye on leaner construction costs, the buildout costs were 50% lower in comparison to their Cost Intelligence database cost for similar type fitouts. 

By consolidating real estate and implementing new design standards, SNC Lavalin achieved multi-faceted improvements in business functionality and employee experience, all while achieving a 50% cost savings in their buildout costs as compared to industry benchmarks.

Flooring: Patcraft
Lighting: TBC

Design Oversight & Project Management
Faithful & Gould
1600 Riveredge Parkway, N.W., #700
Atlanta, GA 30238

Planning Interiors, Inc.
6000 Lake Forest Drive, N.W., #120
Atlanta, GA 30328

General Contractor
C.A. South
800 Battery Avenue, S.E., #420
Atlanta, GA 30339

Date Bid: Jul 2018
Construction Period: Aug 2018 to Oct 2018          
Total Square Feet: 20,389
Site: N/A
Number of Buildings: One floor fitout.

Building Sizes: One floor,  20,389; total, 20,389 square feet.  
Building Height: One floor, 8’5”; total, 8’5”.  
Basic Construction Type: Office Fitout.
Foundation: N/A. 
Exterior Walls: N/A.
Roof: N/A. 
Floors: Concrete. 
Interior Walls: Wood stud drywall.

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