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Founded in the early 1800's, the SARGENT Manufacturing Company is a market leader in the manufacture of architectural hardware, including locksets, cylinders, door closers, exit devices, electromechanical products, and access control systems for new construction, renovation, and replacement applications. The company’s customer base includes commercial construction, institutional and industrial markets. For more information, visit http://www.sargentlock.com/.

Carolina Ceramics Brick Company¹s KLADbrick out-performs conventional precast concrete wall panels, because the look and feel of real brick is paired with the cost efficiencies of precast panels yielding successes on many levels. KLADbrick fills the void between traditional brick walls and precast concrete panels. For more information, visit carolinaceramics.com or call 866-788-1916.

Construction Nightmares: Jobs from Hell and How to Avoid Them

Written By:
Arthur F. O'Leary, FAIA, MRIAI

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      Learn from the mistakes of others instead of making them yourself!
    Arthor F. O'Learly, FAIA, MRIAI, a 40-year construction project veteran, relates actual jobs gone bad from the world of construction, dealing with plans, extras, delays, interference, scheduling, change orders, defective construction, inadequate supervision, incompetent contractors and just about every other problem that could happen on a construction job. 

July/August Issue of DCD

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Arthur O'Leary, FAIA, MRIAI

Complex Systems That Fail
When Is the Architect Liable?

  In our communications aware and security conscious environment, owners increasingly require their new projects to incorporate all the latest systems of communications, surveillance, environmental control, safety, security, protection, monitoring, and energy efficiency. The effectiveness of some of these systems is based on the physical layout of the property and structures while others are heavily dependent on the installation and use of specialized mechanical, electrical, and electronic equipment. Some of these systems are independent while others are interconnected. The possibilities of malfunction and failure to perform are extensive. Read More

DCD Insights 

Do Green Design Strategies Really Cost More?
By Scott May 

The concept of building “green” has certainly moved out of the realm of the theoretical and into the mainstream of current construction practices, and as with many economic models, familiarity and general acceptance drive down the costs of new technology. But the question remains, “Are the costs of building green marginal or extensive?” Certainly many sustainable design strategies cost no more than conventional building techniques, but the real goal of interdependence between strategies, sometimes called holistic design, makes determining the true cost difficult to determine. Read More

Construction Cost Trends 

Just Released! Construction Cost Trends for 2008 Published in Mar/Apr 2008 Issue
Construction Cost Trends for 2008 Published in January/February 2008

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DCD Sq. Ft. Cost Guides 

Just Released! The DCD Sq. Ft. Cost Guide For Medical Buildings
The DCD Educational Square Foot Cost Guide

The DCD LEED® Square Foot Cost Guide

The DCD Sq. Ft. Cost Guide for Buildings with Metal Construction

The DCD Sq. Ft. Cost Guide for Commercial & Industrial Buildings
The DCD 2007 Building Square Foot Cost Guide

Architect's Square Foot Costbook 2008
McGraw Hill Construction and Design & Construction Resources    

The Architect's Square Foot Costbook 2008 presents detailed square foot costs for 65 buildings tailored specifically to meet the needs of today's architect. Each project gives you a complete cost breakdown of the included systems, so you can easily calculate the impact of modifications and enhancements on your own projects.
    The "theme" of this year's edition is Green Building-a concept which is rapidly revolutionizing the way buildings are being designed. Over a third of the case studies presented here feature significant green building attributes, such as materials from renewable sources, enhanced natural lighting, and energy recycling. Item #: 1588550842

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Builder Product Revue

Petersen Corrugated Panels Used On Award-Winning Platinum Leed® Project 
    The world headquarters of Heifer International, a non-profit organization dedicated to relieving global hunger and poverty, has received a Platinum LEED® certification plus numerous design and environmental awards. Located in the revitalized River Market District in Little Rock, the 4-story, 94,000 sq. ft. building was designed by Reese Rowland, a principal in the Little Rock architectural firm of Polk Stanley Rowland Curzon Porter. 
    A key element of the building’s skin involves the use of Petersen corrugated aluminum panels installed as an accent band in a horizontal configuration. Approximately 22,000 sq. ft. of .050 aluminum PAC-CLAD Silver Metallic 7/8” corrugated panels were utilized. The panels offer high durability and the ability to conceal joints within an elegant reveal—a technique that visually breaks the length of the façade. The same corrugated metal panels in a perforated mill finish were also used in the atrium to create a waterfall effect. Additionally, 3,000 sq. ft. of .032 aluminum PAC-CLAD Silver Metallic ‘M’ panel was used for various soffit applications. Read More



Architecture Billings Index Drops Nearly Five Points
January decline could indicate sustained downturn in nonresidential market 

Following a stretch of 3 months with an increase in demand for design services, the Architecture Billings Index (ABI) dropped precipitously in January. As a leading economic indicator of construction activity, the ABI shows an approximate nine to twelve month lag time between architecture billings and construction spending. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) reported the January ABI rating was 50.7, down sharply from the 55.0* mark in December (any score above 50 indicates an increase in billings), and inquiries for new projects was 59.5. Read More


MeTecno USA Presents BIPV Installation Option - METENERGY® BIPV Generates Significant Energy Saving Benefits

    MeTecno USA introduces METENERGY, a building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) option for MeTecno USA's metal roof systems.
    METENERGY – developed in conjunction with United Solar Ovonic, LLC – combines the proven performance of United Solar's thin-film photovoltaic product, the UNI-SOLAR® brand , and MeTecno USA's insulated and single element roof systems.
    "As the push toward green and sustainable building continues, we are excited to introduce METENERGY as an affordable, hassle-free solar metal roofing option," explains Rachel Scholan, Marketing Manager of MeTecno USA. "As a complete building integrated system, METENERGY takes the guesswork out of installing a solar metal roof. Now architects, contractors, engineers and facility owners can benefit from METENERGY's simple use, limited maintenance requirements and building energy savings."
Read More


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