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July-August 2015 Issue

July-August 2015

DCD Insights
Construction Estimating Pitfalls and Pratfalls
    It is 2:00 AM the night before the day of the big bid. It is the project the estimator’s firm just has to win. She or he might get to bed in the next ten minutes, as soon as they finish the masonry takeoff. The new day will see them at their desk early.
    7:00 AM- The bid team is in the office and starting to field the incessant phone calls, emails and faxes that will not let up until ten minutes before the bid is due. That is all the time that they will get to calculate and check the final totals and call them to their bid runner who is waiting at the bid opening site.
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Signs of a Clunky Estimating Process
    General Contractors, this article might just be the most life changing thing you read this year. Maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but you should read this if you are experiencing any of the following
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The Changing Landscape of Estimating
    The technology evolution in the A/E/C industry is happening. Advancements in smart equipment, integrated software solutions, innovative uses of current products, and the involvement of forward-thinking leaders are driving this evolution. The majority of these new advancements revolve around being more efficient with our traditional practices and reducing waste. Preconstruction has now entered into the technology evolution environment and the estimator’s options are lighter, more robust, and more agile than ever.
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Construction Estimators Should Have a Vested Interest in the Right Contract Documents
    Question: Why should professional estimators care about the provisions in the contract documents that apply to the current project that they are bidding?
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Garland’s New Air and Water Barriers Reduce Air Leakage, Improve Building Performance
    Garland’s new Aero-Perm™ line of permeable air and water barriers control the movement of air through the building envelope, reducing condensation, moisture development and energy loss in the wall assembly. The systems are available in both a fluid-applied and self-adhering version.
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DCD Cost Trends
Construction Material Cost Trends for 2015

  The construction industry is now on a good track. Housing construction is still strong and showing gains of 15-20%. Housing starts are up to over 1 million (adjusted) and show signs of sustainable momentum. This bodes well for the remainder of the industry which traditionally lags two years behind housing. Commercial construction should show gains in the 5-10% range, with certain segments such as hotels and offices leading the way. Institutional construction is mixed, with schools and hospitals down from last year.
Trends Archive | Read more


Case Studies     

File: Commercial

• Children’s Mercy Hospital Gift Shop
Kansas City, Missouri

• The Groves Exterior Renovation
Farmington, Michigan

File: Civic

Knox Area Rescue Ministries (KARM)
Knoxville, Tennessee

File: Educational

• Conservatory Green ECE-8 School
Denver, Colorado

• NM State University Pete V. Domenici Building Renovation & Addition
Las Cruces, New Mexico

• Janney Elementary School Addition
Washington, D.C.

• North Dakota State University Research I Addition
Fargo, North Dakota

• Healy-Murphy Center
San Antonio, Texas

File: Industrial

• Dwan Maintenance Building
Bloomington, Minnesota

File: Medical

 Langley AFB Hospital Renovation
Langley Air Force Base, Virginia

File: Religious

• Good Shepherd Parish Center
San Diego, California

File: Residential

• Kelly Cullen Community
San Francisco, California

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