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  A Successful Dealership Starts from the Ground Up

The right flooring in an automotive dealership is one of the most important decisions an owner can make. It was an easy decision for Charlie Hicks at his new Ed Hicks Mercedes-Benz USA dealership when it came to his floor system in the show room and in the service area. “We installed the AutoStone Floor System into our Nissan facility that was constructed in 2004. The durability of the product under heavy traffic in both sales and service at our Nissan facility made using AutoStone again in our Mercedes-Benz Autohaus project easy,” said Charlie Hicks of the Ed Hicks family of dealerships.

AutoStone is the automotive industries leading floor system provider for showroom, service drive and shop floor systems with the shop floor system their specialty. Automotive shop floors are in an industrial setting and take a lot of abuse. AutoStone is designed and engineered specifically to be durable and last the life of the facility, easy to clean, and safe to walk on for employees and customers.

The AutoStone technology is a unique technology built exclusively for the automotive service environment with many years of research, investment and development. The AutoStone rubber-retardant and textured surface reduces slip-and-fall concerns and the texture is designed to not “track” when you drive over the surface minimizing cleaning problems.

This surface finish provides automotive dealers a surface that is free of permanent stains unlike traditional porcelain tiles which do stain. AutoStone is easy to clean with normal maintenance cleaning practices which keep the dealerships service facilities looking as nice as their showroom. In the automotive industry, the new benchmark for customer service opens up the service facility so customers can see their vehicles being serviced in well-lit and well-maintained clean service facilities. Gone are the days of mechanics in poorly lit, oil-stained and dirty shops. Today, your vehicle is serviced by a technician with computer diagnostic training and other advance technology training. Customers relate better to their vehicle brand when they feel the service they receive is aligned with their expectations. This is what is reflected at Ed Hicks Mercedes-Benz. This is what an automotive dealership achieves with an AutoStone shop floor system.

AutoStone is the only manufacturer who both manufacturers their product and installs it. This is supported by the AutoStone Floor Systems seven (7) year warranty to be free of breakage. “AutoStone is the promise of satisfaction. More than a finish material, the guarantee of success,” says AutoStone Floor Systems owner Barry Wells.

The relationship between AutoStone and Ed Hicks is a life time relationship. AutoStone goes beyond installing a floor and leaving. Besides the long term warranty, AutoStone supports the dealership with a life time of technical cleaning assistance. “We raise the bar on what automotive dealerships have come to expect in the past. We want their floor to be 100% free of cracked or broken tiles in their shops. We also want to make sure they keep their service facility clean and aesthetically beautiful. That is why we check in with dealers and their service managers on a quarterly basis,” says Wells. “It is about the experience over the life of the product and making sure that it performs correctly in the environment where AutoStone is installed.”

After the floor installation was completed, AutoStone trained and worked with the cleaning crew of Hicks making sure they implemented the correct cleaning practices. Hicks team quickly understood and implemented good practices and even purchased a cleaning machine recommended by AutoStone. “We purchased the recommended machine to maintain the flooring system and have been pleased with its use of operation and the results of how it aides in maintaining a professional image that is expected in a Mercedes-Benz facility,” relates Hicks.

Charlie Hicks is committed to AutoStone. The company used it again when renovating the facility that once housed its Mercedes-Benz franchise as they reopened as the Infiniti franchise for the Corpus Christi area. “A true testament to AutoStone's commitment to customer satisfaction was when we encountered a tile that was faded in color in one area of the Mercedes- Benz shop. The AutoStone team returned to our facility and replaced the tile and several surrounding the discolored pieces to the extent that you could never imagine the problem ever existed. This is the type of response that will keep us as satisfied clients of AutoStone as we expand and grow,” explained Hicks.

Working with each dealership is important to AutoStone. “For me, every time I meet with an owner of a dealership, I can’t help but appreciate what is required and the level of involvement each dealer takes to renovate or build a new facility. It is a time that requires vision because every decision is important. Each decision you make has a life of its own and will impact the life of your building and the strength of your bottom line,” says Barry Wells, Owner of AutoStone. “Our goal is to make sure AutoStone is always viewed as one of the best choices that a dealer-owner made.”

AutoStone is a member of the US Green Building Council (USGBC) and provides solutions that can support LEED® initiatives for architects, designers, owners, and automotive manufacturers. For more information visit www.autostoneusa.com or call AutoStone toll free at 800-772-1473.

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