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   January 2017 Issue
   • How to Crack the Work/Life Balance Dilemma in Your Life
   July/August 2016 Issue
   • Putting Facilities Construction Estimating in Context
   • How You Can Cut Your Bid Management Time in Half
   • Managing Unrealistic Client Expectations
   • Construction Cost Estimating -- Bottom-up, Top-down or...Sideways?
   May/June 2016 Issue
   • Emerging Best Practices for Hospital Projects
   • A Growing Family: My Secret Life with ConsensusDocs over the Years
   • WPL Publishing's Construction Scheduling Software Survey Yields Interesting Results
   • New Year, New Revu - What Bluebeam's Revu 2016 has to Offer
   March/April 2016 Issue
   • If Only Your Business Decisions Were as Simple as Your Choice for Friday Night: “Dine-In” Or “Carry-Out”
   • Drone Use in Construction Expected to Increase in 2016
   January/February 2016 Issue
   • How to Streamline Today’s Estimating Process
   • SymmeTry Roof Series, a New Revolutionary Symmetrical Panel
   • How BIM Can Benefit Contractors
   • Why BIM, and Appropriate BIM Contracts, are Critical to Project Success
   November/December 2015 Issue
   • The Estimating Industry is Changing! Are You Changing With It?
   • Choosing the Right Low-Rise Elevators
   • Green, Sustainable, High Performance Building… Whatever You Call It, It’s Here to Stay.
   • Beck Helps Life School Fulfill its Vision of a Dedicated High School Campus, On-Time and Under-Budget
   • Texas Church Tired of Replacing Copper Roofs
   September/October 2015 Issue
   • Who Is Managing Your Contract Risks?
   • The New Estimator
   • The Evolution of Energy-Efficient Glazing
   • Luxurious New Living Line BrickScapes by Belden Brick
   • Snow Retention System Innovative System Permits Installation On Virtually Any Standing Seam Metal Roof
   • Horton Releases First STC-35 Door for Hospital Environment
   • SIPS Stand for Structural Insulated Panels
   • Fashionable Yet Highly Functional Off Campus Student Housing is Taking Over… With a Vengeance
   • Granite – It Doesn’t Have to Break Your Budget
   July/August 2015 Issue
      • Construction Estimating Pitfalls and Pratfalls
    • Signs of a Clunky Estimating Process
    • The Changing Landscape of Estimating
    • Construction Estimators Should Have a Vested Interest in the Right Contract Documents
    • Garland’s New Air and Water Barriers Reduce Air Leakage, Improve Building Performance 
   May/June 2015 Issue
      • “On Second Thought”
    • “Why Doesn’t My Architect Care?”
    • OPTIGRAY® Glass by PPG
   March/April 2015 Issue
    • Public Sector vs Private Sector Construction Projects — “Apples to Apples?”
  January/February 2015 Issue 
    • Three Pillars of Conceptual BIM
   November/December 2014 Issue
    • It’s a Hard, Hard, Hard (Bid) World
    • Cost of Going Green with the National Green Building Standard
    • Save Time, Ensure Compliance with NGBS Green Certified Products
    • SYNTHEON ACCEL-E Wall System Helps to Meet Aggressive Time Schedule for New Campus
   September/October 2014 Issue
    Matrix Series Panels by MORIN Helped Architects Meet 10-Month Timetable for New Dining Hall
    • Breathing New Life into Aging Facilities
    • Amazing Black Boxes: Just how do construction cost modifiers work?
    • CM at-Risk and Design-Build Contracts are Here to Stay, So Draft Them Right
    • Energy Focus on the Building Enclosure
    • PPG Introduces Optigray® and Solarban® z75 Glasses
    • A Testament to the Estimate
  July/August 2014 Issue
    Automating the Prequalification Process
    • Contractors Tackle Significant Challenges
    • Conceptual Facility Planning: A Case Study
   May/June 2014 Issue
    Joint Venturing in the AEC Industry — Does it Make Sense?
    Everyone is in Sales
    • Solarban® z75 Solar Control, Low-E Glass by PPG
   March/April 2014 Issue
    Revu 12
      The next innovative evolution from Bluebeam Software
  January/February 2014 Issue
    What to Expect in the New LEED v4 Materials and Resources Credits Part 2
   November/December 2013 Issue
   • The Beck Group Helps Dell Children’s Medical Center Become a Model for Sustainable Healthcare Design and Construction
   What to Expect in the New LEED v4 Materials and Resources Credits
   September/October 2013 Issue
   • Building A Preliminary Project Budget
   • BIM Services and Granite Supplied by Coldspring for New Judicial Center
   • • Garland Roofs Now Feature Factory-Applied Reflective Surfacing
  July/August 2013 Issue
   • Going Digital: Virtual Plan Rooms and Project Collaboration
   • Optimization*[my building]
   • Does Your Software Think Like You Do?
   • Automating the Pre-Construction Process
   • Solarban® 67 Solar Control Low-E Glass by PPG

