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  Simpson Strong-Tie Introduces a New Economical Moment Frame Solution: the Strong Frame Ordinary Moment Frame
Also Featured at IBS: Anchoring Products for Cracked Concrete and New Connectors

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For many years moment frames have been a typical method of providing high lateral-force resistance for residential and commercial construction. Stronger than site-built or factory-built shearwalls, moment frames allow larger openings and smaller wall sections in buildings while offering the high load values that structural designers and builders need. In the past, however, they have been time intensive to design and labor intensive to install. Simpson Strong-Tie has simplified both by developing a revolutionary alternative to traditional moment frames the Strong Frame ordinary moment frame.

The Strong Frame moment frame is pre-designed and manufactured, minimizing the design process and reducing installation time on job sites. Rather than welding the frame together in the field, the Strong Frame moment frame is bolted together on site. This is a tremendous time and cost saver for installers and builders.

Builders are going to find these frames much easier and less expensive to install. For example, if you look at a typical garage front application and consider materials, footing size and installation time, our moment frame is comparable in price to a portal built with factory-built shearwalls, said Tim Ellis, project manager, Strong Frame team.Simpson Strong-Tie Anchor Systems® has been at work developing anchors for use in both cracked and uncracked concrete to comply with the 2006 International Building Code. Recent code-listed products include our Titen HD® screw anchor for post-installed concrete and masonry applications and our Strong-Bolt wedge anchor, which features a tri-segmented clip that enables follow up expansion if a crack forms and intersects with the anchor location. Additional adhesive and anchor products have code reports pending that meet the new cracked concrete criteria, including our SET-XP anchoring adhesive. For more information and code report updates, visit www.simpsonanchors.com.

In addition, Simpson Strong-Tie has designed several new connectors for residential construction. To preview all of our new products, visit us at the International Builders Show, January 20-23, at our booth N1213.

Additional Information about the Strong Frame Moment Frame
Strong Frame moment frames are available in a variety of sizes up to 19 feet tall and 16 feet wide. As alternatives to wide-braced walls required by the UBC, IRC and IBC model building codes, they help designers avoid the need for wider site-built walls and/or engineered solutions. The most common framing applications include standard first-floor installation, garage front applications for two and three car garages in one, two or three-story buildings, and balloon-framing applications for tall, open-style rooms, such as great rooms.

With 196 frame configurations, including anchorage designs for all common applications and complete calculation packages, we re able to save specificers hours of design time, said Paul McEntee, S.E., project engineer, Strong Frame team.

Some other unique product benefits include the following: 100% bolted connections allow for faster installation and no field welding; a standard socket or spud wrench is all that is needed to make the connection.

Wood nailers are preinstalled on the frame, saving installation time and reducing the chance of mistakes.

Full anchorage solutions and one-size-fits-all templates to locate preassembled anchor bolt assemblies. Patent-pending shear lugs allow for close concrete edge placement.

Epoxy and Titen HD post-installed anchorage solutions for prescriptive design applications.

Manufactured in a factory environment with comprehensive quality control measures. Installation in the field is made using reliable bolted connections, eliminating concerns about the quality of welds in the field as well as additional costly inspections.

Load values for prescriptive, wind and seismic areas.

All frames fit in a standard 2x6 wall, eliminating the need for thicker walls or furring.

Convenient to store and ship. Each frame is shipped flat to the job in three pieces with a box of bolts.

For more product information and visuals, visit www.strongtie.com/strongframe.

About Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc.
For more than 50 years, Simpson Strong-Tie has focused on creating structural products that help people build safer and stronger homes and buildings. Considered a leader in structural systems research and testing, Simpson Strong- Tie® products are recognized for helping structures resist high winds, hurricanes and seismic forces. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of connectors, fasteners, fastening systems, anchors and lateral-force resisting systems in the world. Featured product lines include Wood and Steel Strong Wall® prefabricated shearwalls, Anchor Tiedown Systems for multi-story buildings and Strong Frame moment frames. Specialty products include Quik Drive® auto-feed screw driving systems, corrosion-resistant fasteners and Simpson Strong-Tie Anchor Systems® - anchors and fasteners for concrete and masonry. Simpson Strong-Tie is committed to providing exceptional products and service to its customers, including engineering and field support, product testing and training. For more information, visit the company s Web site at www.strongtie.com.

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