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D4COST is the nation's #1 building cost estimating software for conceptual estimating created from ACTUAL projects that have been built. D4COST supplies you with a library of 1,100 real projects (buildings) NOT an average. D4COST is the best source to validate any preliminary cost, develop a reliable preliminary or conceptual square foot cost estimate, cost feasibility, valuation study, or budget.
    D4COST is in thousands of offices across the country, from top 500 companies to one-person firms. Architects, General Contractors, Design Build Firms, Insurance Companies, Consulting, and other building industry professionals.
    Archive Your Past Project Data. NO limits on the number of projects you can archive. Model from your past project cost data with speed and accuracy.
    D4COST offers three conceptual/archiving solutions:
D4COST (full system)
D4COST Express Pro
D4COST Express

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DCD Archives -
Professional Building Cost Estimating
on the Internet

DCD Archives - Professional Building Cost Estimating on the Internet

    This website provides a reliable preliminary square foot cost for any type of building during budgetary and/or preliminary stages of design.
    Users of this website can create and print Professional Preliminary Square Foot Cost Estimate instantly with exclusive access to the DCD Archives™s.
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    Projects can be customized to any time and to any location in the United States.
    Projects can also be customized by adjusting the sq. ft. size and report heading.
    Print the original cost breakdown as published in Design Cost Data Magazine.

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    D4COST provides professional building square foot cost estimates in minutes. The key to such fast output is the system's ease of operation. The learning curve with D4COST is instant. Even if you are not a computer whiz, you can grasp and operate this intuitive software in a very short time.
    This means that D4COST goes to work for you the same day that it is installed. You can have preliminary estimates in your client's possession immediately. Plus, one of the ancillary benefits of D4COST is that it also teaches you conceptual cost modeling, which is why D4COST™ has long been used in architectural schools all across the U.S. as a teaching aid.
    D4COST is a complete cost estimating system. It includes software, a database of 1,100 historical projects, cost escalators and regional modifiers. Plus, D4COST provides a unique platform that allows you to enter your own data to explicitly target estimates on similar construction.

The D4COST Estimating Philosophy

    Take real cost data from one building, apply cost escalators and regional modifiers, to target building costs on new projects, or those yet to be built. Cost modeling using this criteria is still the most accurate way to determine probable square foot costs. Why? Because the cost modifying elements are factual benchmarks - historical data, historical escalators, regional modifiers. With this information D4COST can become a crystal ball to assist you at looking into the future. And because D4COST allows users to archive their own data, users can make their own historical cost data one of the most valuable assets their estimating department has.
    Introduced as a software over 18 years ago D4COST has now gone through several evolutions. The system is now the most powerful conceptual cost estimating tool available.
    D4COST includes a new interface that provides a platform for Unit Cost Estimating in addition to the cost modeling features of the previous versions. D4COST offers 6 Unit Cost Databases that are time/date stamped, to provide users with same cost escalation and local modification adjustments on unit costs as is available for historical data cost models.

What Users Say About D4COST

"I have used D4Cost for over 10 years and found that there is no other program on the planet that compares. The impact on the presentation to clients for accurate representation of current project costs is second to none. This program offers the finest in projected costs for proposals. After all, projects are sold at the schematic stages, sometimes long before there are development drawings. In addition, D4Cost can be as conceptual or as detailed as you ask it to be. It has never failed me. I have used D4Cost on projects ranging from very small commercial buildings to high end, high rise office buildings and everything in between. My clients have learned that they can rely on my estimates to be complete and accurate. I owe that compliment to D4Cost."

John Parenteau
Cost Consultant, Lowell & Corbett

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