   • • Leveraging Software to Faster Bids, More Profit
   May/June 2013 Issue
   • Solarban R100/Solargray Glass Delivers Significant Energy Savings in New Multi-Purpose Stadium
   • TCA Releases Engineering Tilt-Up
   • Revu 11 Introduces New Functionality For Estimating, Organizing, Collaborating and Everything in Between
   • The Integrated Enterprise: Beck's Collaborative Design-Build Culture Shines at CAMLS
   • Metal Meets Medical Science
   March/April 2013 Issue
   • Successful Teamwork Critical to Building ‘Hospital of the Future’
   Three Steps Your Firm Can Take Now for More Effective Project Management
   Laminators’ Omega-Lite® Stands Up to the Fury of Hurricane Sandy
   Building Better with Better Construction Contracts
   January/February 2013 Issue
   • Nowhere to Hide: BIM Makes Inroads From Preconstruction to Facilities Management
   A New Kind of Ribbon Cutting
     Radius Track Completes Work On Architectural “Garland” At Edmonton International Airport

   • Hybri-Flex® by Dur-A-Flex® Creates Warm and Inviting Atmosphere at New Animal Shelter
   • Belden Brick Company Donates Pavers for New Logo during Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Largest-Ever
      Expansion and Renovation Project

   • A Busted Budget: What Does It Cost?
   November/December 2012 Issue
   • Deep Energy Retrofit Profile: Castle Square Apartments on Track to Reduce Energy by 73%
   Largest Hotel Outside of Las Vegas to Earn LEED Certification for New Construction at the Gold Level
   September/October 2012 12 Issue
   • Verifying the Quality of Your Roof Investment
   • A Successful Dealership Starts from the Ground Up
   July/August 2012 Issue
   • Estimating the “Pride of Capitol Hill”, Eastern High School How Did the Estimators at Turner
      Construction Do It?

   • A Takeoff is A Takeoff – or is it?
   • LEED has Legs in Northeast Florida
   • Cloud Computing and Construction Management: What Can it Do For your Business?
   • Auditing a Cost Plus Construction Contract: A Good Business Practice
   May/June 2012 Issue
   • Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts a Reality Thanks to Performance Contracting, Georgia-Pacific
     & Radius Track

   • Things an AEC Company Or Owner Should Know When Hiring An Estimating Consultant Firm To Do Work
      For Their Business

   • Optimizing Building Energy Performance
   March/April 2012 Issue
   • The Green Decision
   • Shrinkage-Compensating Concrete Makes New High-Tech 10-Story Warehouse a Reality
   January/February 2012 Issue
   • How to Prevent Buildings from Leaking!
   • New Gilbane Construction Industry Economic Report Foresees Ongoing Industry Challenges
   The Construction Market Landscape
   Three Trends that are Changing Preconstruction
   September/October 2011 11 Issue
   • Pre-Engineered Building Works for Multi-Purpose Center
   • Greenbrier Middle School a Model of Good Design
   • High-Performance Glass for High-Performance Schools
   July/August 2011 Issue
   • Tenant Build-Outs Going Strong
   • Construction Backlog Grows 4 Percent in First Quarter of 2011
   • First Things First… The Importance Of The Building Envelope
   May/June 2011 Issue
   • Disadvantaged Phoenix Students First To Receive Green Schoolhouses From The Green Schoolhouse Series
   March/April 2011 Issue
   • Bioscience and Research Facility Design Trends
   January/February 2011 Issue
   • Striking a Winning Balance: Can You Overprotect Your Building?
   • Benchmark Estimating Introduces Custom Product Integration With On Center Software
      Integrated Software Solution For Takeoffs and Estimating

   • Construction Spending Rises 0.4 Percent In November For Third Straight Gain, But
      Industry Remains "Fragile," Says AGC Chief Economist
   November/December 2010 Issue
   • What Does a Smart Grid Mean to You and Me?
   • Beautiful, Durable, and Affordable: Decorative Concrete
   • The Future of Energy Star® and LEED® For Multifamily Housing Changes are Coming, Part One
   • DC&D Technologies, Inc. Announces the Formation of a Strategic Alliance with Eos Group, Inc.
   • Straw Bales as a Building Material
   September/October 2010 Issue
   • Measure Twice, Cut Once
   • Three Popular Bond Forms Updated by AIA
   July/August 2010 Issue
   • New Standard Form Multi-Party Agreement – Good for Project Behavior
   • Cradle to Cradle Certification by MBDC
   May/Juneune 2010 Issue
   • You Want How Much for That Change Order?!
   • Preliminary Cost Estimating Online
   • Continued Upward Trend in Architecture Billings Index
   March/April 2010 Issue
   • Leading With Marketing
   January/February 2010 Issue
   • Knowing How to Measure a Green Building can Help Sell Renewable Energy
   • The Attempted Engineering of Architecture Safeguarding the Public? Or Expanding Market Share?
   November/December 2009 Issue
   • Update to Estimating Projects Seeking LEED® Certification
      “Four years and what have estimators learned?”

