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3D Printing Company SQ4D Prints Three-Bedroom Home in 48 Hours

SQ4D Inc. 

3D Printing Company SQ4D Prints Three-Bedroom Home in 48 Hours

Posted: March 13, 2020 | Tradewinds, Project Management

SQ4D Inc. (SQ4D) and its Revolutionary Autonomous Robotic Construction System (ARCS), have revolutionized homebuilding by building the largest permitted 3D-printed home in the world.

SQ4D has completed construction of the world’s largest permitted 3D-printed home in Calverton, Long Island. The home is 1,900 square feet, and took only forty-eight hours of print time, over an eight-day period. The home was entirely printed and built onsite using less than $6,000 in materials and around $3,000 in labor costs. Future print-time is expected to be cut in half on their next projects, due to ARCS enhancements implemented post construction.

Bear in mind a traditional three bedroom wood-frame home will cost somewhere between $50,000 and $80,000 just for the lumber and framing labor. The roof in this project was a standard truss roof, but plans are in the works for future roofs to be printed also.

ARCS is a patent pending technology that robotically builds foundations, exterior walls, interior walls, utility conduits and more. This digital driven system reduces labor to as little as three people, accounting for up to 41% of the total construction of a home. ARCS low-power consumption technology allows homes and buildings to be built using far less energy than needed in traditional construction methods, creating an environmentally friendly impact.

ARCS achieves faster build times by eliminating and consolidating over 20 manual labor intensive processes (siding, framing, sheathing, etc.). This revolutionary technology will be replacing and eliminating more expensive and inferior building materials, causing the printed structures to be stronger and safer. Utilizing concrete will reduce the cost by at least 30%, as well as making the structure more fire resistant than traditional methods. This home will have the strength to last into the next century.

SQ4D’s completion of the world’s largest 3D-printed home is a game changer. “Changing the way the world is built” is more than just the company’s tagline; it is a reality.