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  Aquascape Design
LEED® For New Construction - Silver

Tricon General Construction
2245 Kerper Boulevard, #2, Dubuque, IA 52001

902 17th Avenue, Monroe, WI 53566

LOCATION: St. Charles, Illinois
Date Bid: Mar 2005
Construction Period: Oct 2004 to Nov 2005
Total Square Feet: 256,000 Site: 15.2 acres.
Number of Buildings: One. 
Building Size: First floor, 207,425; second floor, 11,075; each additional floor, 37,500; total, 256,000 square feet.
Building Height: Garage, 21’; first floor, 28’; second floor, 35’; each additional floor, 42’; floor to floor, 13’; total, 42’. 
Basic Construction Type: New. Foundation: Slab-on-Grade. Exterior Walls: CMU, curtainwall, metal panel. Roof: Membrane, green/vegetated. Floors: Pan deck. Interior Walls: Metal stud drywall, metal.

STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: PSA-Dewberry Inc. - 401 SW Water Street, #701, Peoria, IL 61602
MECHANICAL ENGINEER: Mechanical Services Associates Corp. - 780 McArdle Drive, #A, Crystal Lake, IL 60014
ELECTRICAL ENGINEER: Electrical Design Systems Corporation - 510 Exchange Court, Aurora, IL 60504

ARTISAN>design:build was selected by Aquascape as the vision planner, design architect and project manager to guide them in their efforts to establish a new corporate office and shipping headquarters to meet their current and projected growth needs. The solution for the proposed 256,000-square-foot facility integrates site, building, storm water management, energy conservation, landscaping and multiple on-site interior and exterior ponds to create "Aqualand" - a corporation icon for the mission of the company - which is to promote lifestyle interaction between people and water.

The character of the solution, represented in the Vision Planning exercises, was named "Green and Glass" by the project team in deference to the buildings imagery of a series of glass bays extending out from underneath an earthen wedge. As a responsive solution to the residential neighborhoods to the south, the facility does not appear as a warehouse facility, but rather, as a vegetated landscape that arises from the site as a landscaped hill. From underneath this landscape form, a glass pavilion extends out to the north and to the east into an Aquascape pond and reveals the president's office suite and conference center. The bulk of the warehouse space, truck bays, and loading docks face toward the existing industrial development. The entire facility is sited in the center of an extensive storm water management plan that includes the improvement of existing on-site wetlands and landscape. The completed solution appears as an extension of the natural landscape and park like setting that surrounds the site.

Sustainable Materials Provided

1. Integration of the building, wetlands, storm water management and landscaping to create an imagery representative of Aquascape Designs, Inc. cultural beliefs, and at the same time, solve, mitigate, reduce and/or eliminate many of the ecological and environmental challenges of a building a traditional office and warehouse box including the poor aesthetics, lack of day lighting and high energy consumption in the warehouse spaces.
2. Respectively respond to the views of the residential neighborhoods to the south by creating an earthen wedge and landscaped foreground so that warehouse element of the program is not visible from the homes.
3. Integrate energy reducing sustainable features in the solution (such as day lighting measures, vegetated roofs, and storm water recapture) in order to align with the cultural philosophy of Aquascape and to significantly reduce long term energy consumption for the facility.
4. Integrate storm water management and wetlands mitigation into an active solution that will enhance the landscape aesthetic appeal of the entire site and uses the buildings wedge like form to generate filtered water to the ponds.
5. Promote a lifestyle of water and people by introducing both interior and exterior ponds that are integrated as part of an active recirculation system for storm water run-off, pond filtration, wetlands mitigations, and ecological beauty.
6. Generate a solution that would be significantly better than any solution straight zoning would accommodate. Most significant to this objective is to provide for the program requirement for covered parking and to completely mitigate the view of cars to the residential neighborhood to the south by introducing a setback variation for the sheltered parking with front door parking provided to the car-pooling participants.
7. Proposed solution seeks to significantly reduce storm water run-off from the site by actively integrating wetland mitigation requirements, pond filtration needs and by developing a series of "aquascapes" - water features as part of the landscape.
8. Proposed solution seeks to the use the roof as part of the program requirement for Aquascape by developing a vegetated roof that literally is a "live roof" and actively filters rain water for the plants and ponds. The vegetated roof reduces storm water run-off by 50% due to the evaporative nature of the vegetated roof, therefore, significantly reducing the impact on the storm water system in and around the site.
9. Proposed solution creates an extension of the park to the west by developing walking trails that integrate with the park and extend through Aqualand and provide an opportunity for people to interact with water.
10. Waste Management programs were used extensively during the construction process to mitigate the need for off-site waste handling.
11. Recycling centers were designed into the building to allow for the on-going separation of materials and recycling by content.

DIV. 7: Vegetated & EPDM Roof: Carlisle Syntec Installed by Olsson Roofing Company, Aurora, Ill.
DIV. 8: Curtainwall: YKK AP America; Overhead Doors: Raynor.
DIV. 9: Pedestal Raised Floor: Steelcase.
DIV. 10: Operable Panel Partitions: Hufcor.
DIV. 13: Pre-Engineered Building: Metallic Building Company. 
DIV. 14: Elevators: Otis. 
DIV. 26: Lighting: Lithonia.

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