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July-August 2013 Issue


DCD Technical Articles
What is it? Why should you care?

    When parties to a construction project find themselves in a dispute, there are a few options to help find a resolution. These can include: engaging in informal settlement discussions, taking the dispute to an initial decision maker identified in the contract, or hiring a third-party mediator to help the parties find a resolution. If the dispute does not settle at that point, the parties can turn to the courts and engage in litigation.
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DCD InSights
Going Digital: Virtual Plan Rooms and Project Collaboration
    The construction industry has been making great strides in updating traditional planning and documenting methods to make project communication more efficient and less costly for companies and for the environment.
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Optimization*[my building]
    Is architecture an art or science? Is conceptual estimating an art or science? Actually, each is both but far more science than art and becoming even more so. If you don’t like the idea of changing from an artist into a scientist, you have advances in technology to blame. Modern information technology is providing access to much more data than ever which is pushing out the guesswork. The days of relying on people’s experience and intuition alone are over. Like driving a car guided by a GPS, we still need human judgment to make course corrections, but we can now improve the efficiency of the trip by reviewing alternative routes and avoiding issues like traffic. In this article, I’d like to introduce you to a scientific approach that leverages technology to combine design exploration with cost estimating and value engineering in order to find more optimal building solutions.   
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Does Your Software Think Like You Do?
    The construction industry is well-populated by software that meets about 80 percent of users’ workflow needs. Companies leverage that last 20 percent by using software from construction experts who develop integrated software that thinks just like a contractor. The workflow of software should square nicely with the workflow of contractors. It’s not rocket science: Software must be intuitive to the user’s day-to-day processes.  
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Automating the Pre-Construction Process
    In the modern age of technology, it is surprising how many general contractors are not automating their pre-construction process. Recent polls show that 45% of commercial general contractors still send out bid invitations and addenda notices using their own email program and fax machine, and then track who is bidding in an Excel spreadsheet. Not so surprisingly, we couldn’t find one general contractor that switched back to the Stone Age (their old conventional methods) after migrating to an automated bid invitation software system.    
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Solarban® 67 Solar Control Low-E Glass by PPG
    Solarban 67 glass represents an entirely new vision for transparent, solar control, low-e glasses, featuring a soft, almost imperceptible, neutral coating that endows commercial buildings with a crisp, clean and brilliantly clear exterior appearance, along with the excellent solar control performance architects have learned to associate with the Solarban glass family. 
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Leveraging Software to Faster Bids, More Profit
    By implementing software to automate the construction takeoff and estimating processes, contractors are realizing a significant return on their technology investment. With seamless solutions, construction companies can save valuable time and improve accuracy, as estimators can bid more jobs quicker with a competitive edge and profit margin. Also, the software helps contractors to submitting future bids that best fit the type of work using insight gained from historical data analysis of each bid, how the company performed the work, the costs posted, the profit ultimately realized on the job, and more.
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DCD Cost Trends
Construction Cost Trends for 2013

    The construction landscape is improving with residential leading the way. Total construction is up around 15% over last year, and is headed for even more positive territory for Q3 of this year. However, public works spending continues its decline and will not add to the rise. The economic pressures on all forms of government spending will negate this segment and put all the pressure for growth on the private sector which is up 20% over last year. Housing starts are still strong and foreclosures seem to be under control. Look for a good year in the construction market.
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The DCD Medical Square Foot Cost Guide
    Design Cost Data™ magazine includes a Building Sq. Ft. Cost Guide in each issue. These square foot cost guides have been assembled from projects in our database, the DCD Archives™ online at DCD.COM. These guides are provided to the industry by DCD as a benchmark for future building costs.
    DCD is based on the philosophy that actual buildings, when coupled with up-to-date cost indices, are the most reliable basis for future building costs. The buildings appearing in this guide reflect square foot costs that have been escalated to April 2013 and targeted to a historical location factor of 1 (escalate these projects and more online at www.dcd.com/subscriber login).
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Case Studies     

File: Commercial

• West Oaks Mall Redevelopment and Plaza
   Houston, Texas

File: Civic

• Dover Public Library
   Dover, Delaware

• Cleveland Volunteer Fire Station
   Cleveland, Mississippi

File: Educational

• Wake Technical Community College, Building E
   Raleigh, North Carolina

• Franklinton High School
   Franklinton, North Carolina

• Tropical Research & Education Center Institute of Food & Agricultural Sciences University of Florida
   Homestead, Florida

• Harmony Elementary School
   Monroe, Georgia

File: Hotel

• Omni Dallas Hotel
   Dallas, Texas

File: Medical

• OCH Regional Medical Center Expansion and Renovation
   Starkville, Mississippi

File: Recreational

• Good Shepherd Catholic Church
   Smithville, Missouri

File: Residential

• Landis Homes Retirement Community
   Lititz, Pennsylvania

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