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Technical Articles
When You Are the Arbitrator
Design and Construction Professionals Participating in the Dispute Resolution Process

Arthur O'Leary, FAIA, MRIAI

Experienced architects and engineers possess valuable expertise and insight that is helpful in resolving construction industry disputes. Many have an even-handed judicial demeanor developed over years of administering construction contracts, showing favoritism to neither owners nor contractors.

They also have a deep understanding of how building materials and systems function and know how to interpret construction documents. They are conversant with industry customs and standards.

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Building Products Revue
Driven to Success: Tilt-Up Is a Growing Solution for Auto Dealerships
According to the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), there are 21,640 new car dealerships in the United States. While this is an impressive number, many owners are building new facilities to accommodate their growing fleet. In fact, the NADA notes that in 1985, only 3,850 dealerships existed that sold more than 750 new vehicles a year. Today, however, the number of dealerships selling more than 750 new vehicles has skyrocketed to 6,490. This phenomenal growth has led to the construction of larger dealerships with expansive showrooms. Site cast Tilt-Up construction is proving to be an optimal building solution in this market for a variety of reasons including load-bearing walls creating a column-free interior with unobstructed space for showcasing vehicles and the ability to enhance dealership imagery with expansive use of glass and the ability to cast the logo into the building.
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Building Owners Could Soon Face Fenestration Surcharges
The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) spring meeting recently concluded in San Diego, where the NFRC’s proposed nonresidential rating program, including testing and certification steps, took center stage. Despite strong opposition from several significant members of the glass and glazing industry and without committee support, the NFRC Board appears to be moving forward with its proposed program plans. If the new rating system takes effect, building owners could see thousands of dollars added to the cost of each building.
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Case Studies     

File: Civic/Government

• New Berlin Public Library
   New Berlin, Wisconsin

File: Commercial:

 The Reserve an Upscale Banquet Facility
   Birmingham, Michigan

 City Centre Parking Facility
   Jackson, Mississippi

 Midway Studios
   Boston, Massachusetts

File: Educational:

 Youth Middle School
   Monroe, Georgia

• Hartford Job Corps
   Hartford, Connecticut

File: Medical

• Diagnostic Imaging Center Healthplex, Sumter Regional Hospital
   Americus, Georgia

File: Recreational

• YMCA Recreational Center
   Ann Arbor, Michigan
Specifiers Spotlight
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A new paint finishing technique developed by Armstrong Ceilings produces a rich, hand-crafted effect that appears almost antiqued in nature.
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