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  Case Studies
Architects and General Contractors submit projects to Design Cost Data as a showcase of their work. These projects, known as case studies, are part of the largest database of actual construction costs maintained by Design Cost Data magazine. Case studies include the project’s actual cost to build by CSI MasterFormat™, project write up with photos and plans, construction team, and building components.

To submit or for more information, contact Patty Owens at patty@dcd.com or 800-533-5680.

Building Products Revue
In most every construction project, there is a specific product that stands out. Whether the product saved the builder time, money or stress, the Builder Product Revue spotlights the product and how it made a project a success.

A wide range of valuable articles including AIA Contract Documents, LEED® practices, construction law, codes, and more are included in Technical Articles

Technical Articles
A wide range of valuable articles including AIA Contract Documents, LEED® practices, construction law, codes, and more are included in Technical Articles.

Sq. Ft. Cost Guides
Each issue of DCD magazine includes a square foot cost guide to assist professionals in accurate preliminary estimating. The guides are developed using the projects in the DCD Archives. Each issue focuses on certain building types and projects are cost escalated to what it will cost today to build.

Cost Trends
Contributed by BNi® Building News and the U.S. Department of Labor, Producer Price Index as its source, Construction Cost Trends give DCD readers a handle on the cost trend of all important building materials.

DCD Insights
Architects, Contractors, Designers and other industry professionals use DCD as their forum to present common problems to helpful solutions, to commentaries that are relevant to DCD readers.

DCD Archives
After publication all featured projects in DCD are housed in the DCD Archives™ online at DCD.COM. DCD subscribers can access the DCD Archives anytime with their subscription. Over 1,400 projects, their cost to build, cost factors and regional modifiers come together in a powerful database for preliminary cost estimating. Simple to use, DCD subscribers select a project, change date and location, and square footage to their needs and press Target. Instantly a new cost model is created with an updated cost to build. Subscribers can go further and examine line item costs, add, change, or delete cost divisions, and save a project for later use. The DCD Archives is a powerful and valuable resource only available to DCD Subscribers with their subscription.

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