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July-August 2012 Issue July-August

Large Renovation
Cost Per Square Foot Regional Analysis
    This cost analysis is based on project OF090324 found in the DCD Archives on DCD.COM. The project is a 6-story, 121,750 square foot building with a failed exterior surface and an ineffective mechanical system in addition to other renovation needs.
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DCD Technical Articles
Additional Insured Status:
Legal Issues Involving Certificates of Insurance

    “Certificates of Insurance” are used in the construction industry in every state to reflect the identity of insurance carriers, types of coverage, policy numbers and policy limits. Historically, these Certificates of Insurance have also been used to provide time limits for notices of cancellation requirements to “additional insureds” and certain other information. 
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DCD InSights
Estimating the “Pride of Capitol Hill”, Eastern High School How Did the Estimators at Turner Construction Do It?
    To Tyron Pate, lead Pre-Construction manager for Turner Construction, Washington, D.C. Eastern High School was a chance to bring the “Pride of Capitol Hill” back to its grandeur. “My initial thought while walking the Eastern High School Project the first time was what a magnificent historical jewel to estimate and reconstruct, and what a once in a lifetime opportunity it was to be involved with.”
Insights Archive Read more

A Takeoff is A Takeoff – or is it?
    From a distance looking at a set of plans might seem like a very sequential process. Owner seeks a desired result. Architect designs blue prints based off of the desire. Blue prints are converted into plans. Quantitative measurements are done against the plans. An estimate is submitted. Bid is won. Project is built. Pretty simple right? Ok, not exactly that simple. Trust but verify. Check and recheck. Measure twice – cut once. All of these may be overused clichés but isn’t it interesting that everyone follows them. Companies want to do the best work for the least cost to get the most profit. If so, then is duplicating work ever beneficial? The definitive answer is yes! The best example of where replicating work pays off is the takeoff. A takeoff done to sell the business is different than the takeoff done to build the job. Not understanding this may mean the difference between profitability and losing money.
Insights Archive Read more

LEED has Legs in Northeast Florida
    LEED stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” and is an internationally-recognized green building standard and certification. Created by the U.S. Green Building Council in 1998, LEED® provides certification that a building meets sustainability standards based on a rating system. LEED points evaluate a building’s green performance. Among others, criteria include water and energy efficiency, materials and resource choices, reuse and recycling of materials, and indoor air quality. A point scale determines the level of certification of a building - Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum. In addition to the certification level, there are various rating systems applied based on the building type. Types include new construction, existing buildings: operations & maintenance, commercial interiors, core & shell, schools, retail, healthcare, homes and neighborhood development.  
Insights Archive Read more

Cloud Computing and Construction Management: What Can it Do For your Business?
    What is Cloud Computing?
Being "in the cloud" is the latest catchphrase in technology discussions. It can refer to virtual servers that allow users to access stored data via an Internet connection. Providing access in this manner is frequently referred to as using cloud-based or web-based services. Being “in the cloud” can also mean using an application outside of a company’s firewall, such as conducting business with a smart phone or tablet (iPads).  

Insights Archive Read more

Auditing a Cost Plus Construction Contract: A Good Business Practice
 You have just received a project requisition for $400,000 from your contractor and you have 10 days to review and pay or he is walking off the job. The requisition is a thick as a phone book and includes everything from cell phone bills, a bundle of 2x4’s and marble that is being stored off-site. Some of the items have the construction manager approval, but others do not. Your boss wants to know if you are ready to approve the funding. How do you know if the information provided is complete and in accordance with the contract? How does one maintain control when at times the flood of information can be overwhelming?

Insights Archive Read more

DCD Cost Trends
Construction Cost Trends for 2012

    Construction spending is up over 8% compared to this time last year. After a strong finish last year, the first quarter of 2012 slowed but still showed a healthy increase for the last 12 months. Housing seems to be bottoming out, or flattening. We’ve said this before, but the industry is handling delinquencies and foreclosures on a realistic basis and once these are dealt with, the housing market should improve. Watch for stabilization over the next year. Overall, construction spending is up 8% with most segments (with the exception of hospitality and religious) showing moderate gains.
Trends Archive | Read more

The DCD 2012 Commercial & Industrial
Building Square Foot Cost Guide

    Design Cost Data™ magazine includes a Building Sq. Ft. Cost Guide in each issue. These square foot cost guides have been assembled from projects in our database, the DCD Archives™ online at DCD.COM. These guides are provided to the industry by DCD as a benchmark for future building costs.
    DCD is based on the philosophy that actual buildings, when coupled with up-to-date cost indices, are the most reliable basis for future building costs. The buildings appearing in this guide reflect square foot costs that have been escalated to August 2012 and targeted to a historical location factor of 1 (escalate these projects and more online at www.dcd.com/subscriber login).
DCD Cost Guides Archive | Read more


Case Studies     

File: Educational

• Eastern High School
   Washington, D.C. - LEED® Gold
• Greenbrier High School Fine Arts Building
   Greenbrier, Arkansas
• Mount Union Junior/Senior High School
   Mount Union, Pennsylvania
• Plano Classroom Building, Waubonsee Community College
   Plano, Illinois

File: Medical

• Pinellas County Health Department Mid-County Center
   Largo, Florida
• Homestead Village
   Lancaster, Pennsylvania
• Hope Assisted Living & Memory Care Center
   Dacula, Georgia
• North Mobile Health Center
   Mt. Vernon, Alabama

File: Office

• Lee Steel Corporate Offices
   Novi, Michigan

File: Recreational

• Bicentennial Park
   Cincinnati, Ohio

File: Religious

• Nichols-Bethel United Methodist Church
   Odenton, Maryland

File: Residential

• Kiwi House
   Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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