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The DCD Archives provides solid conceptual estimates based on actual buildings and their real cost to build.

An idea or a sketch can be the only information given to determine the feasibility of a project. You have to put a dollar amount on the idea to go further. To do this you need to draw upon costs of buildings that have actually been built. The DCD Archives provides over 1,600 projects of all types, their cost to build, with cost indexes and regional modifiers to give you the power to predict what that idea or sketch will cost to build today.

Easily find a project that suits your needs. Adjust the square foot size. Move it to your location and bid date. Click target to update the square foot cost. Click Save to enable the advanced estimating features to add, change or delete cost data to further customize.

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Conceptual Estimating with the DCD Archives.

Choose from over 1,600 actual projects to estimate
building costs in your area.
Move any project to over 600 locations and cost model to 2018.
Examine and change building divisions to fine tune your estimate.