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Preliminary Cost Estimating Online

Where do you turn when you need to answer, “How much will this cost?” quickly and with confidence. As a subscriber to Design Cost Data™ magazine you have access to the DCD Archives, a powerful 1,300+ project database to use as your resource to answer what a new project will cost.

Based on the philosophy of DCD Magazine – cost estimating using the cost of real buildings produces reliable preliminary cost estimates – the DCD Archives™ includes up-to-date cost escalators through 2015 and over 500 regional modifiers to generate preliminary cost reports on just about any type of project.

The online tool is simple to use. Select a project that is similar to what you are conceptualizing. Change the date of bid and location and press Target – quickly a new cost model is created. Go further and change the square footage to suit your project. A standard (Silver) subscription includes access to all projects in the database, ability to change the bid date, location and square footage. Gold subscribers have additional functionality such as – view expanded cost data not featured in DCD magazine, add, delete or change cost divisions, and save a project for later use online. Both subscriptions can print cost model reports and the project as it appeared in DCD magazine.

The DCD Archives can also be used to quickly run numbers on different project types and as a ‘double-check’ for your estimates. A quick, valuable resource included with your subscription to DCD magazine. The DCD Archives is updated after each issue of DCD is published increasing the amount of projects at your disposal.

If you have not made use of the DCD Archives, please take a moment and visit DCD.COM and click on Subscriber Login and Sign Up to establish your User Name and Password or call DCD at 800-533-5680 if you have any questions.

DCD Archives User Tip – Fine Tuning Your Search

Quickly locating just the right project is easy with expanded search capability included in the DCD Archives:

  • Click on Browse Database
  • Select Category or Building Use
  • Select New, Addition, Renovation, and  Tenant Build Out (TBO) etc.
  • Narrow the search further:
  • Select Foundation Type, Interior Wall, Exterior Wall, Floor Type, Roof Type
  • Your search will be displayed in square foot order
    – smallest to largest.
  • Click on any project displayed. Select a new location and bid date and hit Target and your new cost model will be displayed.

The DCD Archives is located at DCD.COM – click on Subscriber Login to get started. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call DCD at 800-533-5680.Electric.”

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