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July-August 2014 Issue


DCD Technical Articles
Construction Superintendent - Exempt from Overtime?
    The lowest rung on the management ladder for most contractors is the superintendent. While residing on the lowest rung on the management ladder, the position is one of critical importance to profitability and repeat business. The superintendent’s performance results in an on time, on budget project, or a loss. Due to their importance, many contractors pay superintendents even when they do not have an active project, are not working, and provide them with company-owned trucks. When working, superintendents work long hours and are not paid overtime.   
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DCD Industry Innovations:
Automating the Prequalification Process
    Wouldn’t it be nice to let your subcontractors fill out your Prequalification form online so you don’t have to reenter any data? A year ago I wrote about automating the pre-construction process using bid invitation software. Since then, there has been a significant trend of general contractors streamlining their process of sending bid invites and addendum notices electronically as well as uploading plans and bid docs for their subs to download quickly and easily. The next phase of automation that is gaining steam is the Subcontractor Prequalification Process.     
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    Architects, engineers, owners, developers, planners, law firms, sureties, and contractors no longer have to take as much risk or time when selecting an estimating consultant with whom to partner on their projects. There is now an excellent resource for those with a need for reliable construction cost estimating services to find experienced and dependable consulting construction estimators to work with when they need accurate and unbiased estimates for the projects they are designing, planning, negotiating, or bidding.  
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Contractors Tackle Significant Challenges
    In the construction market, there is stiff competition between contractors when bidding for jobs. What sets one company apart from another is the accuracy and timeliness of the estimate submittal. Also, the market is dictating an increase in the overall number of bid submissions, leaving room for errors that place the win ratio at risk. A company’s bid presentation needs to be professional and easily digestible. Many companies are working with a smaller estimating department—at least smaller than what they may have had 5+ years ago. This means contractors are bidding more jobs to increase or sustain win ratios.      
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Conceptual Facility Planning:
A Case Study

    They needed a bigger and better facility to conduct business. What did they do? Start tearing out walls? Well….
When a company in the metalworking industry forecasted that their growth would exceed capacity, they applied a solution known as Conceptual Facility Planning. This quickly helped them find possible options and answered the questions: What labor resources would be needed? What equipment would be required? What space? Where would they be located? What would it cost? How long would it take? How would they get from here to there?       

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DCD Cost Trends
Construction Cost Trends for 2014

  Housing came back in May and negated the effects of the rough winter experienced by most of the country. But it still seems as if the industry is slowing a bit and may only register gains in the 5-10% range; not too bad, but not like last year. Commercial is still maintaining its slow but steady growth (in the 4-5% range) and is well ahead of the economy as a whole. Total construction is still going in a good direction and is showing signs of (maybe) leading the economy.
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Case Studies     

File: Civic

• Florence Transit Hub
   Florence, Kentucky

• Nederland City Hall
   Nederland, Texas

File: Educational

• East Central High School Additions & Renovations
   San Antonio, Texas

        - New Academic Building

        - Cafeteria South Addition

        - Game Gym Addition and Renovations &
          Cafeteria North Addition & Renovations

        - Gym Renovations

• Springdale School Alteration
   Corbett, Oregon

• Pineville Elementary School
   Pineville, West Virginia

File: Medical

• VA Medical Center Area G Renovation
   Houston, Texas

File: Office

• Rockford Construction Office
   Grand Rapids, Michigan

File: Recreational

• Sunshine Park Apartments Renovation
   Gainesville, Florida

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