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DCD InSights
Update to Estimating Projects Seeking LEED® Certification
“Four years and what have estimators learned?”

    There is no doubt that, encouragingly, the LEED certification system is here to stay. Construction projects of all different types are now LEED certified and so many projects currently about to start design, and those already in design, are registered with the USGBC for certification. So what have I learned from budgeting for LEED certification during the design stages over the years on numerous projects?
    It has proved to be crucial that a LEED consultant be engaged as early as the concept design stage. The earlier the LEED consultant can engage the Owner, the Design Team and the estimator to meet to discuss the LEED goals and opportunities the better especially from a cost perspective. Certain points can be ruled out immediately based purely upon the project’s location and nature. For example, point opportunities exist for renovation projects such as reusing the façade etc. which, of course, can be ruled out completely if your project is a brand new building on an open site. Similarly, a site location in a rural area cannot seek the points that reward a dense downtown location with established public transportation nearby. An experienced team with LEED experience can very quickly ascertain the points that can be ruled out immediately based upon the project’s inherent characteristics.    

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States Starting to Require Architects and Contractors to Design and Construct Public Buildings to Achieve LEED Silver Certification
    While many local jurisdictions and cities across the country have started passing regulations which implement and require sustainable design and construction practices, relatively few states have taken steps to mandate that certain public buildings achieve certain levels of LEED® Certification.
    Eighteen states (Arizona, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, Virginia, and Washington) have adopted laws and regulations mandating that the construction of public buildings achieve LEED Silver Certification. Although the majority of States do not yet require that public buildings be designed and constructed to achieve a LEED Silver Certification, many of these States encourage their agencies to use green building practices or use LEED as a guideline.     

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DCD Cost Trends
Construction Cost Trends for 2009

    After several years, the slide in housing is now joined by commercial construction, with the entire industry down approximately 10%. Public works is the only bright spot in the industry with virtually every segment up over last year, probably due to the economic stimulus. Lodging and office construction, once segment leaders, have both become casualties of the credit crunch, and are now down.
Construction costs are now flat compared to last year, with increases in labor offset by decreases in materials (-10%).
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DCD Cost Guides
The DCD LEED® Square Foot Cost Guide

    Design Cost Data™ magazine includes a new Square Foot Cost Guide in each issue. These square foot cost guides have been assembled from projects in our database, the DCD Archives online at DCD.COM. These guides are provided to the industry by DCD as a benchmark for future building costs.
    DCD is based on the philosophy that actual buildings, when coupled with up-to-date cost indices, are the most reliable basis for future building costs. The buildings appearing in this guide reflect square foot costs that have been escalated to December 2009 and targeted to a historical location factor of 1 (escalate these projects and more online at www.dcd.com).
    After publication these cost guides reside at DCD.COM. Please visit DCD.COM for other sq. ft. building cost guides for LEED®, Medical, Commercial and more.
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Case Studies     

File: Civic/Government

• Renewable Water Resources (ReWa) Administration Building
   Greenville, South Carolina
LEED® Certification Pending

File: Commercial

• Carriage House Children's Center
   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
LEED® Existing Buildings Gold

• Winton Woods Campground Office and Retail Building
   Cincinnati, Ohio

File: Educational

• Rector Science Complex Stuart Hall and James Hall, Dickinson College
   Carlisle, Pennsylvania

• Bethke Elementary School
   Timnath, Colorado
LEED® for Schools Gold Level Achieved GBI Level Achieved: 3 out of 4 Green Globes Energy Star Score 98

File: Medical

• Home & Hospice Care of Rhode Island
   Providence, Rhode Island
LEED® GOLD Pending

• Tomball Medical Plaza
   Tomball, Texas
LEED® CS Registered

File: Office

• Korte & Luitjohan Office & Shop
   Highland, Illinois

• International Longshoreman’s Association, Employee’s Welfare Fund Building
   Savannah, Georgia
LEED®-NC Certification Pending

• CONSOL Energy Corporation Headquarters
   Southpointe, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

File: Recreational

• Trinity River Audubon Center
   Dallas, Texas
LEED® GOLD Pending

• Grand Valley State University Laker Turf Building
   Allendale, Michigan
LEED® Gold

File: Residential

• Nutter Green Home
   Milford, Ohio
Energy Star 5+Stars

• Fairhope Green Home
   Fairhope, Alabama
(NAHB) National Green Building Program – GOLD

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