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D4COST Software

Revu 11 Introduces New Functionality For Estimating, Organizing, Collaborating and Everything in Between
By Sasha Reed

The Formula Editor lets you easily create custom formulas in the Markups list so Revu automatically calculates costs as you measure and count.To say that technology is evolving the design and construction industry is an understatement. In the past few years alone, the industry has seen several advancements in terms of how to digitally share project information online and access it anywhere, anytime. Bluebeam® Revu®, a PDF-based markup and collaboration solution for the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, is a prime example of technology that has repeatedly introduced new functionality to improve the AEC workflow not only for estimators, but the entire project team as a whole.

Revu 11, the most recent release from Bluebeam Software, continues on this path by offering professionals with several new features for estimation, organizing and managing project data, sharing design feedback and collaborating on project documents in the cloud, even when Internet connectivity is lost. The new release even offers enhanced functionality that simplifies the process of measuring off of PDF drawings and performing cost calculations.

Taking Takeoffs to New Heights
Revu is known by estimators for its PDF measurement capabilities that enable users to calibrate a PDF to a known measurement, and then perform takeoffs including lengths, perimeters, areas, radii, diameters, volumes, angles and counts. In addition to placing measurement markups, Revu tracks the associated data in the integrated Markups list, including the markup subject, label, measurement value, author, date and time placed. Not only can this list be summarized to Excel, previous versions of Revu have enabled customization of the Markups list to allow users to perform cost calculations directly in the program. Revu 11 has simplified this process even further with the introduction of an expression-based Formula Editor. Using the new Formula Editor, users can simply begin typing in the expression field and a list of all available functions and variables will populate. This allows users to get more from their measurement tools by more easily leveraging custom columns for additional calculations – all within Revu.

Revu 11 also improves counting. The software’s VisualSearch™ technology has been enhanced so that users can search a PDF document and count items automatically, regardless of their rotation or visual variance on the drawing. Users can search an entire drawing set, a folder of drawings sets or multiple folders, and use Revu to automatically highlight all search results and generate a count. Like all other markups, the count is tracked in the Markups list, so cost calculations can easily be performed.

Managing Project Information
For project teams working with large drawing sets, accessing the right page can seem as cumbersome as finding a needle in a haystack. Revu 11's AutoMark™ feature gives users the ability to organize PDFs by automatically creating bookmarks and page labels from PDF content, such as drawing title blocks. Another Bluebeam innovation, Sets, enables team members to view, navigate and edit multiple files as if they were one. This functionality is key for users in the field, who often divide multi-page documents into one file per page to allow for faster loading on iPads and tablets, but still need to quickly see related content when back in the office.

Leaving Feedback More Clearly
In addition to its takeoff tools, Revu offers a variety of industry-standard PDF markups including text, highlights, shapes, symbols, callouts and clouds. As more and more project teams are leveraging electronic markup, Revu 11 is making it easier for users to get their point across. Callouts, which previously combined a rectangular text box and arrow, can now be customized to modify the text box to a circle or triangle, and the callout arrow can appear on the top, bottom, left or right side of the text box. Cloud curves can be adjusted or even inverted, so users can draw attention to areas with cutouts. Finally, the new Formula Painter provides users with a solution for selecting a markup with desired property settings and quickly applying those settings to another annotation or multiple annotations.

Revu 11 enables project teams to better organize project information and collaborate anytime anywhere - even when they lose Internet connectivity.Collaborating Anywhere, Anytime (Even Offline)
As project teams push for new ways to collaborate together whether they are in the office, on the road or at the jobsite, Revu’s integrated cloud solution, Bluebeam Studio™, continues to offer new functionality to meet the unique needs of the AEC industry. Studio provides users with two ways to collaborate – Projects and Sessions. Studio Projects allow users to store an unlimited number of PDFs and other files in the cloud. Project hosts can invite team members to access, checkout and edit files using Bluebeam’s free PDF viewer, Bluebeam Vu®. Studio Sessions, on the other hand, allow users to host collaboration sessions on the fly, inviting multiple project team members to view and markup a single copy of the same PDF either together in real time, or separately at their own time.

Until Revu 11, Studio required a constant Internet connection, which was problematic for jobsite team members who were frequently working in locations where Internet connectivity was not always guaranteed. Now, Revu includes Studio Projects Offline, which enables users to continue working on files stored in a Project even if Internet connectivity is lost. Changes can be synced as soon as connectivity is restored, and users are warned if additional changes by others occurred while they were offline, ensuring that no edit is ever lost.

As new technology solutions come on the market and existing solutions continue to improve, it can be challenging to select the right tool for you and your organization. By incorporating measurement tools into an overall project communication solution, Revu continues to be the all-encompassing solution of choice for the entire AEC industry.

About the author: Sasha Reed has over 15 years of experience in customer relations, including 10 years of working directly in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) market. As Director of Strategic Alliances at Bluebeam Software, Sasha interacts directly with AEC industry leaders to better understand the long range goals of the industry and help guide Bluebeam’s technologies. Drawing on this experience, Sasha has spoken at numerous industry events including the American Institute of Architects’ DesignDC Conference, American Institute of Architects California Council’s Monterey Design Conference, Construct Canada, and the Associated Builders & Contractors EdCon & Expo. Before Bluebeam, Sasha was a Project Manager for M3, a Herman Miller dealer, where she learned firsthand the everyday challenges that the AEC industry faces, from project conception to completion.

For more information visit www.bluebeam.com

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