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Volume 4 - Number 4

  April 2009

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Cost Trends

Mar/Apr Cost Trends for 2009
Jan/Feb Cost Trends for 2009

Nov/Dec Cost Trends for 2008
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Cost Guides

Medical Building Cost Guide
Educational Building Cost Guide

LEED Square Foot Cost Guide
Metal Construction Cost Guide
Commercial & Ind Cost Guide
Building Sq Foot Cost Guide

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DCD Green Library
2009 Edition

A comprehensive project library on CD-ROM of LEED and Sustainable Building Costs is now available from Design Cost Data magazine. A must have with the current market moving green. The DCD Green Library includes 59 projects along with informative articles & DCD cost guides on Green Building. Projects are organized by building type and escalated to January 2009 and January 2010.
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ENR/DCR Square-Foot Costbook 2009

ENR/DCR Square-Foot Costbook 2009

   Developed in partnership with Engineering News Record, Design Cost Data, and BNi Building News, this ready-reference costbook also features illustrations of each building type, a guide to 5-year cost trends for key building materials, Plus detailed unit-in-place costs for thousands of items -- from asphalt and anchor bolts, to vents and wall louvres. By purchasing this book, you will also receive the 2010 edition, on a no-risk free trial basis. Read More

Architect's Square Foot
Costbook 2009

The theme of this year's edition is Commercial and Industrial Buildings. Also, over one quarter of the case studies presented feature significant green building strategies as indicated by the LEED® Rating system, encompassing recycled construction waste, recycled material content and re-use, recycled rainwater, bio-retention and wetland storm management, indoor environmental air quality, energy efficient lighting, hybrid HVAC systems, green roofs, and native or adaptive vegetation.
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DCD Goes Digital

March/April Issue of DCD

     Design Cost Data Magazine is now available in digital format in addition to its print edition. DCD can now be delivered right to your Inbox. By signing up as a digital DCD subscriber you will have instant access to the most current case studies, cost trends, square foot cost guides and articles DCD has been delivering since 1958.
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DCD Archives Successfully Launches
Online Conceptual Estimating System

    The new DCD Archives are now online for DCD Subscribers at DCD.COM.
    DCD Subscribers now have a resource of actual building costs online to use as a basis for their conceptual estimates. The DCD Archives™ provides real building costs and the online tools to generate estimates at the conceptual level; answer “How much will this cost?” when posed by a client; run “what if” scenarios at a moment’s notice; and be ready when a new market opportunity presents itself.
    Launched March 5, 2009, the new DCD Archives responds to subscribers’ requests with new functionality for online cost modeling. Over 500 regional modifiers, cost escalators through 2014, the ability to change the project square footage, and enhanced search capabilities are now included in the DCD Archives. Additional cost modeling features include the ability to add, modify, or delete building cost divisions and cost subdivisions, and view expanded cost detail. Projects can also be saved and returned to for later use.
   All DCD Subscribers are invited to visit DCD.COM and Sign Up for this new powerful subscription benefit, or call 800-533-5680 with any questions.

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Architecture Billings Index Continues to
Point to Difficult Conditions
No region or building sector immune
from prolonged economic downturn

   Following another historic low score in January, the Architecture Billings Index (ABI) was up two points in February. As a leading economic indicator of construction activity, the ABI reflects the approximate nine to twelve month lag time between architecture billings and construction spending. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) reported the February ABI rating was 35.3, up from the 33.3 mark in January, but still pointing to a general lack of demand for design services (any score above 50 indicates an increase in billings). The new projects inquiry score was 49.5.
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Wondering Where the Cost Factors in DCD Went

   Effective January 1, 2009 the "Cost Escalation Index Table" and "Regional Modifiers" are now published online at the DCD Archives (Subscriber Login Area). They are readily available 24/7 to all our subscribers. You can easily access these by registering on the DCD Archives™ and clicking on the "Cost Factors" link.

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    Special Note: Also available online are the digital issues of DCD. Click "Issue Archives" to access the digital library.

