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May-June 2014 Issue


DCD Technical Articles
What Do You Think Causes Construction Claims and Disputes? Think Again.
    Construction is one of the riskiest businesses in the United States. It requires the coordination of many entities, which is one reason alone there are many disputes. What do you think causes construction claims and disputes?
In this tight economy, the competitive bidding system forces contractors to price their work in a way that will give them the best opportunity to be the low bidder. Sometimes, too much attention is placed on getting the work and not enough attention is given to how the work can be done profitably.  
Technical Articles Archive Read more

DCD InSights:
Joint Venturing in the AEC Industry — Does it Make Sense?
    There are numerous compelling reasons to enter a formal Joint Venturing agreement or to establish strategic partnerships with other AEC businesses.     
Insights Archive Read more

Everyone is in Sales
    Whether you realize it or not, you are a salesperson. Everyone in your organization is, because everyone can be responsible for gaining (or losing) customers. From the intern to the safety staff, each person can affect the bottom line. Everyone needs be aware of where you are going as a company, how you plan to get there, and their importance in that process regardless of their role. A culture of salesmanship is essential.     
Insights Archive Read more

Solarban® z75 Solar Control, Low-E Glass by PPG
    Designed with a cool, neutral aesthetic, Solarban z75 and Solarban z50 glasses excel at controlling glare while offering superior daylighting and solar control properties to support sustainable design. The result is a pair of products with visible light transmittance (VLT) and solar heat gain coefficients (SHGC) that meet or exceed competing architectural glasses with a similar aesthetic.     
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DCD Cost Trends
Construction Cost Trends for 2014

  Housing construction is up again and commercial is following, but at a lower rate of growth. Housing will be up approximately 10-15% this year and commercial up about 5-8%. Total construction is up, but up from historic lows. The heady days of 2002-2006 will not be seen again, so the “good” news is tempered with the reality that we will have to deal with a construction market that is developing its own “new normal.” These are positive trends for our industry as a whole with a few sectors (notably public spending) not enjoying the good news, but overall it’s a good direction to be going in.
Trends Archive | Read more

The DCD Building Square Foot Cost Guide
    Design Cost Data™ magazine includes a new Square Foot Cost Guide in each issue. These square foot cost guides have been assembled from projects in our database, the DCD Archives™ online at DCD.COM. These guides are provided to the industry by DCD as a benchmark for future building costs.
    DCD is based on the philosophy that actual buildings, when coupled with up-to-date cost indices, are the most reliable basis for future building costs. The buildings appearing in this guide reflect square foot costs that have been escalated to February 2014 and targeted to a historical location factor of 1 (escalate these projects and more online at www.dcd.com/subscriber login).
DCD Cost Guides Archive | Read more


Case Studies     

File: Civic

• Newtown Municipal Center
   Newtown, Ohio

File: Commercial

• Sicardi Gallery
   Houston, Texas

File: Industrial

• Vehicle Maintenance Facility

  • Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility

  • Organizational Storage Facility

  • Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Storage

  • Petroleum, Oil and Lubricant Storage

  • Hazardous Waste Storage Building

      Fort Campbell, Kentucky

LEED® Silver Pending

File: Educational

• Sabine Pass ISD Outdoor Education Center
   Sabine Pass, Texas

File: Medical

• Northeast Georgia Medical Plaza 400
   Dawsonville, Georgia

File: Recreational

• C.K. Ray Recreation Center
   Conroe, Texas

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