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DCD User Tip #6
New Features Just Released
Use the DCD Magazine & DCD Archives to their Full Potential

Following is User Tip #6 on getting the most of your DCD subscription and your online access to the DCD Archives.

Saving a Project for Later Use:

After you have logged into the DCD Archives and have selected an appropriate project and customized it to your needs you can save that project for later use by selecting the Customize Project at the bottom of the Target Criteria.

Only one project at a time can be saved, therefore a box will appear warning you that you will override any project you have already saved.

You can re-access your Saved Project by clicking on Home in the blue menu bar. At the top of the screen you will see My Saved Project. Clicking on it will bring up the project you were working on. You can continue to make changes to the project if needed.

You can change the name of the project by clicking on the highlighted Case Number at the top of the project. A new screen will open. You can change the name, components or add notes to the project. The notes will appear when you print the project.

Access to the DCD Archives is included with your subscription. It is a 1,400 plus project database of projects featured in DCD along with DCD's cost indexes. All projects can be modeled to your date and location generating a new square foot cost model.
Prior User Tips are available on DCD.COM covering logging in, selecting, and targeting a project.

Thank you for your subscription to Design Cost Data. We hope these newsletters are helpful to you using your DCD subscription to its fullest potential. The Nov/Dec issue has just been mailed. This issues focuses on Green construction along with a Green Sq. Ft. Cost Guide and Residential Sq. Ft. Cost Report along with other important information. Sixteen new projects have been added to the LEED/Sustainable category in the DCD Archives.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have a question at 800-533-5680 or at
barb@dcd.com. Not a DCD Subscriber? No problem! Click here to subscribe.

Not a DCD Subscriber? No problem! Click here to subscribe.

Barb Castelli
Design Cost Data/DCD.COM

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