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DCD Design Cost Data

The #1 Industry Source for Actual Square Foot Cost Data

Design Cost Data is the cost estimating magazine for design and construction, and is the largest provider of historical construction cost for the purpose of preliminary cost estimating and cost modeling in America.

Established in 1958, DCD is unique among publications servicing the construction marketplace as architects, specifiers, builders, and developers use DCD and the actual construction costs it publishes as benchmarks for preliminary cost estimating.

With the Conceptual Estimator app, DCD subscribers get access to a database of over 1,800 actual projects with fully broken-out costs by CSI Division.  They can use this app for early construction budgets, cost modeling, estimate validation and more.

Using the Conceptual Estimator, subscribers select a similar project to the one they are building and retarget to their new bid date and location. Instantly, a new cost model is created broken out in the CSI MasterFormat™ divisions.

Design Cost Data magazine and the DCD Conceptual Estimator are the construction cost references you need. The projects included in the Conceptual Estimator are separated in over 100 different building types (schools, medical offices, libraries, churches, assisted living, and more) to make it easy to find just the right project for your new cost model.

The Conceptual Estimator is updated with each issue of DCD and includes cost escalators through 2021 and over 600 regional modifiers to provide cost models you can rely on. By using the DCD Conceptual Estimator you are benchmarking your new projects on real, historical construction costs.