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The History of Design Cost Data magazine
How DCD is your answer to, “How much will this cost to build?” 

Design Cost Data was first published in 1958 to serve the building community with a means to simplify the problem of preliminary cost estimating. DCD’s philosophy is simple yet quite novel and sophisticated. DCD contends that one can take the actual cost of existing construction and that by applying cost-factors, such as up-to-date cost escalators and regional modifiers generate solid preliminary cost estimates for new construction projects.  

DCD is now one of the most respected magazines in the construction industry. DCD’s philosophy has worked so well, DCD released D4COST in the early 1990’s using the projects published in DCD as its framework. D4COST is easy-to-use, yet generates cost estimates quickly and accurately. Users can go further and with the handy import tool, import their own data to build the project database. Today, D4COST is one of the most popular preliminary cost estimating software in the industry.  

As the Internet grew in power DCD made the decision to house its project database online and give the subscribers of DCD access to it. Today, known as the DCD Archives, DCD subscribers have access to over 1,300 projects, DCD cost escalators and regional modifiers in a powerful database for cost estimating. Not as powerful as the desktop version of D4COST, the DCD Archives works on the same principle that users can take the actual cost of existing construction and by apply up-to-date factors generate sound preliminary estimates. Subscribers select a project, change to the date, location, and square footage, and hit Target and a new cost model is generated with an updated building cost. No other construction magazine gives its subscribers such power.  

Design Cost Data, D4COST Software and the DCD Archives is the professional’s choice to answer, “How much will this cost to build?”

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