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New Year, New Revu – What Bluebeam’s Revu 2016 has to Offer
By Jeff Torres

Earlier this year, Bluebeam® Inc. announced the newest upgrades to its flagship Revu® software. If you haven’t heard of the powerful Revu software for A/E/C professionals, it is a PDF creation, editing, markup, organization, and collaboration tool designed to support architects, engineers, and construction professions in their projects from start to finish.

To further illustrate the capabilities of Bluebeam Revu, there are four main properties: Create, Comment, Organize, and Collaborate.

Revu lets you easily transform Microsoft Office documents and CAD drawings into PDFs. Physical documents scanned into PDFs can be exported into editable Office documents. This way, you can create the right kind of document for anyone.

Comment Revu features customizable markup tools for your PDFs. Any custom markups can be saved into the Tool Chest for reuse. Examples of tools you can use are: text, notes, highlights, stamps, and CAD symbols. You can also embed photos and videos into your markups. You can track markups in the Markups list, and then filter, organize, customize, and export those lists to Excel.

Revu helps you organize your PDFs with bookmark creation from page labels or PDF content. You can allow automatic generation of hyperlinks by name, page label, or page region. You can easily delete pages that you don’t need in your PDFs and add pages that you find necessary.

Revu lets you work on your PDFs with anyone around the world in real time using Bluebeam's Studio™ Platform. Right before your eyes, you can actively see markups by your peers on the PDF. Collaborators can communicate with the convenient chat box. You can also upload your PDFs onto the cloud (Bluebeam Studio Prime) and share your PDFs.

New Revu 2016 Additions:
Sets Additions
One of the most useful features of Revu is the Sets function. With Sets, users can view, access, and navigate an unlimited number of source files within a single tab. This is convenient because it allows you to look at all of these different files at once, without ever opening multiple documents in multiple tabs. The Sets function of Revu 2016 now offers the following functionality:

Sets – Tags
The Tags function is new to Revu 2016. With this feature, you can “tag” and organize individual sheets with information automatically extracted from your drawings, such as sheet name, sheet number, revision number, date, description, etc. Sets automatically manages revisions based on sheet number tags and marks previous versions as superseded. Using Tags, you can categorize, sort, and manage revisions for all sheets within a single Set.

Sets – Drawing Log
Another addition to Sets is the Drawing Log. This is easily generated from any Set, and includes all the important data within the Set. The Drawing Log can be exported as a PDF, XLSX, or CSV file.

The Legends feature allows you to conveniently create a “Legend” box by just selecting part of the document. Aptly named after a legend on a map, this feature provides a quick visual understanding of the markups on the page. You can add any individual markup to the legend by right-clicking on the object and selecting the option to add it to the legend. You can also create Legends through the Tool Chest and save them for future use. Legends can be embedded to any sheet and are entirely customizable.

Batch Mark-up Summary
With Batch Mark-up Summary, you can easily consolidate and report on markups across multiple PDFs. Multiple sorting and filtering options are available to help you create your markup summary. Your PDF reports can be custom-formatted with PDF templates, and you can further manipulate your data by exporting it to XML and CSV summaries.

New Revu 2016 Enhancements:
Compare Documents and Overlay Pages

Compare Documents is a feature that automatically compares two PDF files and highlights the differences – saving you time. The Overlay Pages function visually compares two or more PDF drawings by converting each drawing to a different colored layer, then overlays the drawings so that you can easily view the differences in seconds.
In Revu 2016, both of these functions can now ignore any previously flattened markups when comparing PDFs (if they were set to being recoverable when flattening in Revu). This means that, if you previously inserted markups to a PDF and then flattened the markups into the PDF with recovery mode on, the “flattened” markups will not later be seen as part of the original document when you compare it to other PDFs. This is important because your “flattened” markups will not get in the way of the comparison.

Document Tabs
Multitaskers will enjoy the Document Tabs update. Now you can view a thumbnail preview of a PDF by hovering the mouse cursor over a document tab. You can also open the documents in the background, so you can quickly open multiple files while keeping focus on the document you’re currently working on.

Revit Plugins (CAD and eXtreme only)
Included in Revu CAD and Revu eXtreme is the Revit plugin. Revit is a BIM (building information modeling) processing tool used to create construction documents – from design all the way to the project stage. Bluebeam’s Revit Plugin converts sheet sets into PDFs and 3D models into 3D PDFs.

Revu 2016 introduces the ability to automatically create Spaces in Revu from Rooms in Revit for your 2D PDFs (only for Revit versions 2015-2016). When you create Spaces, you are able to report on markups contained within certain areas of your PDF.

Other updates to Bluebeam’s 2016 Revit Plugin include:

  • The ability to add area measurement markups directly to the PDF through the plugin
  • Improved 3D PDF creation when using .rvt files containing Linked Models (buildings that are linked together in Revit
  • Color accuracy and material property improvement
AutoMark 3.0 / OCR+ (eXtreme only)
Revu eXtreme’s signature OCR+ (optical character recognition) technology is significantly improved. OCR+ is now faster, more accurate, and recognizes both horizontal and vertical text on the same page. AutoMark 3.0 (a feature that allows you to create bookmarks from page labels and vice versa) and OCR+ now share the same updated text-recognition engine, along with improved accuracy and consistency in the results.

Batch Link (eXtreme only)
Batch Link automates hyperlink creation for quick navigation between documents. Revu 2016 enhances this by adding more formatting options for highlighting hyperlinks. Examples of this include:
  • Automatic highlight markups on top of hyperlinks
  • Automatic flattening of highlights
  • Application of hyperlink highlight style that stays with the hyperlink as it moves on the page
Batch Slip Sheet (eXtreme only)
Batch Slip Sheet lets you match new revisions with their corresponding current sheets to carry over all markups, hyperlinks, Spaces, and bookmarks. While this is happening, superseded sheets are individually stamped to let you know that they are older versions of the PDF. You can have sheets matched manually or automatically by file name, page label, or page region.

Batch Slip Sheet for Revu eXtreme 2016 now has improved matching logic. You can now see a more refined display of matched and unmatched pages before running the batch process, so that you can catch unmatched sheets.

These are just some of the upgrades that you can look forward to with Revu 2016. To find out more about Revu 2016 and see videos demonstrating its upgrades, just follow this link:

For a comprehensive list of all of Bluebeam Revu’s upgrades see here:

If you just want to try it, Bluebeam offers a free 30-day trial here:

About Bluebeam Software, Inc.
Bluebeam Software's innovative desktop, mobile, and cloud solutions push the limits of digital collaboration to enable professionals who work in the most document-intensive industries to do what they do, better. Bluebeam's award-winning PDF solutions are used by the world's top architectural, engineering, and construction firms, government agencies, and municipalities to reduce paper usage by more than 85% and to increase productivity by over 60%. Visit for more on why Bluebeam is changing the status quo and setting a new standard.

About the author: Jeff Torres is a contributing writer and editor for Design Cost Data. He provides marketing for BNI Publications, and can be contacted at

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