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September-October 2014 Issue


DCD Technical Articles
Differing Site Conditions:
Court Affirms Contractor’s Reliance on Owner-Provided Geotech Information

    A recent opinion from the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit adds further support for contractors’ reliance on owner-provided geotechnical data. The decision dealt, in part, with the Differing Site Conditions clause in the federal contract. Since many other standard contracts employ similar language in their Differing Site Condition clause, the decision may have some impact beyond federal contracts.   
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DCD Insights:
Breathing New Life into Aging Facilities
    Breathing New Life into Aging Facilities… with all the talk these days about Green Design and Sustainability, and alongside it LEED® projects, there is nothing more green than breathing new life into existing building stock! It can be giving new life to tired facilities that are well worn and need some tender loving care, yet more or less serve the same functions. Or it can involve radical transformation in which it would be considered an adaptive re-use… design changes to reposition the facility to be more appropriate and useful for a new function and use.     
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Amazing Black Boxes
Just how do construction cost modifiers work?

    I bring you news of three exciting devices! One acts like Orson Wells’ time machine and recreates your building in the past or into the future. Another works like a Transporter on the Star Ship Enterprise and instantly moves your building to a different location. Yet another one expands or shrinks the size of your building like something out of Alice in Wonderland. Yes, these devices really do exist. There’s only one catch, and it’s a big one, they only affect estimated cost of these transformations. These “black boxes” are called modifiers (indexes, factors or multipliers). They’re simple, easy to use, and fairly accurate.  
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CM at-Risk and Design-Build Contracts are Here to Stay, So Draft Them Right
    Design-build and CM at-Risk account for over 40% of the current nonresidential building according to a report produced by RSMeans Market Intelligence, with military construction projects coming at 80% over the last 8 years utilizing just the design-build project delivery method. The Associated General Contractors' (AGC) State Law Matrix, indicates that 10 states added CM at-Risk authority for transportation in legislation between 2012 and 2013. This brought the total number of authorizing states to 35 for transportation. Design-build and CM at-Risk have come a long way over the past two decades to become an established choice. Historically a lack of a proven track record was a big stumbling block against these “alternative” delivery methods. Now, proponents of CM at-Risk and design-build sometimes refer to them as a “tried and true” project delivery methods, as compared to integrated project delivery (IPD). A remarkable shift has occurred over a relatively short timeframe.       
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Energy Focus on the Building Enclosure
    Whether you call it the building envelope or building enclosure, making improvements to the exterior of the building is becoming key in reducing the energy usage of our facilities. It is no secret that significant energy savings can be realized through reroofing and exterior renovation projects, and there are many other financially viable energy-saving strategies available. The purpose of this article is to discuss the benefits of exterior energy improvements and why a building envelope energy evaluation is important to determine the best strategy when considering an improvement project.       
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PPG Introduces Optigray® and Solarban® z75 Glasses
    One is a new super-neutral tint with a classic PPG name. The other is a proven international success that is now launching in North America. Together, Optigray and Solarban z75 glasses represent the two newest additions to PPG’s ever-expanding collection of high-performance tinted and solar control, low-e glasses.       
Insights Archive Read more

DCD Cost Guides
The DCD Square Foot Cost Guide
for Buildings with Metal Construction

    Design Cost Data™ magazine includes a Square Foot Cost Guide in each issue. These square foot cost guides have been assembled from projects in our database, the DCD Archives™ online at DCD.COM. These guides are provided to the industry by DCD as a benchmark for future building costs.
Guides Archive | Read more

DCD Cost Trends
Construction Cost Trends for 2014

  Housing is showing slow but encouraging signs of recovery in many parts of the country. Asking prices for homes are up and are being realized with some markets actually getting above asking price. Nevertheless, adjusted starts of single-family homes are up at an annually adjusted rate of about 650,000 units, just 8% over last year – a far cry from last year’s 20% increase over the prior year, and even further away from the lofty heights of 2006. Commercial and public construction are mixed. Public is down again from last year and commercial is up. Office vacancy is now at a 20% rate on a national level with some exceptions, which should dampen office construction. Corporate America is still amassing cash and until they start spending it, the construction industry will continue on a lethargic path.
Trends Archive | Read more


Case Studies     

File: Commercial

• Awty International School Parking Structure
   Houston, Texas

File: Civic

• Richmond County Sheriff’s Administration
   Augusta, Georgia
LEED® Certified

• Sugar Land Fire Station No. 7
   Sugar Land, Texas
LEED® Certified

File: Educational

• Northern Arizona University Dining Hall Expansion Phase II
   Flagstaff, Arizona

• Jaime Escalante Middle School
   Pharr, Texas

• Crownpoint Elementary School
   Crownpoint, New Mexico
   Pineville, West Virginia

• Alamo Heights High School Fine Arts
   San Antonio, Texas

• Hmong College Prep Academy
   Saint Paul, Minnesota

File: Industrial

• Lee Steel Corporate Facility
   Romulus, Michigan

• Central Texas College Facilities Management Complex
   Killeen, Texas

  • Administration, Storage Building & Chemical Storage Building

  • Vehicle Maintenance Shops

File: Medical

• Legacy ER
   Allen, Texas

File: Religious

• St. Edward Catholic Church, Rev. Joseph A. Gieti - Pastoral Ministries Center
   Spring, Texas

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