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DCD User Tip #3
Cost Modeling Instantly
Use the DCD Magazine & DCD Archives to their Full Potential

The July/August 2011 issue of DCD is at the printer. This issue includes a special segment on tenant build outs. These projects are expanding as businesses are taking advantage of cheap rents and ample space to choose from. Several different types are included along with Tenant Build-Outs Going Strong, an article describing what clients are looking for. 

Also Part 2 of Legally Speaking: Minimizing the Legal Pitfalls of Sustainable Design and Construction by Matthew J. DeVries & Angela Stephens is included. Look for this issue in the next few weeks in your mailbox. 

Following is User Tip #3 on getting the most of your DCD subscription and online access to the DCD Archives.   

Access to the DCD Archives is included with your subscription. It is a 1,300 plus project database of projects featured in DCD along with DCD’s cost indexes. All projects can be modeled to your date and location generating a new square foot cost model. Prior User Tips are available on DCD.COM covering logging in and selecting a project.  

After you have logged into the DCD Archives and selected an appropriate project for your model you will want to model it to your bid date and location. The DCD Archives includes cost escalators through 2016 and over 500 regional modifiers.  

To cost model with a DCD case study:  

  1. Click "Browse Projects" to select a project from the database

  2. Change the project size

  3. Use the drop down menu to change the "Month"

  4. Use the drop down menu to change the "Year"

  5. Use the drop down menu to change the "Location"

  6. And click on "Target"

The project now reflects a new square foot cost model.  

Special note we recommend you stay within 20% of the project size. Modeling a 400,000 sq.ft. office building on a 20,000 sq.ft. building will not deliver a reliable cost per sq. ft.  

After you have created your new cost model select print and a cost report is generated. You can also print the project as it appeared in DCD by clicking on Hi Res PDF at the top right of the project.  

Would any of your associates benefit from a subscription to DCD and access to the DCD Archives? If so we offer Group Subscription rates with or without DCD delivered in the mail. Please call us at 800-533-5680 for more information. 

Thank you for your subscription to Design Cost Data. We hope these newsletters are helpful to you using your DCD subscription to its fullest potential. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have a question at 800-533-5680 or at barb@dcd.com.

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Barb Castelli
Design Cost Data/DCD.COM

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