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January-February 2016 Issue

January-February 2016

DCD Insights:

How BIM Can Benefit Contractors
    Although BIM technology is nothing new to the construction industry, the BIM processes and activities that contribute to project success are still evolving. When BIM first emerged, the emphasis was on more efficiency in generating 2D drawings particularly as the design changed.
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How Accurate Can Your Estimates Be?
    As a cost consultant, I am frequently asked by architects or owners, "What degree of accuracy do you guarantee on your estimate?" or "Percentage wise, how close will your estimate be to the bids?" I tell them there is no guarantee; it is my best judgment of cost based on available information.
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How To Streamline Today's Estimating Process
    The current generation of estimators is not looking for a "bits and pieces" solution for construction estimating. When estimators use many different programs at the same time, they have a greater likelihood of losing vital information during data transfer between applications.
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Why BIM, and Appropriate BIM Contracts, are Critical to Project Success
    The design and construction industry is often considered to be tradition-bound, despite an ever-changing world. Unfortunately, the traditional way of doing business too often includes an adversarial, zero-sum approach focused on lowest cost, inappropriate risk transfer, and inefficient practices.
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SymmeTry Roof Series: A New Revolutionary Symmetrical Panel
    To meet the demands of stringent codes and offer high performance roofing systems, Morin, A Kingspan Group Company, has introduced the SymmeTry Roof Series, a structural mechanically-seamed roof system that is both symmetrical and hydrostatic by design.
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DCD Cost Trends:

BNi Building News Construction Costs 2016
    Housing is still growing at a pretty good rate. It is up 10%, and along with consumer spending its helping to keep our economy growing at a positive but tepid rate of 2%. We hear stories of the "New Normal" and a slower growth path, but maybe we are seeing the reality of a "services" type economy versus the manufacturing type which we were accustomed to. This still bodes well for the construction industry and we should see continued growth in the 8 to 10% range.
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Case Studies     

File: Residential

•  Wylie House - Ronald McDonald House of Charities
   Kansas City, Missouri

File: Commercial

•  Mellow Mushroom Highlands
   Louisville, Kentucky

File: Educational

•  Jack Williamson Liberal Arts Center Renovation Eastern New Mexico University
  Portales, New Mexico

File: Office

•  Bothell Dental Office, Building Shell and Parking
  Bothell, Washington

•  State of West Virginia Office Building
  Fairmont, West Virginia

•  Evanston Medical Office Building
   Evanston, Wyoming

File: Civic

•  Palmetto Branch Library
  Palmetto, Georgia

•  Crozet Western Albemarle Library
  Crozet, Virginia

File: Religious

•  Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church
  Rosenberg, Texas

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