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DCD E•News

Volume 4 - Number 1

  January 2009

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Cost Trends

Jan/Feb Cost Trends for 2009

Cost Guides

Educational Building Cost Guide
LEED Square Foot Cost Guide
Metal Construction Cost Guide
Commercial & Ind Cost Guide
Building Sq Foot Cost Guide
Medical Building Cost Guide

New Releases

DCD Green Library

   A comprehensive project library on CD-ROM of LEED® and Sustainable Building Costs is now available from Design Cost Data magazine. The DCD Green Library includes 59 projects along with informative articles & DCD cost guides on Green Building. Projects are organized by building type and escalated to January 2009 and January 2010.
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Architect's Square Foot
Costbook 2009

The theme of this year's edition is Commercial and Industrial Buildings. Also, over one quarter of the case studies presented feature significant green building strategies as indicated by the LEED® Rating system, encompassing recycled construction waste, recycled material content and re-use, recycled rainwater, bio-retention and wetland storm management, indoor environmental air quality, energy efficient lighting, hybrid HVAC systems, green roofs, and native or adaptive vegetation.
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July/August Issue of DCD

Submit Your Projects For Publication in DCD. 
   Gain national recognition with a featured Case Study, which focuses on your firm's design capabilities. 
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   Legitimize your work to your peers.  Contribute to the DCD Archives™, a unique historical cost database development tool that enables the construction industry to develop cost models based on actual construction. 
   Submitting a case study is easy! Simply call DCD to indicate your interest in having a case study featured and from documents you already have on hand, our editors can assist you in putting a case study together quickly and effortlessly. You supply the information and let DCD do the work! 
   To be sent a Case Study Submittal Package or to find our more about how easy it is to have your projects published, call Patty Owens at DCD toll-free at 800-533-5680 or email!


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DCD Magazine/American Society of Professional Estimators
"Best Project Estimate Challenge"

     Enter your project now for the Best Project Estimate Challenge sponsored by DCD Magazine, the American Society of Professional Estimators, and the International Builders Exchange Executives. Download entry forms at Deadline for all entries no later than March 31, 2009.
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Which Documents Govern when they Differ?
Precedence of the Contract Documents
By Arthur F. O'Leary, FAIA, MRIAI

     Considering the extraordinary volume of data contained in the typical set of construction documents, literally hundreds of thousands of information bits, it is surprising that we do not see more errors, ambiguities, inconsistencies, and anomalies. Fortunately, most errors encountered after the documents are released are trivial and cause no more than momentary pause and possibly some degree of professional embarrassment to the architect, with little or no economic or practical consequence to the owner or contractor.
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School Security Post-Columbine
The More We Learn, The More Challenges Remain

By Lynn Murray

So often in the course of history, it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact dates or events that changed the way we do things. But April 20, 1999 – and more recently, April 16, 2007, mark the history books as days of infamy for school safety and security.
     The Columbine High School tragedy, now almost a decade behind us, was the wake-up call that bad things can and do happen in our schools. Unfortunately, it became the universal example for dozens of other smaller countless and senseless acts of school violence across the nation. And less than two years ago, when our awareness of such tragic events had diminished, the campus massacre at Virginia Tech one cool spring morning once again reminded us that we cannot afford to take safety and security for granted.
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DLR Group Delivers
Wayne Lyman Morse United States Courthouse,
a New Paradigm in Courthouse Design

     A new paradigm in courthouse design is being realized for the Wayne Lyman Morse U.S. Courthouse through the General Services Administration’s “Design Excellence Program,” which brings new focus to the design quality of federally-procured projects.
     DLR Group, created a courthouse that bridged the chasm that is widely agreed to have developed over the past two centuries between “us” the citizens and “them” the government. By focusing on concepts of integrity, vitality, dignity and substance, the building was infused with imagery that beckons all citizens to reclaim their proprietary relationship to our system of justice.
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Field Testing Dampens Leak Problems
By: John Lewis

Water penetration through exterior walls is a serious concern of architects, product manufacturers, contractors and building owners. Fenestration products typically receive the greatest scrutiny.
     However, product design is not so likely to be the cause of leakage problems. Fenestration products that meet the code-mandated standard AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-05, Standard/Specification for Windows, Doors, and Unit Skylights and its predecessors must pass ASTM E547 and/or E331 water leakage tests of increasing stringency depending on their Performance Grade (PG) and Performance Class. Laboratory water penetration spray tests simulate wind-driven rain by simultaneously applying air pressure at 15 percent of Design Pressure (DP) for all window performance classes except AW, for which it is 20 percent of the DP. The AAMA Certification label verifies conformance with this standard and is the foundation for water penetration resistance.
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Architecture Billings Index Drops to All Time Low for Second Straight Month
Commercial sector continues slide as institutional market follows suit

     Business conditions at architecture firms continue to deteriorate, with the Architecture Billings Index (ABI) posting its lowest level since the survey began in 1995 for the second month in a row. As a leading economic indicator of construction activity, the ABI shows an approximate nine to twelve month lag time between architecture billings and construction spending. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) reported the November ABI rating was 34.7, down from the 36.2 mark in October (any score above 50 indicates an increase in billings). The inquiries for new projects score was 38.3, also a historic low point.
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Seven Public Relations Sins You Must Never Commit
From a Building & Real Estate PR Pro

      Turn to PR when times get tough," says Dick Pirozzolo, Boston area expert

     "Advertising is saying nice things about yourself, Public Relations is getting others to say nice things about you." Despite numerous lofty definitions of PR, that succinct characterization by veteran Boston ad man Jon Goward, says it best.

     "And in tough economic times � when ad budgets get thin �� Public Relations has to work harder," says public relations authority Dick Pirozzolo, adding, "A well-planned and executed public relations strategy will maintain brand awareness during a down cycle; maintain market share, establish your company's ability to manage in both tough times and good, and generate qualified sales leads." His Wellesley, Massachusetts firm, Pirozzolo Company Public Relations, has been helping manufacturers, professionals and governments reach the media and influence decisions makers for nearly three decades.
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