   • States Starting to Require Architects and Contractors to Design and Construct
      Public Buildings to Achieve LEED Silver Certification
   September/October 2009 Issue
    • AIA Contract Documents: The Best Option
    • Corporate Online Social Media Policies: A Necessity in Today’s Business Environment
    • Four Ways to Pre-Qualify the Quality of Roof Systems
    • Riverbend Elementary School – a Model for Energy Self-Reliance
   July/August 2009 Issue
    • Best Estimate Challenge Winner:
          The Northern Arizona University Union Dining Hall
          by Kinney Construction Services

    • Best Estimate Challenge Runner Up:
          The Westin Book Cadillac Hotel Restoration
          by Marous Brothers Construction And Jenkins Construction
   May/June 2009 Issue
    • Beloved Industry Icon
        Arthur F. O’Leary FAIA, MRIAI
        1924 – 2009

    • Building Information Modeling......A Natural Progression Of Technology
   March/April 2009 Issue
   • Red Goes Green
      Sustainable Design Becomes Part of Triage for Fire and Rescue Stations

   • Attention DCD Subscribers
      New Enhanced Online Functionality With All DCD Subscriptions
   February 2009
   • Enhanced Online Conceptual Estimating Functionality coming to DCD.COM
   • “The Up Side of A Slow Economy & How It Can Improve Your Estimating Department”
   January/February 2009 Issue
   • School Security Post-Columbine:
   • DLR Group Delivers Wayne Lyman Morse United States Courthouse, a New Paradigm in Courthouse Design

   • Field Testing Dampens Leak Problems
   November/December 2008 Issue
   • Oak Park Public Works Building Striving for LEED Silver
   September/October 2008 Issue
   • Claims: If I Can’t Avoid Them, How Can I Get Through Them Unscathed?
   • The Anatomy of a Perfect Bid
      DCD, Industry Associations Announce Best Project Estimate Challenge
   August 2008
   • How High Performance, Energy-Saving Glass and the LEED Certification
      Process Can Maximize the Potential of Green Construction & Renovation
   July/August 2008 Issue
   • Versatile Construction Software Integrates Systems to Maximize Efficiency, Profits
   May/June 2008 Issue
   • Modular Building: The Time and Cost Efficient Approach to Construction
   March/April 2008 Issue
   • A Prescription for Healthier Health Care
   January/February 2008 Issue
   • From Eyesore to Opportunity: Adapting an Older Building for a New Use
   • Cost Estimators Say It With Numbers
   November/December 2007 Issue
   • Convincing the Owner to go LEED®
   September/October 2007 Issue
   • Building Information Modeling Takes Architectural Design to a New Dimension
   • How to Take Advantage of the Housing Slow Down
   May/June 2007 Issue
   • Electronic Plan Rooms Becoming More Widely Accepted 
   March/April 2007 Issue
   • Reduce Costs and Build Greener with Innovative Building Systems & Products
   January/February 2007 Issue
   • Saving Time and Money with Adaptive Re-Use Projects
   November/December 2006 Issue
    • Do Green Design Strategies Really Cost More?
• Is Sustainable Design Sustainable?
   • High-Performance Roofing: The Next Stage in Design/Cost Standards for Commercial Roofing
   September/October 2006 Issue
    • How to Hire a How to Hire a Project Management Firm
• The Metal Building Sq. Ft. Cost Revue by DCD
   May/June 2006 Issue

   • Building Owners Could Soon Face Fenestration Surcharges
Despite Industry & Committee Opposition, NFRC Board Appears to be Moving Forward With Nonresidential Testing and Certification Program
   March/April 2006 Issue
   • Architecture Primer: How Understanding Basic Theory Creates Success
   January/February 2006 Issue
   • 2006 Poised to be the Best Year for Nonresidential Construction Since 2000
   • How Big Do You Need to Be to Use the ‘Big Boy’ Software?
   November/December 2005 Issue

   • Sustainable Design – The Right Thing to Do
   • Specify “Green” and Realize Big Life-Cycle Savings with Cool Roofing
   • Proper Soil Selection For Garden Roofs: A Primer
   • Past, Present and Future Converge to Ride the Rapids at Transit Facility
   • The Cost of Leed Certification
      What budget advice can estimators provide to their Clients for going green?
   September/October 2005 Issue

   • Additional Costs Because of Code Policing?
     Get Out Your Checkbook!
     More Consultant/Inspectors On The Way.
   May/June 2005 Issue
   • Insulating Concrete Forms Defined
   May/June 2004 Issue

   January/February 2004 Issue
   • Putting an End to the Tragic Equation Codes Seek to Improve Emergency Exit Visibility
   March/April 2003 Issue
   • DCD Magazine To Open Its Archives To Subscribers
   January/February 2003 Issue
   • Renovation And Adaptive Reuse... A Smart Alternative
   November/December 2002 Issue
   • Sustaining The Momentum: The Search for Sustainable Roofing
   May/June 2002 Issue
   • A Chicken In Every Pot And A Safe Room In Every Home
   January/February 2002 Issue

   • Continuing Education And Certification Grows Throughout The Industry
   September/October 2001 Issue
   • Tilt-up Growth Continues Due to Speed of Delivery, Cost-Effectiveness and Increased Acceptance
   • Green Light For the Future
   July/August 2001 Issue
   • Specifying Concrete Underslab Vapor Retarders
   January/February 2001 Issue
   • Hardening High-Tech Hotels

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