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  March 2008


Founded in the early 1800's, the SARGENT Manufacturing Company is a market leader in the manufacture of architectural hardware, including locksets, cylinders, door closers, exit devices, electromechanical products, and access control systems for new construction, renovation, and replacement applications. The company’s customer base includes commercial construction, institutional and industrial markets. For more information, visit http://www.sargentlock.com/.

Carolina Ceramics Brick Company¹s KLADbrick out-performs conventional precast concrete wall panels, because the look and feel of real brick is paired with the cost efficiencies of precast panels yielding successes on many levels. KLADbrick fills the void between traditional brick walls and precast concrete panels. For more information, visit carolinaceramics.com or call 866-788-1916.

Architect's Square Foot Costbook 2008

Written By:
McGraw Hill Construction and Design & Construction Resources

$54.95 Plus Shipping
   The Architect's Square Foot Costbook 2008 presents detailed square foot costs for 65 buildings tailored specifically to meet the needs of today's architect. Each project gives you a complete cost breakdown of the included systems, so you can easily calculate the impact of modifications and enhancements on your own projects.
   The "theme" of this year's edition is Green Building-a concept which is rapidly revolutionizing the way buildings are being designed. Over a third of the case studies presented here feature significant green building attributes, such as materials from renewable sources, enhanced natural lighting, and energy recycling. 
Item #: 1588550842 

ENR/DCR Square-Foot Costbook 2008
By: Design & Construction Resources/ENR
    Detailed square-foot costs on a wide range of actual projects! 
    Each project is broken down by CSI MASTERFORMAT Division, and costs are reported in two ways: total cost by division and square foot cost by division.
    Arranged in four easy-to-use sections. 
    As you know, square-foot costs can vary widely, making it difficult to use them for estimating and budgeting. But the 2008 ENR Square-Foot Costbook practically eliminates this problem by giving you costs that are based on actual projects -- not hypothetical models. For each building type you get a detailed narrative with background information on the specific project. 

Item #: 1588550774

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Arthur O'Leary, FAIA, MRIAI

Imperfect Contract Documents
Who Pays for the Errors?
   Architects and engineers are painfully aware that there is actually no such thing as a perfect set of construction documents. Contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers have always known this to be true. But some owners have not as yet been informed of the startling fact that architects are only human and some are not perfect.
   The repercussions of our shortcomings vary from project to project. Sometimes our imperfections are, thankfully, only minor glitches that are easily rectified, and our embarrassment is fleeting. Other times our inadequacies are more substantial and if they are not corrected in time, considerable harm could be done, and valuable resources wasted. Even more rarely, the blunder is of catastrophic proportions and the price is high in time, money, loss of confidence and reputation, and possibly resulting in personal injury or death. Read More

DCD Insights 

A Prescription for Healthier Health Care
Friendly to both the environment and patients, green health care initiatives are also saving green.
By Lynn Murray

   It’s a funny thing about change: no matter how good the idea, and no matter how widespread the anticipated benefits, it usually takes a major catalyst to make it happen.
   Green practices in the medical field are not new, but until the past decade, heavily regulated health care was hesitant to embrace additional guidelines – especially those not easily integrated with regulations set by the Joint Commission, OSHA or other governing organizations. Read More

The Insider's Guide to Marketing Green Buildings 
By: Jerry Yudelson, P.E.,LEED AP     
   This comprehensive guide contains more than 175 pages of informative text; 38 tables and charts of hard-to-find information and proprietary research data; 14 chapters with up-to-date information on the use of LEED in green buildings; special focus on the office, school, college, residential, and health care markets; market size estimates for green technologies including solar, certified wood, green roofs, and other emerging approaches to green building; and clear descriptions of successful marketing strategies and approaches to selling green buildings, developments, and services.
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Construction Cost Trends 

Just Released! Construction Cost Trends for 2008

DCD Sq. Ft. Cost Guides 

Just Released! The DCD Sq. Ft. Cost Guide For Medical Buildings
The DCD Educational Square Foot Cost Guide

The DCD LEED® Square Foot Cost Guide

The DCD Sq. Ft. Cost Guide for Buildings with Metal Construction

The DCD Sq. Ft. Cost Guide for Commercial & Industrial Buildings

July/August Issue of DCDSubmit Your Projects For Publication in DCD. Gain national recognition with a featured Case Study, which focuses on your firm's design capabilities. 
Receive 100 FREE reprints of your case study to use for promotional purposes. 
Legitimize your work to your peers.  Contribute to the DCD Archives™, a unique historical cost database development tool that enables the construction industry to develop cost models based on actual construction. 
Submitting a case study is easy! Simply call DCD to indicate your interest in having a case study featured and from documents you already have on hand, our editors can assist you in putting a case study together quickly and effortlessly. You supply the information and let DCD do the work! 
To be sent a Case Study Submittal Package or to find our more about how easy it is to have your projects published, call Patty Owens at DCD toll-free at 800-533-5680 or email info@dcd.com

March-April Issue

Firefly Grill Restaurant
Clemson First Baptist Church Life Center
St. Georges Technical High School
Angiography Imaging Suite
Moline Public Library
212 Archer Street Office
St. Raphael Academy Alumni Hall Athletic & Wellness Center
Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery BOCES
510 Amory Street Office
West Sacramento Fire Station No. 45

Lafayette Police Facility



Architecture Billings Index Points to Major Downturn in Commercial Construction
Falls to lowest level since 2001 with nearly 9-point drop off

Reflecting the deteriorating conditions in the housing market and overall economy, the Architecture Billings Index (ABI) tumbled almost nine points in February. As a leading economic indicator of construction activity, the ABI shows an approximate nine to twelve month lag time between architecture billings and construction spending. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) reported the February ABI rating fell to 41.8, its lowest level since October 2001, and down dramatically from the 50.7 mark in January (any score above 50 indicates an increase in billings). The inquiries for new projects score was 54.3. Read More


Petersen Introduces Corrugated And Ribbed Profiles;Expands Line Of Exposed Fastener Panels
Petersen Aluminum Corporation has introduced two corrugated profiles and a ribbed profile and expanded its existing line of exposed fastener panels.
   Manufactured at Petersen’s headquarters in Elk Grove Village, IL, and Kennesaw, GA, the new ½” and 7/8” corrugated profiles are available in 40” and 34.6” panels respectively. Petersen also has introduced a 7.2” ribbed profile that is available in 36” panels. In addition, Petersen has expanded its “M” and “R” panel lines by adding an M-36 panel and an R-36 panel with or without the purlin bearing legs. 
   All new profiles are available in 22 or 24 gauge steel and .032 or .040 aluminum. Thirty-six Kynar colors are available in steel and 34 Kynar colors are available in aluminum. Read More

Building Products Revue

To Mull, Or Not To Mull

    For many homes, more glass means more appeal to homebuyers. Whether two Double Hung windows joined together at the factory or a wall of windows overlooking a backyard, mulled window units are a popular way to allow light into homes. Less visual obstructions with mulled units means wider views and less framework. 
   To help builders and remodelers gain a stronger understanding of mulled units and options, Simonton Windows offers the following “Q & A Briefing” with responses from experts in the company’s coastal, code and sales areas.
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