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When you subscribe to DCD magazine, you not only receive the industry’s only publication devoted solely to construction cost, you also have access to a massive building cost database of over 1,500 actual projects for cost estimating.

Each issue of DCD includes sq. ft. cost guides, building cost analysis reports, construction material cost trends, actual projects and their cost to build, pertinent industry articles, and more. DCD is published bi-monthly with 6 issues per year.

The projects published in DCD are housed in the DCD Archives for subscribers’ use. Categorized by building type, along with cost factors through 2018 and over 600 regional modifiers, subscribers can easily target any project to their bid date and location. Simply select a project, change to the location, date, square footage and press Target. Instantly a new cost model with an updated sq. ft. cost is generated. Gold subscribers can go further and add, change or delete cost divisions and save a project for later use. All subscribers can print a cost report of the new cost model and a copy of the project as it appeared in DCD.

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