Duro-Last® Introduces New Rock-Ply™ Product

    Duro-Last® Roofing, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of the Duro-Last Rock-Ply roofing system, part of the Duro-Last Designer Series of roofing membranes.
    The Duro-Last Rock-Ply roofing system is ideal for commercial and residential roofing applications where appearance is important, but traditional rock or stone ballast is not practical because of weight considerations or difficulty transporting the ballast to where it’s needed on the roof. The Rock-Ply membrane provides a ballast look and the watertight performance and long-term durability of a thermoplastic, single-ply roofing system.
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Introducing “Muffler Technology,” the
First Thin Profile Sound Control Mat to Offer Luxury
Performance in About a Quarter Inch

    Quiet Qurl® 55/025 MC MT “MUFFLER TECHNOLOGY” is a nominal 0.25“, “U” Groove entangled core mat designed to limit impact noise between floors.
    On the top side, a point bonded, moisture resistant fabric is laminated to the core so that gypsum concrete & other materials can be placed to create a floating floor. On the bottom side, a highly compressible polyester fabric is bonded. This “muffler” almost completely compresses when installed with a 1.25” gypsum concrete floor underlayment.
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Modular Building: The Time and Cost Efficient
Approach to Construction

    When evaluating building options, two of the most important considerations are cost and time. Many designers and builders are attracted to the accelerated construction method, as it not only yields a faster time to occupancy but also offers significant flexibility and financial benefits over the life of the building. Methods using modular components decrease the design and construction timeline by 30 to 50 percent, with fewer change orders, earlier occupancy and improved cash flow.
    While accelerated construction techniques are not exactly new (according to Architectural Record, they have been used since the 1960s), modular building has become an increasingly popular method, with tremendous strides in construction technology and design innovation since the 1990s. Recent data from the Modular Building Institute (MBI) indicates the commercial modular industry is a $5 billion business annually, with a revenue growth rate of about 6 to 9 percent per year.
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Homasote Launches DesignWall 440 at AIA Annual Expo
Attendees Can Visit Homasote at Booth #S-2257

    One of the largest tradeshows for the building industry in the nation, the AIA 2009 National Convention and Design Exposition gives attendees the opportunity to experience new technology, materials and methods from more than 800 exhibitors. Currently celebrating its 100th anniversary, Homasote will showcase a variety of products at the event, including its 440 SoundBarrier®, Pak-Line® and Homex® 300 lines. The company will also launch its new product, DesignWall 440®—a cost-effective prefinished interior paneling comprised of Guilford of Maine FR 701® fabric laminated to 440 SoundBarrier fiberboard.
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FGS PermaShine Concrete Polishing System
Listed On CSI's GreenFormat™

    L&M Construction Chemicals, a manufacturer and distributor of concrete construction chemicals and products for use in commercial, industrial or institutional building projects, announced today that its FGS PermaShine Concrete Polishing System ( is now listed on the Construction Specifications Institute's (CSI) GreenFormat.
    GreenFormat is a new, Web-based CSI format that allows building product manufacturers to accurately self-report the sustainable properties of their products through a comprehensive, online questionnaire. Their entries are then displayed in a standard manner through the GreenFormat Web site.
     Architects, designers, engineers and other building professionals who make product-selection decisions can search the database at for free. It presents basic information on the green attributes of building products using an unbiased and consistent approach, helping save time for design, construction and operations professionals.
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AEC Firms Must Work Fast to Win Stimulus-Funded Projects

    According to the Guide to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, a new report from ZweigWhite, working fast and staying close to home are two key points that will help firms win projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), more commonly known as the much-anticipated federal economic stimulus bill.
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The Quiet Green Revolution

    Each year more than nine million people visit the Statue of Liberty located on Ellis Island in New York harbor. This makes it one of the busiest tourist attractions in the country.
    Unbeknownst to most of those visitors, a Green revolution has been taking place on the island.
    Park managers now recycle 100 percent of the cardboard boxes, plastic, and aluminum cans delivered and used on the island, compost all coffee, recycle all cooking oil, and have reduced the amount of waste normally delivered to local landfills by an astonishing 71 percent.
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